Chinese Revolutionary Voice Journal

We spend a lot of time to inquiry message and research, we share our idea to class and get more information. We use that information to write a journal of Chinese Cultural Revolution from the first person point of view. This journal gives reader message of what happened during Chinese Cultural Revolution, and use figurative language, dialogue, characterization, etc… to make the reader feel like the main character, to feel his emotion. I use journal to share about 3 key events/turning points.

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10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know | Connect with the topic

The book “10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should know” written by Kari Kampakis. I choose this book because this book is writing about the truths that girls should learn and know. In this book, it has 10 big area that’s girls confused or worry about it. The central idea of this book helps girls to solve problems and learn some new knowledge and truths.

The first chapter is basically talking about Popularity, in school, it has a lot of girls are popular and they are being mean. The author gives the reader a story, that about two best friends, one of them what to be a “Queen” of their group and want more popularity, so she starts to bullying and being mean to her friends. In my own life, it also has a lot of problems like this, sometimes I’m confused why they are being like that? And why people are following mean girls? Typically it’s not because they like her. The mostly reasons list below:

  • They want to be popular-and popularity by association works fine
  • They crave security
  • They want to stay on her good side
  • They’re unaware that better friends exist
  • They’re using the mean girl for personal motives
  •  They’re scared to leave

And sometimes friends hurt friends because some of them are not your real friend. Those question below, you should ask yourself.

“Choosing good friends begins with knowing their heart. Is their heart in the right place? Do they love you even when you’re at odds? Are you a better person from knowing them? If you’re sick and can’t go to school, do they miss you? Do they volunteer to pick up your missed assignments? Is your absence felt when you’re not with the group?”(Popularity,15)

The science of mean girls, 7 insight about popularity.

This link below is additional information that teaches us how to deal with mean girls.

In our own lives, it always has this kind of things happened, means girls and not real friends around you. This book gives me a strong method and message to learn and solve problems. Most people want to be popular in some way, some of them are being nice and some of them are being mean. We can let mean girls control us and have our power, so we need to deal with it.

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Nonfiction blog post – Quiet Power the Secret Strengths of Introverts

Quiet Power the Secret Strengths of Introverts, written by Susan Cain with Gregory Mone and Erica Moroz. This book is written about why people so quiet and how can they talk more, the strengths of introverts, the author use some story of the introvert kids to telling us how to face the problem and how can be yourself. This book gives lots place of quiet and what happened there.

In my book cover, I use this picture because I think this picture can show an introvert person. I use a quote from the book ” Why are you being so quiet?”, I think this is a hook also a theme of this book, readers could interest about this question and they can find out the answer to this question in this nonfiction book. Sometimes people will think is extroverts person better or introverts. This book answers this question, the only thing is you need to be yourself, it has a lots strengths of introverts problem. For example in the classroom when teacher aks question if you are a introverts person, you can strike early, identify your best entry point, use notes or observe your classmates. Don’t afraid when the teacher asks questions.  Introverts and Extroverts are both great, the most important thing that is you need to be yourself. “Don’t try to be someone you’re not, in order to impress. A true friend will appreciate you for you. Don’t fake being an extrovert to gain friends.” (page 90) It does not always have more friends is greater than just have one friend. “One good friend is so much better than a lot of acquaintances. Even if that means sometimes you’re along, it’s better than having to be fake around people.” Use your own words “Rember that nobody is a mind reader. Eventually, you’ll need to speak up to make sure that people know how you’re feeling. A true friend will want to listen.” (page 93)


This is a TED video of Susan Cain

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Trash, by Andy Mulligan. This book is talk about three trash boy from the Behala dumpsite find a mystery bag, they decide to keep it and to find out the things behind the bag. Even the police give them a huge amount of money.  Three boys- Raphael, Gardo and Jun-Jun(Rat), they have no parents, education, no homes and no money, to solve the mystery problem.

This magazine cover is about Raphael. At the first chapter of the book, Raphael tells the reader “I am a trash boy with style.”  I think Raphael is proud of himself, even though he is a trash boy. When he finds a bag that he gets money from the bag, the money would be helpful of his situation, but he decides to keep it, “A long time later I would think to myself: Everyone needs a key. With the right key, you can bust the door wide open. Because nobody’s going to open it for you.” (Chapter 1, p11) He wants to give himself and others a chance to change the situation. Raphael is a small boy with a lot of strength, he wants to get somewhere in life.




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More than 60 deaths, still sold online

  • Overheats human body
  • heavy sweating
  • shortness of breath.


