Revolutionary Voices Journal- The Bloody French Revolution!

Fight, Blood, and death with the Guillotine. In this post, you will be able to find out the first-person view of a French Revolution. In the past few weeks, we were working on our revolutionary voices! We learned, investigated, and felt through our characters. I wrote a journal of a peasant in French Revolution, trying to show the perspective of the peasants. More importantly, I did this to give readers knowledge of the French Revolution. There are 3 turning points in all bloody situation. I learned that revolution doesn’t just take in a year, it takes a lot of time to complete a revolution. Revolution causes many different casualties and with that, a new government has formed.

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NonFiction Blog Task #1 – Courage, Has No Color

Segregation happens all the time. Even though we don’t intend segregation, we always do it. In the past, people segregated others by skin color. Cool jobs were for whites, blacks or negroes were considered as weak. Negros worked in dirty places which my them dirty and were not allowed to be paratroopers until the Triple Nickles came. It was the time of World War II. When Roger Walden, a black soldier, a black worker for the country, the segregation between skin colors were almost out of the way.

In the nonfiction book Courage Has No Color by Tanya Lee Stone, blacks were treated poorly, and at the end becoming a man with rights, having the right to be a labor like the whites. Thus, it is a book talking about how blacks were treated at that time even though they had a job and giving us different extreme languages. This book lets the readers realize how discrimination is a serious worldwide issue.  As I read the book, I was able to observe Tanya Lee Stone wanted to tell us the lives of and as Negros. Giving us the theme, “Blacks should be treated equally, not getting segregated, making a colorless society.” This is because in this book in general, people were decimating blacks just because of the skin color. The judgment of they will not be able to anything was because of skin color nothing else.

Whenever blacks were going in the war they always thought America as their country and they were the ones who should fight for the country. However, whites always kept disagreeing with this. This could be another theme of this story. Blacks treated unequally, however they still thought America, where they are getting segregated, as they believed America is their home country. “You volunteered to fight for a country that lynches young people.” (Stone 55). This was said by a German officer and it is clearly a very aggressive quote to the blacks because the word lynches by itself is to kill with or without a legal trial. This means blacks do not deserve rights and therefore shouldn’t be deserving any rights at that time and the future as well. However, even though the German officer said this quote Smith the African American clearly stated proudly, “I am black American. It is my home. I will fight for it because I have no other hoe, and by fighting for it, I can make America better.” (Stone 55). While they get discriminated because they know their only country is America they care about it and fight for it. The problem is that African Americans are never getting respect from the whites.

This problem was a huge problem and conflict that was needed to be solved in the past. However, now it is known as a huge achievement that the society has achieved. Today, there are still problems about this topic, however, there is no more segregation between blacks and whites in jobs, which also means that the society internationally now treats every person’s rights equally and fairly. One example could be the start of the Triple Nickles. These people who are black were always treated poorly, however, thanks to the Triple Nickles, now the people in America are equal in jobs. Now that they are equal, people do not care who is sacrificing for their country and help the country to survive. For example, “This is my country; this is my duty regardless of the social climate; regardless of the faults.” (Stone 93) This quote is suggesting that blacks are now thinking it is meant to represent their country and fight for the country. This shows how the attitude towards blacks became different. Adding on top of that, the way generals interpreted blacks were different. General MacArthur once said, “No one should be negroes, whites are the ones to fight for honor.” Interestingly, this general has used the word negroes, it is a way to say blacks. It is one of the ways to segregate blacks from humans. However, later on, he said, “I don’t want color, I want freedom and justice for all colors.” Ironically, he has stated the opposite of what he has said first. Clearly, now he has found out that the blacks are also as good as whites, they deserve human rights. In the period where WWII was happening, it was almost impossible for blacks to deserve any kinds of rights the whites deserved and many “haters and racists” (Stone 55) wanted to discriminate blacks on purpose just because their skin color was often known as “disgusting” (Stone 14).

This theme is also reused in chapter nine as a whole and especially for the second subtitle of that chapter. The subtitle reads A Two-Colored Army. Two-Colored in this is used to show equality. Thus Biggs, one of the Triple Nickles, suggests that the “Army had been a two-colored Army for a long time, just as our society.” (Stone 97). Once again, the theme of this book was having equality in jobs, and especially not discriminating anyone to lead to a happier, safer society. This quote makes the theme fairly obvious because the Army was not privileged for a long time but it is now and so as the society. Though there were some problems that still present, it is sure that the blacks were feeling more satisfied with the society and how they are getting treated. They were “glad that segregation was leaving Army.” (Stone 98) This shows how happy they were about the situation of discrimination started to decrease.

