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Digital Photo

5 Street Photography Photos

  This photograph was the best picture taken in the Park across ISB. To start off, the rule of thirds could be seen. The man on the bicycle is located on the left side of the picture. This formation makes the picture more engaging for the audience, because if the man was centered, it would … Continue reading »

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Urban Street Photographer: Anthony Danielle

Anthony Danielle is an urban street photographer. His style contains the person with the main focus to hold a certain object that might symbolize their daily lives. Usually, other than the main focused person, there will be a few people at the back just walking along the street. The technical style of parallelism can be … Continue reading »

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Dragon’s Eye

Title: Blossom Blues Author: Elicia Bullock I saw this picture at the display in front of the cafeteria. The picture connects to me by the colors used in the picture. I enjoy taking pictures that involve a lot of colors in one picture. This picture was entertaining by using colors such as blue, green, sky … Continue reading »

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Street Photography Day #1

On April 12th, our class went to take street photography in a park across the school. The intention was to take pictures of how people, buildings, and other street related objects would be set on a daily basis. Some people were enjoying shows inside the park, some went out to walk along, and some took … Continue reading »

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