Gilbert Choy #1

Home Coming


-dismantling house


-people forced by the government to move

-unstable home

short description:

A person standing in the ruins, gazing at the dismantled houses. A picture is placed in the middle of the ruins. The context of the picture showed a complete house.

Behind what we see:

I think it revealed the purpose of feeling towards demolition. A person staring at the dismantled houses might indicts that he lives here before. He lost his home because of demolition. We cannot see his expression but we can feel the sorrow by the back of him. The picture showed a complete house. This counts as a contrary, a contrary between a normal house and a dismantled house. It might be what he’s recollecting. There’s no direct emotion showing but if we look deeper there’s another meaning.

Here I stood gazing at the ruins

Recalling the peace that once existed

a single sentence can tear up tranquility

a single word can make tears fall

what does it feel like? To have an unstable house?

Litter as meal, grimy concrete as bed,

On the street, stained with their color of dread,

One by one, it goes down,

Goes to a place,

That the fate is also get dismantled.

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We all purse love

My theme is we only live once so be who you want to be and live a life you will remember. Love yourself, don’t care about other people’s eyes because you’re living for yourself and the people you love, not others. Don’t let those remorseful tears fall down.

The title of the book is Keeping you a secret, written by Julia Anne Peters published in 2003. I’m going to sketch a person standing in the middle of the crowd and stripped by a rainbow bandage. Rainbow in nowadays represents the LGBT community. Their unspeakable pain and all the difficulty they’re facing especially mental abuse. The book Keeping you a secret talk about a high school senior Holland discovered her sexuality and fall in love with another girl named Cece. When rumors popped out that they’re dating, all of a sudden, discrimination and ostracism hindered their way. And Holland’s life has forever changed. But at the end, they realized how painful it is to leave each other and how regretful they’ll be if they say good bye just because of other people’s thinking.

We have hearts, we have feeling, we desire love just like anyone else. Why should we be deprived to rights to love someone? Love is love, and it shouldn’t be forbidden.” (page 56) The crowd’s pointing at the person in the middle. It’s the LGBT people’s daily life. 65% of the LGBT people say that they’ve experienced discrimination. The bandage is a sign of fear to be who they are or even accept them self. I also drew a rainbow heart represents their self-sexuality identity. It indicates that no matter what sex you’re attracted or who you like, we all are human being and we all pursues love. Every love matters.

I’ve watched a Chinese movie before, it talks about how a same sex couple get separated because of the deny of the society. But they loved each other so much. Heterosexual is love, homosexual is love too, but why is there such a big difference between them. This book also relates to me because it might be my future in my high school life. And I can feel their pain; the pain of discrimination, the pain of people’s scoffing, the pain of hurting your family’s heart, and the pain of love but not. Not just me, this relates to 5-8% of the world population; the number of the LGBTQ community. It reminds people one thing; if you love that person, and that person loves you too, then be together, regardless of anything.

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The French Revolution-Journal Entry

journal entry 1: Riot of the poor

June 28th 1789

I have an ominous feeling about my future. It’s all because of Gabriel. On June 20th 1789 He mustered people to the Tennis court and started to brain wash them. His blabbing was ridiculous. We should maintain our rights, there need to be a clear boundary for the poor and rich. They can’t blame us for being rich. Because of this event, we have to start paying taxes now. They don’t deserve to declare requests. We are the future of France and we should be more equal than them. I have a feeling of protestation. My child Lisa, I wish to give her the best. She deserves everything. The Tennis court event didn’t influence that much physically or pecuniary, but it is a big unsavory suppress to us physiologically. I don’t want this to happen, because she will then believe that nobles and poor are equal which was absurd. Once I was reading bedtime story, she told me that the poor are doing the right thing. “Papa, I think people should be equal regardless of anything.” She needs to believe that we are absolute supreme and civilized. France will be in a chaos if people are equal. My daughter’s still young, she’s still too naïve to this world.

King Louis proclaimed that we need to join the national assembly, speaking directly, joining with a bunch of fools. A constitution has been established. That day I went to buy some new cloths, and I saw throng of people grumbling and squeezing in front of the Tennis court. It captured my attention because it was usually tranquil. Nobody pays attention to that place. But that day it was like someone threw a party or something.

