Body Image and Drug Abuse

Body image is an obsession a lot of teens have in life. This obsession appears from peers, magazines, and athletes saying mean things about their body image or telling them lies about their body image. Using substances can cause effects such as heart problems, the risk of stroke, cataract or even suicidal thoughts and mental issues. An alternative could be actively working out and taking healthier intakes such as vegetables or fruits. Playing sports can help you lose weight and get healthier.

I created a video showcasing the creativity and process of the Ignite Week Project Upcycled Furniture. Some of my successes were good B-Roll, great interviews, and editing was great. Some challenges were were getting gear and organizing our work. I worked on communication with my partner with editing and collaboration in our photoshoots and interview. I learned how to take good pictures and edit videos over the week.

Fall Mentoring trip

The trip was in Shimenshan. It was next to a river and the dormitories were in shipping crates, which was really cool. Wed id two challenges, Via Ferrata and raft building. The raft building activity shows Creativity. Two things we did well were sharing our ideas and having a great picture of it in our heads. One thing we could have worked on how to put it together thoroughly and made it more strong. This mentoring was really fun and built better teamwork and creativity.

Mrs. Ragdale’s Talk

I thought Mrs. Ragdale’s with us was awesome. Her stories made us feel the story. I felt like I could feel and see her story. She talked about how what if there was no terrorists, what the world be like. she talked about choices and how our choices impact the world. She told us to take the best out of every moment. She told us to to talk to people and use your voice. She told us to tell the truth and never leave part of the truth. That it was I learned from Mrs. Ragdale.

Donald Trump, Possible candidate for President

Donald Trump has captured most of the citizens in america. Donald Trump has 78% in america. His ideas have influenced the public to vote him for presisdent. His ideas include bringing back the death penalty, building a wall through Mexico and having Mexico pay for it, he wants better health care the people. Donald Trump main thing he is known for is the wall in Mexico. This is supposed to stop Mexicans from crossing the border at night. He want to change the climate and he said He wants imperil the companies within our country. Donald Trump already has Nevada and new Hampshire voting for him. It is very likely thatDonald trump will win the vote for president.

I don’t think Donald Trump will a good President. The wall in Mexico will stop illegal immigrants from crossing the border but it delivers the wrong message about America. The death penalty is o.k. , but there is a risk of killing someone who is innocent. Trump has no political experience and randomly decided he wants to be president. I was sad when Donald trump won Nevada because thats where my grandparents and family are on my dad’s side. My family did not vote for Trump but he still won. I don’t think that Donald Trump will make America great again.



Kobe Bryant reveals plans to retire, looks toward life after Lakers

After twenty years of basketball fame and glory, Kobe Bryant decided to announce his retirement. He made the long-expected announcement in a poem called Dear Basketball, which he posted online. “My heart can take the pounding. My mind can handle the grind. But my body knows it’s time to say goodbye,” wrote Bryant, the third-highest scorer in NBA history. “And that’s OK. I’m ready to let you go.” Bryant’s announcement matched his dramatic career. He played in 5 championships and was chosen 17 times to play in the NBA all-star game. In 1996, Kobe went straight from high school to the NBA. He broke the all-time scoring record for the L.A. Lakers, inspiring fans and future generations. Bryant’s last three seasons ended early due to injuries. In the last two years he only played 41 games. Bryant said that he does not have a burning desire to continue playing basketball. “I feel very solid in my decision,” he said. Bryant is highest paid basketball player ever, earning $25 million for the 2015 season. Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak said it is a good time for him to retire.


All though I’m Utah Jazz fan, I also really like the Lakers, and Kobe Bryant in particular. Although I feel sad he is retiring, I understand his injuries are keeping him from playing well. Still, I would like to see Kobe Bryant play. And, he’ll probably retire before I have the chance to do so. I’ve been playing basketball since I was 5 years old. Kobe has inspired me, and it’s sad to see one of my heroes retire from one of my favorite sports. I remember watching the Lakers play and feeling the excitement of the crowd and the cheers. You can’t beat the feeling watching your favorite player rocking out on the court. I will miss watching Kobe play for the Purple and Gold.


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Is an Egyptian queen buried behind a secret door in the tomb of King Tut?