However, the book also shows the as soon as black Americans got power their and start to be impolite to the Whites. Blacks were starting to be ruling over the whites too much and starting to say, “Your race is looking forward to your success.” This statement clearly shows that now blacks have rights and weakened the white Americans, they are thinking that they get to rule over the whites. Of course, this is not supposed to happen and should not happen.

In conclusion, the main theme of this non-fiction book is, everybody has to be feeling privileged, free to speak and get the same right as the others. The people who don’t treat equally should be treated equally and no one should go on top of each other to rule someone over. As for Walter Morris, the ninety-year-old man, who was the person who saw the Triple Nickles say, “We overcame. And it’s a warm feeling to know that, that color has nothing to do with it. One’s spirit. And that should be a lesson for us. We should have, and we will have, a colorless society one day.” (Stone 114) This is the quote from the main theme of this story. Now, we have to think about this question. We said we need a colorless society. However, do we actually treat everyone equally and completely not segregate people? Or do we still do it intentionally? We always have to remember that segregation doesn’t make anyone gain happiness, it just gives harm to the others and to yourself. To wrap up, segregation should not happen, so as ruling someone else.


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Independent Reading Post #3- 1984 by George Orwell


The book I chose this time is 1984 by George Orwell. For my project, I chose to do a fake Facebook for Winston Smith focusing on the resolution. In the world of 1984, everybody is looked by the telescreen used by Thought Police. In other words, you don’t have any security for any person. Looking at the telescreen, they could catch every word, motion, and feelings that you express. If you get caught by doing something violating the rule you will get caught and sent to jail like Winston, the protagonist of the book. Also, Winston didn’t think he violated the rule and thought he it was the right thing to do. However, it turns out the rule he violated is writing a diary about the world in his perspective. When writing his diary, he also had an affair with Julia. To get some help to write some detailed information, he meets a person called O’Brien. Someone who you would call a fake friend. So, at the resolution, he figures out he turns out to be a member of the Thought Police. Which results from Winston to have a very unhappy ending. Eventually, he goes to jail because he violated the rule and O’Brien saw it. Winston was stuck in jail looking outside until there was his called Room 101. At this point of the story, you could say this is the climax part of the resolution. He goes in, and of course, gets tortured in front of O’Brien. The harshest punishment is the rat torture. They put a rat one the one end and the other is your face. The officer will put fire on the other side and the rat would try to go inside your head. So, what Winston did is he told the officer that he would sacrifice Julia to get tortured instead of him. He was lead out and the story ends as Big Brother watching Winston and controlling him. Thus, Winston finished his affair with Julia at this part.

The profile picture of my fake Facebook represents the mood and the theme of in different time but same setting. By using Facebook, I could show Winston’s feeling much directly to the readers and show his everyday life. Firstly, I chose my background picture as the Big Brother watching Winston because Big Brother is a person thought to control the British Empire. This shows how they are getting controlled by one government. Also, since I focused on the resolution, I focused Winston being in Room 101. Since, Room 101 is a place where Winston meets O’Brien again and gets tortured, I chose to do a picture of Winston getting tortured by rats just only because he wrote a diary. I particularly chose the rat part because it shows the pain of the torture. Thus, by looking only at the profile picture, I wanted readers to get a mood of a very unhappy and a dirty unpleasant feeling. Another part we could find in the profile picture is that O’Brien the antagonist is looking at him. It symbolizes the theme of the book. Winston was in a government of totalitarianism and getting controlled by the Thought Police. It shows that the Thought Police has much more power than the other people. It is mentioning how totalitarianism could be very cruel and make a world like 1984. My first post gives an explanation of the reason and the problem of society. I chose to write the title as Thought Control because in the book 1984 towards the resolution it shows how Winston was supposed to think like but he is very ashamed about what the government is making him do. I tried to show this emotion by using trying to show a part of the quote from the book, pg. 253, “Not merely to extract your confession nor to punish you. Shall I tell you why we brought you here? To cure you!” This quote is suggesting that even the jail is for punishment they are trying to make you see it as a good thing not like an evil spirit. Some other posts on Winston’s Facebook such as the Day of the Dead represents the mood of the story. The mood is very dark and the post talk about harsh punishments which gives us some kind of clue that it will happen to Winston sometime. However, most importantly my 3rd and 4th post are the important ones. It describes how harsh the Room 101 is. I first mentioned the man because he was the first person that Winston witnessed to go in to Room 101. In pg. 236 it says, “The man’s face, already very pale, turned a color Winston would not have believed possible. It was definitely, unmistakably, a shade of green.” This gives us an idea later on what Winston will feel like and describes the man’s feeling. When a person’s face turns green, it usually shows disgust, which also suggest that it is a disgusting place to go. So, because I interpreted the quote this way in the post, I tried to show as much as I could do show fear and disgust. Since, I also wrote that you can’t summarize the punishment to show that the punishments are very harsh. I ended my post as Failed Mission because his “mission” was to keep the diary but he got caught by the police so he failed. Thus, not only that he failed to keep affair with Julia which relates to the title. At the end, I also chose to do a section called blocked contacts because those are the main characters which Winston wouldn’t like to see anymore after the resolution. This adds to the sad because his relationship with the people he thought would be kept is gone.