The door was locked and guided by soldiers. They actually think they’re doing the right thing? I am worried about their ignorant. It was ridiculous that they’re bad temper are greater than their ability. I can’t believe King Louis ordered us to join with the poor. On June 27th, we met in the Versalles and he announced this news. Now we have to lower our dignity, and associate ourselves with these undesirable people. People are born differently; your life is determined at the moment you’re born. I was born to live in a castle and spare my inexhaustible money, live a kind of life I want to. We were born with supremeness. They were born to do all the hard work, and suffer from poverty. This is all controlled by the god. If there are no classes, we’re going against the god.

The world should be unfair, that’s the reality and they need to learn how to accept it. I’m right now in my room writing my journal. I was thinking about expending my objection. Maybe I could gather my friends for example Harry the clergy, or Asdam the general. We could have a General Meeting. They might agree on my point and we can go to King Louis to protest. I’m pretty sure he won’t deny opinions from the people that’s from the first estates right? This decision is not right.

Journal entry 2: Devastating

“We want revolution!” “Liberty! Equality! Fraternity!”

Striding, screaming, terrifying, people are squeezing into the Bastille. Like bunch of uneasy ants searching for fresh food. Ash made the scene partly hidden partly seen, the vine of anxiety haunted me. I’m here at Paris, sitting on my mink sofa, drinking coffee. I can’t fall asleep. It’s 5:34 in the morning. My heart is shaking with the ground. I think the poor are going for the money. They put all the sin on us and we didn’t do anything wrong. People were holding weapons, lighting fire, and storming into the Bastille. I can sense the smell of gunpowder, the abomination from the poor. They were like rapids, intense and powerful. Oh God bless me! My money takes some of the portion of the ammunition in the storage. If they got in, it’ll be such a huge disadvantage to me. Those useless governs can’t even handle these fools? They darted in and eliminated all the guides and governs. Blood was shed, the reddish liquid stained everywhere. The spike punctured the governs’ head, threating us to succumb. French had never been in such a chaos. They’re out of their mind.

The Bastille had always been a symbol of us; authority, privilege. On July the 14th, they seized the Bastille. Things are actually getting out of control. The mobs dismantled the Bastille, took away the ammunition, and killed the governs. My wife is pregnant; we need absolute peace. I don’t want my child to go through all this in their childhood. I am worried about our lives in the future. I am worried about Lisa’s thinking. I am worried about everything. We need protect our rights and defend our dignity. What is going on? Why are they doing this? For liberty? Equality? Fraternity? Rubbish! Those three elements only exist in our world. Hundreds of years, we’ve been in charging for so long, France will be great under our control. People grumbles about their condition, that’s what it supposed to be like. All the wealthy things should come to us because and support us because we are the future of France. The Bastille’s gone, somehow it means, our good time will be gone. If my not born yet child will be bagging and be a vagrant, I will curse them forever. The sky in France will be no longer blue, I have a feeling of danger, a kind of unspeakable feeling. What is king Louis doing? Maybe he’s just snuggling in his bed, and avoiding all the things. He always has excuses, too busy? He’s just a crowd that has an erratic confidence. Where did his confidence came from? I don’t know how things will go, and I don’t want to know.

Journal Entry 3:

Good Bye

I’ll never see the sun again. The light was dim, the floor was dirty, my heart was sorrow. I’ve never experienced such a nasty life before. Is this what it felt like being poor? I supposed a lot of assumptions for my future, but never have I imaged one day I could enter the jail. From a noble that can summon wind and call for rain, to an abject prisoner, such a big span. I miss my family; my daughter, my wife. I miss everything; my money, my cloths my luxury, everything that makes me grin. They are irretrievably gone. I will never pardon the people who shouts for equality. This world is unfair, even if they get what they want, darkness and inequality still marinates in this world. A lot of my friends has been slaughtered. Some people fortune enough to escape death like me, but still suffers from loneliness and incarceration. I really want to know what happened to my family. Once I thought about bribing a guard, but then I realize that I got nothing left to give out to. After the big chaos, Napoleon took in charge, and established a constitution. France changed. Our names will be erased; our traces will be eliminated forever. We are no longer important. This is the last journal, the end of my life.

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The French Revolution

French revolution is vital in the history. It represents change. Before the revolution, there’s a big difference between the rich and poor. Approximately 95% of the France population were poor. Only the poor has to pay taxes. Everything was unfair. The revolution made people got more human rights, and things are more equal. This was a big change not only on people’s status, also people’s thinking. The politic system is still the same, it’s still absolute monarchy. The leader changed from king louis to Napoleon. People received more rights, and somehow the poor got more rich.