  • Weight loss
  • Risks of stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Tremor


  • banned by the international Olympic, committee
  • chest pain
  • hyperthyroidism


Appetite suppressant, from the market 2010

  • confusion
  • depression
  • suicidal thoughts
  • sometimes sudden death


  • eat less
  • food with fewer calories
  •  sports


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Harry Potter and prisoner of Azkaban

Written by J.K Rowling

The resolution of this book is Harry knows Sirius Black is his godfather. He realized Sirius Black is not a bad guy, also Sirius Black is not helping Voldemort to kill his parents. It has Pettigrew killed his parents. He learns about don’t trust what other people say, he needs to find the answer out by himself. Also at the end of the book, Harry finally can beat the Dementor by using the patronous, that is using your best memory at attack the Dementor. But this magic is very challenging and dangerous when Harry faced Dementor, at last Harry use his belief and brave to kill many Dementor.


Dementor: A evil that protect Azkaban, it will take away the happiness of people, make people remember the most horrible moment of their life.




“Believe me”, croaked Black. “Believe me, Harry. I never betrayed James and Lily. I would died before I betrayed them. And at long last, Harry believe him.”

“You’re free, said Harry.” “Yes…, said Sirius. But I’m also — I don’t know if anyone ever told you— I’m your godfather.”

This quote makes Harry realized, Black is not the person that what people told him, he is Harry’s godfather. He finds out the right answer of Sirius Black. Also, it is the resolution of this book.


“And Harry saw them. Dementors, at least a hundred of them, gliding in a black mass around the lake toward them. He spun around, the familiar, icy cold penetrating his insiders, fog starting to obscure his vision; more were appearing out of the darkness on every side; they were encircling them…. Hermione, think of something happy! Harry yelled, raising his wand, blinking furiously to try and clear his vision, shaking his head to rid it of the faint screaming that had started inside it— I’m going to live with my godfather. I’m leaving the Dursleys. He forced himself to think of Sirius, and only Sirius, and began to chant: Expecto Patronum! Expecto Patronum!”

This quote shows how Harry clears the Dementors, he is really brave. And shows he love his godfather, that is the happiest thing he can imagine. He can do the advanced magic, that is really challenging him, but he did it!


In my multimedia work, I’m doing a book cover of HARRY POTTER AND PRISONER OF AZKABAN.

I choose the image that represents the Dementor because in the book the Dementor changed Harry a lot. Represent how the characterization changed, how Harry beat the fear. At the begging of the book, Harry even doesn’t know what is Dementor, and he is very afraid of Dementor. But at last, he can kill all of them and save his friends.


How can you be as brave as Harry Potter.







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Boxer Rebellion Map

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Rising Action&Climax ( The last book in the Universe

Monologue—– Bean (LBU)


When I was four years old, my brother and I decided we wanted go to Eden. I entrusted my brother with the task of taking me to Eden. Eden is the place that I hoped to go, there must be a place safer and prettier than the Urb. I never told Charly or Kay, my parents, because it was our secret. Spaz and I would escape together.


Today, I heard a knock at the front door, beneath the bullet holes. “You,” my dad said in a flat tone.  He wasn’t happy to see Spaz, but he was the one who had sent the runner with the message to come.


I was so happy and surprised that Spaz made it, for he had to cross three dangerous latches just to get here.  I shouted in my heart, “Let them in!”. I could imagine my dad almost falling down when he saw Lanaya, the proov girl from Eden.  He had never seen a proov up close before. I bet her beauty shocked him into being like a statue.


Spaz was walking down the hallway, and I shouted out, “Spaz, I knew you’d come, I knew it! Don’t feel sorry, you can come is the best news for me.” I loved him and to see him again gripped my heart.


I knew no one could stop my blood sickness.  Not even Spaz. I took my remedy, but it doesn’t really help. My body hurts everywhere but only a little right now. I was sleeping when I heard Spaz and his friends come close to my bedroom door. I opened my eyes, and my eyes got wider. I saw a small group of travelers, Spaz, an old man, a little ragged boy, and the prettiest young woman I had ever seen.


Lanaya, I saw a beautiful girl in front of me, she was so pretty! I never seen anyone like her! She must be from Eden! I think that people from Eden must be very beautiful and different.


I’m very curious and I ask Lanaya “Are you my brother ‘s luvmate?” I got the answer, I’m little disappointed that they were not luvmate. My brother told me was Lanaya brought them here, Lanaya made up everything else. I talk with Lanaya for a while, we have a girl talk kinds of things, we don’t might that my brother listen to it, we always include him in our conversation.