My fake Facebook relates to a person called Winston Smith which went through many different conflicts with an unhappy mood. The main part of this blog post I focused on is resolution. This book ended with a sad ending unlike the other stories. However, it could also mean that we have to be careful about making this kind of society. I believe that the author was thinking about what the future society will like be using Winston as the character going through the story.


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Boxer Rebellion-Thinglink

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Independent Reading Post #2- Ender’s Shadow



This book is called Ender’s Shadow by Orson Scott Card. I mainly focused on the conflict and the rising action as well as characterization from time to time. The main character for this book is Bean, so that is why my diary was on the point of view of him. The time setting is sometime in the future so I cannot determine the exact date. He is a character that travel’s the same path as Ender does. The conflict of this story is when Bean becomes the commander of a Rabbit Army. He does not want to be but he has no choice. So, it is a person vs. society type of conflict. His feelings change about being a commander from time to time and place to place. That is why I chose to do a diary. It is one of the best elements to show how the character is different from each time. I also chose a diary because it lets the reader know more detailed about a character becasue I wanted them to learn more in Bean’s perspective.


Bean is a boy that goes to battle school and he is the smallest kid in there. Battle school is a place where there are a lot of people getting trained for the fight that will happen with the buggers. Buggers are alien species that is actually very nice, but in this world looks at it as a negative thing. He is a kid that dreams to be a commander like Ender. One day, Bean sees a message that he got promoted to a Rabbit Army commander on his bed. This is when he starts to have a conflict. Now, he feels that he is not ready to be in that kind of high and luxury position unlike at the first where he really wanted to. He thinks since everybody else is also getting promoted as a commander, he is just getting promoted too. We could see this from the text evidence in the first paragraph of pg. 286, “They’re advancing everybody they think needs some experience with command.” Now he is getting upset because he wanted to be a unique one. Also the same paragraph, in Ender’s room, “I might have Rabbit Army, but not for long I bet.” This quote shows that he feels not right in the position listening to what Ender thinks. At this point, he does not want to be a commander. It shows that he is frustrated and having very upset of the decision. He thinks that even though he becomes a commander everybody will not like him as much. We could also see that his person vs. society conflict is going on by the quote, “Was that the best he could come up with? But what else could he say? (pg.288)” So, in this world, the Colonels are like dictators. This makes Bean do whatever they say and with that Bean does not like the choices they make which shows he has some complaints to the leader of his. He wants to argue with the leader. However, he knows that it will not work so has to give up and adapt to a new life. Of course, he had to go through trial and error and as he experienced more, the commanding skills improved. By this, he figured out that he has to fight to win, not honor. I used direct quotes from my book because that is the best way to explain how the main character feels.


The mood of the protagonist changes through from time to time by the first day, when he was fighting with Rabbit Army, he was very impressed by how Ender commands. Until then, he really wanted to be a commander like Ender someday. At the second day, Bean was a little frustrated. After he saw the letter of becoming a commander, he knew it was very early to be a commander, he wanted to argue with Colonel. So, the next day, he went to ask Major Anderson and Colonel Graff. However, they just replied no. So, it started as Bean wanting to be a commander, however as soon as he became one, he is not impressed. This gives Bean more stress.