Nefertiti’s tomb was always a mystery to us ever since king Tut’s tomb opened in 1922 found by Howard Carter. Thanks to our equipment evidence of form radar scanning’s show a wall in king Tut’s tomb a door, supposedly leading to Nefertiti’s tomb. Nefertiti came from the line of king Tut. She ruled along side King Akhenaten. She might have ruled after her husband died. I f so her tomb will be just as amazing as king tuts. Nicholas Reeves finder of the evidence says this is just a theory and it might be a storeroom with more valuables from king Tut’s tomb. King tut was believed he ruled nine years. From finding and scanning it shows he was a frail and weak child with a pronounced over bite. From series of royal inbreed he had a clubfoot and could only walk with a cane. However there is rumor that there is curse under the tomb and will bring bad luck to whoever disturbs it. This might be true because twelve members of the team that opened Tutankhamun’s tomb died within seven years. There is also the strange story of Englishwoman Dorothy Louise Eady, who worked for Egypt’s Department of Egyptian Antiquities. Eady, better known as Omm Sety, openly believed that she had been an ancient Egyptian priestess in a past life. She is believed to be psychic. She moved to Egypt and became friends with several archaeologists. She made a number of discoveries with what she calls memories, not research. She told Nicholas Reeves that Nefertiti’s burial tomb was close to king tut’s tomb and in a place where know one would look. She said she received this information from a Egyptian Pharaoh. Nicholas Reeves is beginning to think she was right all along.


King Tut’s tomb is a big tourist attraction in Egypt. I remember going there when lived in Egypt. I remember going there and wondering what is around King Tut’s tomb. I wondered what he was like if he was alive here in present times. King Tut’s tomb was amazing. People pushing just to get in and take a look at the body. King Tut’s tomb is in Luxor. Nefertiti is what I remember reading in books at the valley of kings. They have the riches and gold in the museum under high security in Cairo. It is exciting that people created technology to find Nefertiti’s tomb and actually have a theory of where it is. Even if the room is not Nefertiti;s If we could find Nefertiti’s tomb it would be my number one thing to go to. The evidence is not guaranteed but I ‘m pretty sure that that is a Nefertiti’s tomb. I went to pyramids and went inside one and all of the tombs were raided. King Tut’s tomb had all of its treasures and Nefertiti’s tomb will probably more treasures. King tuts tomb was high secured and wasn’t raided form its treasure. If Nefertiti’s tomb is close to king tut’s tomb it would have its treasures and maybe more. Nefertiti’s tomb is about to be found.


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Sleeping under a roof, but homeless nonetheless

People with jobs are homeless. Tyler and Kaylie Hegwood are homeless. Barbara is employed but she spends the money to rent the house to keep them form living on the streets. Tyler and Kaylie earn ten dollars and spend it on gas and then give tit to their mom to pay the rent of the house. These kids are no enrolled in school because the live in poverty making them very likely to live in poverty when they are adults. Homeless kids feel more anxiety and depressed than normal kids. 1.6 million kids don’t have homes. That’s like Idaho with no homes to go around. The directors Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine directed the movie  “Inocente”. This was about a 15 year old girl who was homeless. This brought awareness of homelessness and how can we help.


This talking how homeless people are all over the world and we need to help them. If we don’t we will be affected over time This relates to my story because my story is about a family taking in my main character. The family was poor and did not have enough money to live properly like Tyler and Kaylie. My character at the end of the story gave money and was generous to the boy for his family.“Inocente” the movie raised awareness of homelessness. Homelessness is very sad. People work to help people in poverty and I like that. I really enjoy helping people and want rid the world of poverty.

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DARPA holds competition of who is more advanced

DARPA holds competition of who is more advanced

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency otherwise known as DARPA is holding a robotics contest of who is more advanced for situations such as the tsunami in Japan a few year years ago. This competitions purpose is to improve robots in disasters. The course for the competition looks like a disaster area. The previous competition held by DARPA involved the robots pushing a shut off switch. During this competition, the operators will operate the robot from garage away from the crash course. This competition will give robot makers a reason to keep moving that direction.



This article relates a lot to book called Ungifted by Gordon Korman. Ungifted is mainly about a robotics meet at the end of the book. In this article it talks about a robotics competition. In Ungifted they have robotics competition to see who has the best robot. They are both very similar. Ungifted is about schools that create robots to do tasks in a competition, like move inflatable rings to poles. DARPA competition is about robots and teams operating them doing tasks for disaster work like earthquakes. These are both very similar to each other for these reasons, they are both about robotics but one is about how people use robots in disaster work and the robots in Ungifted are just doing tasks.

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