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Love is a double-edged sword

Book: Jane Eyre

Bad Blood-Tylor Swift

Cause baby now we got bad blood

You know it used to be mad love

So take a look at what you’ve done

Cause baby now we got bad blood

After Jane found out that Mr. Rochester was already married, she’s mad but more depressed. Bad Blood by Tylor swift demonstrated her anger.

I hate u, I love u-Gnash/Olivia O’Brien

It hurts me every time I see you

Realize how much I need you

I hate you I love you

I hate that I love you

Don’t want to but I can’t put

Nobody else above you

Even Jane was mad and left, she still couldn’t let Rochester go. Love and natural power is the only two things that people can’t control.

Fight Song-Rachel Platten

This is my fight song

Take back my life song

Prove I’m alright song

My power’s turned on

Starting right now I’ll be strong

I’ll play my fight song

And I don’t really care if nobody else believes

Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me

This is when Jane has the resolute the leave and be herself. Say no to the people that put her down.

Shotgun-Yellow Claw/Rochelle

I will never fall for your lies again oh whoa

I will never fall for your lies again oh whoa

You shot me right in de face wit’ a shotgun

You shot me right in de face wit’ a shotgun

You shot me right in de

You shot me right in de

You shot me right in de

Face with a shotgun

This song revealed Jane’s mind when she found out that she has been deceived. And she’ll never fall for Rochester’s lie again. And Shotgun, this also shows how painful it is to be deceived by your lover.

Me and My Broken Heart-Rixton

All I need’s a little love in my life

All I need’s a little love in the dark

A little but I’m hoping it might kick start

Me and my broken heart

I need a little loving tonight

Hold me so I’m not falling apart

A little but I’m hoping it might kick start

Me and my broken heart


Jane’s life was miserable, she is not greedy, all she wants is a little love in her life. She put the hope on Rochester.

What are Words-Chris Medina

Anywhere you are I am near

Anywhere you go I’ll be there

Anytime you whisper my name you’ll see

How every single promise I’ll keep

cause what kind of guy would I be

if I was to leave when you need me most

After Jane left, Rochester’s house was on fire, and in one night, he lost everything. But Jane love Rochester, not his property, his face or either his knowledge, is that person itself. So Jane went back and take care of him for the rest of her life.

Tears-Clean Bandit/Louisa Johnson

Tears on the ground tears on my pillow

You won’t bring me down

And I’ll get over you

These tears will get me through

And I’ll get over you

And I’ll get over you

And I’ll get over you

This is Jane’s thinking when so decide to leave Rochester, her tear is the last gift for Rochester.

Dangerously-Charlie Puth

This is gonna hurt

But I blame myself first

Cause I ignored the truth

Drunk off that love my head up

There’s no forgetting you


I loved you dangerously

More than the air that I breathe

Knew we would crash at the speed that we were going

Didn’t care if the explosion ruined me

Baby I loved you dangerously

I picked 8 songs to demonstrate Jane Eyre’s feeling. The whole atmosphere was melancholy, but also a strong sense of love. Jane found out that Mr. Rochester deceived her by not telling that he’s already married. This news is a shocking and devastating strike to Jane, she has such a sense of supreme dignity, so she decided to leave him. This might be the most struggling part of this book. The description of her mind revealed the ambivalence. Jane’s loves towards Mr. Rochester is undoubted, but she must hind it and suppress it. She was pretty mad when she found out the truth, but more is depression. She hated the lie, she hated the truth, she hated her-self because she couldn’t let Rochester go. Jane never disobey her sounds from her heart, so when Rochester lost everything, she came back and take care of him. All the song I choose is all about love. Love and natural power are the only two things that people can’t control. Love sure is delightful, but it’s a double-edged sword, so it can hurt a lot sometimes.

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A Person’s value=Dignity+Love

“Life is too short, cannot be used vengeful build hate.” (Brante 121) Victor Hugo the great writer inspired the author of Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte. Charlotte Bronte created a sensational piece, a girl that has a mediocre appearance, but possess a gorgeous heart. Jane Eyre. Additionally, Jane Eyre represents the budding women in the 19 century’s desire; to be equal with man. Jane Eyre is a persevere, self-loving, and a brave girl.

