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"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

Useless muchine project


This is the picture which I get idea. Actually, I make this in my head. However, my purpose is tring to move the green arm to hit the switch but the total piece move left right inside the slot.

So I tried to make other slot at the opposite side like this picture.



I used fusion 360 to skecth my project. First, I used the base skecth which Mr. Beatty gave me, and I changed the scale and add the slot which shape is ellipse. Also, it was hard to change the hole to the size which I want.



Finally, I print my board and other components. But, I had to print several times because one of my components was to small and weak. Also, in fusion 360 the hole inside the component was to big so it overflow. Moreover, it keep brake again because it was weak. However, I thought I finshed my machine, but the board did not work. Even I didn’t know the reason. This was really hard to me to fix it, but Mr. Beatty fixed it.


First, I tried to make a sloth which is hanging at the tree.

I make a tree using Sphere but it failed, so I try Cylinder and then filled hole to make  a tree.

Next, I make sloth body. I used Sphere and grap out each part to make a long thick body. To make  arms and leg I make four hole and grap out to make it. The most hardest things was making the fingers. When I have just an arm it had only one side I need to make that more wider with five sides. I make it more wider only



After which, I build it more specific. Make head and build it more round like a fat sloth. Also, I used offset plane to make a 5mm hole. then I used line to connect sloth and Sphere, to make a curve line I used Fit Point Line and then used  Pipe to make thick. Then I used Mirror to make another Pipe to connect Sphere.


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