Lanaya said she will leave me with my brother, she went to help my mom prepare some edibles. When Lanaya was gone, I told Spaz that I think Lanaya likes him, they should get married. Even I know proovs cannot marry normals. Spaz said he is a deef,he got a genetic defect.but I hate the word “Deef”. Spaz knows that I’m taking remedy, but it’s only honey water and stuff that make it taste icky. It doesn’t do any good. I’m glad that my brother came, I was afraid I can’t see him again. I’ll get better, I remember how my brother used to tell me stories so I’d take my remedy, he told me a story where everybody lives happily ever after, and I fall asleep.

I read The last book in the Universe from the author Rodman Philbrick, this Monologue is about the Rising Action and the Climax, I focus on the Chapter twenty. I change the point of view from Spaz to Bean. This chapter is talking about Bean got blood sickness, Spaz, her brother come to see her.


  1.  Aha moment: ” Ryter and Lanaya look at each other, then at me. We can take her to Eden,” says the proov girl.” (page 147)  Spaz, Ryter and Lanaya plan to move Bean to Eden. Because Bean really want go to Eden, they can satisfy her dream, also go to Eden that might can help Bean to get better. I think this event is a turning point, it relate to what happened future.
  2. Word of the wiser: “Rules are made to be broken, Ryter tells him gently” Ryter tells Charly that Bean need go to Eden, but Charly be opposed, because they learn the rule, normals aren’t allowed to leave the Urb for any reason, they learn this as children. Ryter teach a lesson to Charly that about we need to follow the rule, but not all the time, if we broke the rule that can help Bean, why not to do it.
  3. Again and Again:”Lanaya giggles. That’s the sky, silly. The sky is blue.” “The sky is gray, I say. “Everybody knows that.” “In the Urb, she says, because of all the smog. In Eden the sky is blue and the ground is green.” (page 155) “That ‘s what I’ m hoping . If they can make the sky blue and the world green, they can wake up one small girl, right?” (page 165) In the book, they talking about the environment  of Urb and Eden, I think the author wants to tell us that difference of Urb and Eden, also they hope the blue sky and green ground can making Bean’s sickness getting better.

The Rising Action and the Climax basically is talking about Bean’s sickness and they went to the Eden.

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Sonnet —- Stadium court

Stadium Court


Tennis theater, the China Open

Thou art more dramatic than Broadway plays

Audience, coaches’ voices build tension

Gasp, shush, scream like in a Minotaur’s maze.


Sprinting back and forth on the baseline,

Nadal sweats, smashes a powerful forehand

The ball explodes off of the racquet’s twine

To the opposite corner just as planned


Now a wet towel and a broken string

He cannot return these painful aces

He scolds himself quiet, feeling hope, he clings

Memories before, center court places


Experienced grit, a celebration

From all tennis lovers of this nation.


  • Joy Kong




Setting: Stadium court at the China Open

Theme: The drama and appreciation of tennis championships and Nadal

Tone: Excitement of the drama and capturing the sensory moment

Characterization: Nadal = persistent, experienced, doesn’t panic

Stanza 1: Setting
Stanza 2: Nadal’s speed and power

Stanza 3: Fail but doesn’t give up

Couplet: Wins and China respects and celebrates his greatness




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The city of Ember—exposition

The city of Ember, the text of this magazine cover I write the setting, conflict and characterization.


  • ” In the city of Ember, the sky was always dark. The only light came from great flood lamps mounted on the buildings and at the tops of poles in the middle of the larger squares. When the lights were on, they cast a yellowish glow over the streets;people walking by threw long shadows that shortened and then stretched out again. When the lights were off, as they were between nine at night and six in the morning, the city was so dark that people might as well have been wearing blindfolds.”

This quote, the author tell us the setting of this book. How is the city—Ember looks like, why is this city special. The author use the technique—- Metaphor. ” the city was so dark that people might as well have been wearing blindfolds.”  The sky was so dark that people can’t see, just like wear a blindfold.

Color choice:

I use white for the background and use the black for the word because the city of Ember is very simple, black and white is the best color that can explain the ” simple”.

Image choice:

This image is represent the protagonist Lina.So I hold the two main trait of Lina. At the image we can see I cut the image to half and half, and then fill the two different color in. The black part represent the city of ember. In the book the author give us a information, that is “the city of Ember, the sky is always dark.” So I use the black color. The light brown part it is represent two things, one is ” The only light came from great flood lamps mounted on the building and at the tops of poles in the middle of the large squares.” Also at the book cover that use black and light brown. Another reason I use the different color, because Lina is looking for and wants a new world, a colorful world, this picture shows Lina’s feeling. So I choose take this picture.

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