Jane Eyre’s childhood was a nightmare. She lost both of her parents and were depending on her aunt’s thumb. Jane was afflicted by discrimination throughout her childhood: her aunt’s disgust, cousin’s contempt, and her brother’s abuse. Even when she’s out of that place, and were sent away to an orphanage, agony still accompanies with her. The principle was a philistine, a cruel hypocrite, and were specially picking on Jane because of the conversation with Jane’s aunt. Her only friend Helena died because of disease, this gave Jane a devastating strike. Death douse her only spark in the darkness. All of the barriers did not knock Jane down, in the contrary, she gained more confidence and become stronger. Jane turned grief and indignation into strength, and earned people’s trust and respect. Jane left the orphanage, and become a private tutor. She has a big heart by forgiving all the people that made her suffer for instance her cousins, the head principal of the orphanage so on. But she is brave enough to stand up for herself, “something of vengeance I had tasted for the first time; as aromatic wine it seemed, on swallowing, warm and racy.” (Brante 40) This is how Jane feel after protesting her aunt. Jane would never put her head down towards fate, she believes that you should be your own designer of your life, and if you’re fearless to be yourself, you are then invincible. You know some birds are not meant to be caged, their feathers are just too bright.” (Brante 52)

Jane fell in love with Mr. Rochester which was her student’s dad. Rochester’s wife was a mad-woman. They were forced to marry at that time. But Mr. Rochester’s still waiting for that person to appear and that was Jane Eyre. As time passed, both emotion and feelings got strong, Mr. Rochester proposed to Jane and she agreed. But Jane found out that Rochester was already married, so she was swinging between leaving or stay. Finally, Jane left. “I have wakened out of most glorious dream, and found it void and vain.” (Brante 364) Unfortunately, after Jane left, Rochester’s wife fired up the entire house including the Thornfield which caused Rochester lost a leg and blind. Jane knew and immediately came back and take good care of Rochester, live together until they die, then the story ends. Jane loves Rochester, this kind of love floats in her blood and entwines her heart. Jane only loves once in her life time, she would devote everything into it, and love sincerely. Jane’s love recovers love’s original simplicity, it’s fresh like a cup of water; purifying every reader’s heart. But Jane has a high level of pursue in dignity and love, these two must coexist. Even though Jane loves Rochester, she cannot bear the citizen of her self-esteem. However, Jane’s love was irretrievable, Rochester stays forever in her heart, so she decided to take care of Rochester who has nothing left.

Jane has a tough life. The author successfully portrayed a brave and independent woman who is courageous enough to protest gender inequality, traditional marriage, and has a high level of pursue towards life. Jane’s life equation; a person’s value=dignity+love. Jane is a girl of mean birth, her outlook was mediocre, but she didn’t give up on herself. She disdains noble’s arrogant, scoffs their ignorance, which displays her unyielding characteristic. Jane is a persevere, confidence, and a resolute girl. “Do you think, because I am poor, obscure, plain, and little, I am soulless and heartless? You think wrong! -I have as much soul as you-and full as much heart! “(Brante 80)

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Witches were probably one of the specters we’re afraid of when we’re young. We all know that witches are fictional characters, but if we look back, people once believed that witches are real. This book is called WITCHES! and it’s written by Rosalyn Schanzer. Tells a story of witch craft, occurring in Salem. People were leaning towards supernatural thoughts at the start, what had triggered the disaster was two affected girl claiming that they were tortured by witches. They scream and shout loudly, rolling on the ground, and hitting them self. Anecdotes and sinister rumor has been told through the story. In this small village, mass of innocent people has been executed. People accusing, suspecting each other, result uncountable guiltless citizens died. “I know I must die, but with the hope of no more innocent blood should be shed.” (page 100) The village was covered by the mat of fear. But soon, people started to realize absurdness of this event, so they stand up and fight against it.

This book cover I made is combined with three pictures, and all of them has its own meaning. The first picture is a lion, it’s searching for prey, looking for target. It’s expression in its eye displayed fierce and insightfulness. This is a metaphor for the accusers, for the people who unjust the others. The lion is inside every citizen’s heart at that time, but there’s two genres; ones who harm others intentionally, another type is sheltering them self-up, and will fight back but not attacking deliberately. The second picture is a dark forest; it has two meanings. The first meaning is showing the gloominess of that period and the danger that’s surrounding and lingering. Peril are lurking, it could descend at any second. But another object that’s worth to mention is the moon, the bright and round moon. Is the only light source for the inly night, and it’s like the citizen that’s rational and the ones that brave enough to divulge the evilness. They’re the only hope in Salem。 Finally, the last picture, a blindfolded woman showing a be quite sign. This reveals the fracture of humanity, and the pervaded dingy atmosphere. People know this is all a chicanery, but not exposing the truth hidden behind. Most of the people choose to be taciturn.

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The Boxer rebellion

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You’re a WITCH!

