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Hutong Photo Day Plan of Action

1. What photographer inspires you the most? Garry Winogrand (An American Street Photographer, usually took photos in California and Texas) Walker Evans (An American Photographer, well-known for his pictures during the Great Depression) 2. What is it about their photos that you like? Garry Winogrand: As said in the last blog post, Winogrand’s usage of … Continue reading »

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Photographer Garry Winogrand Research

Garry Winogrand is an American Street Photographer in the mid-20th century. He mainly photographed in California and Texas. One of his common technique to take street photography is to capture images in black and white. This color looks more urban and conveys the meaning of “lively”. There isn’t only one person in the picture. Instead, … Continue reading »

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Create and Improve #3

Day 5: The first prototype was experimented. However, the energy potential car was spinning in circles which wasn’t my expectation. IMG_2710 2 The above movie shows the car spinning in circles. I decided to change the length of the rubber band to change the amount of rotations/spins it can do.  During the process:   By … Continue reading »

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Create and Improve #2

Day 4: I finalized by 1st prototype which was an energy potential car. The materials included rubber band (7 cm), 2 CD disk (radius 6 cm), long wooden stick (9.3 cm), short wooden stick (3.3 cm), and 2 pieces of cardboard (11 cm by 5 cm). The way the car works is by spinning the … Continue reading »

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Create and Improve

Plan Day 3: Finalize sketch and plan, start making energy potential car Day 4: Finalize energy potential car, evaluate and think of rooms for improvement Day 5: Start making improved energy potential car (adding improvements) Day 6: Finish all cars and fixed car

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Define and Inquire

5 Precedents: Energy Potential Car #1, Energy Potential Car #2, Magnet Potential Car, Plastic Bottle Fan, Rolling Machine How will your device/toy demonstrate energy transfer? The potential cars have rubber bands connecting two CD disks with two cardboards attached together. There is a thin wood which ties the rubber band and when spinning it in … Continue reading »

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Breaking the Barriers (Capstone Video Project)

With 2 months of hard work and research, my finalised Capstone Video was done. Several SDG goals were there and my topic was SDG 16 related global governance. Although it was a hard topic, I still managed to research sophisticated websites through primary, secondary, and various sources.

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Experiencing Graph and Equations with Visualisation of Catapults

Preparing the Challenge At the start, my group searched for a lot of ideas to fix and make catapults. We considered about sustainability, accuracy, and several other techniques a catapult needs to get a successful product. In the end, we planned out just a simple catapult to build in the Phet Lab during Math Class. … Continue reading »

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Polymer Project Journal Entry Notes 4

Design Journal Checklist # 4   Optimising Prototypes You describe important observations about each of your prototypes and identify strengths and limitations of each prototype. Recommendations for future improvements to your design. You make a claim about which prototype was most effective for meeting your goal, and your claim is supported by evidence from your … Continue reading »

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Elevator Pitches

This is an elevator pitch about global governance in the Capstone Project. The goal for our project was to practice oral presentations and clarify our own thinkings for the main topic of SDG goals. With long time of practicing, the elevator pitch was full of our own ideas. Some things that I did well is … Continue reading »

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