Do you think witches exist? This story written by Rosalyn Schanzer refers to a true calamity occurred in Salem. The scar will forever last and warn people what can superstition cause. Starting from 1641, a new law has been established which is witchcraft should be addressed by death penalties. Anecdotes and sinister rumor has been told through the story. In this small village, mass of innocent people has been executed. People accusing, suspecting each other, result uncountable guiltless citizens died. Before this terrible disaster occur, people already believe in witches, because in christen, witches exist and they’re christen. But what had really triggered the calamity, it’s two affected girls. One day they started to act abnormally, and flabbergasting. They scream and shout loudly, rolling on the ground, and hitting their self. They claimed that there were Spector’s torturing them, and that’s their neighbor. Then people started to accuse each other, so more and more people got arrested. Rumors spread quickly, and people’s living in fear, and the scariest thing is the fractured human nature. As time passed, people started to beware of this chicanery, people started to realize that witches are not true, some are just using it to harm the ones they want to. Even though people finally realized this is ridicules, the wound that the victims has encountered could never be healed.

Supernatural thoughts and religion extremes can cause unmeasurable disaster; keep your heart pure, your conscience guiltless. More and more people claimed that they were attacked. (page 41) People are starting to use this ridicules thought, to benefit them self. Then the story tells about what’s the impact of these tails and rumors; people ending up in jail, weak evidence and accusing people randomly or deliberately. Things are going like that for quite a while, but people gradually realized this is deceiving. Even though the disaster has finally stopped, people’s trust between each other had irretrievably gone. This book is written in a rational citizen’s perspective, he or she is one of the judicious people. I know I must die, but with the hope of no more innocent blood should be shed. (page 100) This is the last words of a victim. The sense of dangerous pervaded in Salem, people are panic, extremely panic. This story tells us that we should not believe in supernatural idea. This can cause mass of injuries, and even though people can realize the hidden truth, the wound mentally or physically could never be healed. Iniquitous people can take advantages of this kind of situation, and what really matters is the genuine people that got hurt.

This book is related to the book I read last time, Abomination. It also tells people the dangerous of supernatural thoughts. The consequences and pain the victim suffers is extremely huge. The book Witches! is a non-fiction book, it’s the scar of history. The book Abomination is fiction, and it’s modern, but both of them has a goal which is warning people what can supernatural thinking cause.

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Abomination by Robert Swindells

Martha is a 12-year-old child, she goes to school, she desires things that the other contemporaries wants too. But in fact, her longings have been forbidden. Martha is different from other kids, she wants to be ordinary, even that tiny wish is unattainable. I don’t like my family; I want to be like other kids. (page 4) Her dressing was austere, she is not allowed to invite any friends to her house, and even worse, not allowed to make friends. Her mother says that at school, there’s only classmates, no friends. Martha’s suffering from being bullied at school, at this moment, the other main character Scott slipped into the story. Because she encountered Scott, the tiger of rebel that has been restrained for 12 years, has finally triggered. Not only because of the fulsome rules, also because Martha’s parents are confining a child in a cage. This kid is Mary’s child, six years old. Mary is Martha’s bigger sister, she left because she couldn’t bear her parents. And Martha knows that it is not right.

This book is well written, and it tells us the potential problem drastic religion might cause. Martha’s like a parrot that’s confined in the cage. She has to report everything to her parents, and everything needs to be under their control. She can’t be like any other normal kids because of the “righteous” that her parents so-called. But people have their own thoughts. This story showed the process of Martha growing up and started to disobey. “Children deserve love and sunshine.” (page 167) I put a picture of a person being incarcerated, this is similar to the situation of Martha. Not physically but mentally. “Wait till your father gets home, you’ll receive what you’ve been asked for then all right.” (112) Martha gets beaten up badly when she did something that her parents considered as erroneous. And the quote “I know things don’t I? secrets. I’m growing up, they can’t pray away and beat it out of me either.” Martha started to have her own thoughts towards life and ethics. The three quotes kind of represents a different stage level of how things are developing. First it shows Martha dislike her family but she can’t really do anything about it, the second one which was her mother scolding her, shows the dilemma she’s in, and the final one which is the questioning one shows she is now capable to address her problems and go against her parents. Even though her parents are wrong, she stills loves them. “I love them, but I can’t bear.” (page 150) this is when Martha’s vacillating between whether accusing them or not. Martha still loves her parents, but swaging back and forth between ethics and family. Religion should be a righteous convection that we purchase, not a bond that restrains our heart.


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