My slideshow diary mainly reflects on the character Bean, which changes through time to time. The main plot I focused is the climax and conflict. The conflict with the society of him being transferred to the Rabbit Army. Bean accepts this later, going through the conflict with the society while not seeing this as positive as the first time.



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Writing Our On Sonnet- Sonnet for Shanghai Airport

Sonnet for Shanghai Airport


Shall I compare thee to the Silk Road now? A

Airport’s art more advanced and more swiftly: B

Less walk makes swiftness for the airport, wow A

But, the airplane hath all too short a day; B

Sometimes getting delayed, the Silk Road shines, C

The airport’s angry attitude restrained; D

Every walk from walk sometimes declines, C 

Like nature’s time passed the waiting time trimm’d; D

The hard work you accomplished shall not trade, E

Nor lose confidence of the time of wait; F

Nor shall tourists blame airports in its shade, E

The Silk Road laughing at airport with hate: F 


So long as men can walk or eyes can flee, G

So long stands this, and this gives hope to thee. G

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Exposition Project for Erased


This book is called Erased by Jennifer Rush. I mainly focused on the conflict and how characterization from setting to another one. The conflict in this story is internal conflict or self vs. self and I mainly focused on the main character and Nick because Anna and Nick are the ones who really experience all of the conflicts. It was mostly on Anna but Nick is like a helper to figure it out. All of them are from exposition. I decided to use a newspaper format because the scene was similar to like a breaking news and if it was a real world situation it would also be on the newspaper.


Anna is a young woman who is getting guarded by so many people. Her feelings and mood change time by time. Before she sneaked out, she was in a lab. Where she was really risky and trying to get out of the guards. We know this from the 3rd line of the book, “I was fully alert when I wondered if it was safe to escape from the lab.” We could easily visualize and even feel how she wanted to get out the place and how hard it was. Thus, the author would use this because she wants to show that we could make an image of how hesitating it was. Jennifer Rush really wanted us to think about the connection between the setting and the character. Another quote from the book is from the 1st chapter it says, “I made sure that there were no more guards following me but searching for me and I was safe.” The author wrote this purposely show that she was lost form the guards. One other reason why the author might have used this that cause she really wanted to show us it was a very risky escape. The risky escape comes out from the three words “I was safe.” When the author mentioned that they were only searching, this scene was over.  Another setting is Nick’s house which is the place where she ended up after the escape. One of the main setting that is needed in the story. In this place, it was also the start of where the conflict started. Anna started to think whether escaping to her uncle’s house is safe to her. In addition to that, it is the part where Nick and Anna gain relationship. When the line from page 7, “I love you,” said by Nick, we are able to know immediately that it is important. It’s because at first they were very awkward and now they are seeming more as a close friend. It also brings readers to ask what happened. Another setting that is important is the branch. As we know that is the place where Anna lied about her sister dying at that place. I used the quotes in my newspaper because that brings the readers to think will that be true.

Another setting is Nick’s house which is the place where she ended up after the escape. One of the main setting that is needed in the story. In this place, it was also the start of where the conflict started. Anna started to think whether escaping to her uncle’s house is safe to her. In addition to that, it is the part where Nick and Anna gain relationship. When the line from page 7, “I love you,” said by Nick, we are able to know immediately that it is important. It’s because at first they were very awkward and now they are seeming more as a close friend. It also brings readers to ask what happened. Thus in this place, they plan out going to Anna’s Uncle’s house. We could know that from the quote,”If you want to go to your Uncle’s house we will have to go to the lab with me.” (Chapter 3 said by Nick.) The author’s intention in this quote is to show that they are very close to each other and they are helping them to be safe. Which connects to the branch where guards are trying to find Anna. This is also the place where Anna said her sister died.

Additionally, the conflict that comes out on the exposition is when Anna has to decide whether she will decide to go to her uncle’s house or not. So this started as Anna being so mad and really don’t know what to do. It felt like she can’t do anything. However, as soon as the battle started and they get past a few guards, mood and the tone was changing a little bit. She was still very rushing but instead in a more relaxed way. It brings the reader to think as if she is more confident of what she is doing. As a conclusion, we could see that Anna is more like a refugee. She came from other place and Nick is a person helping her.

My fake news article reflects on how the main character Anna, thinks about each setting and situation. As a result, she goes through conflicts, not by herself but with others too.


“Free Newspaper Generator.” Newspaper Generator,

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Reflection of Grade 8 Mentoring Trip

In this trip, we mainly did two activities. Our class went to Via Ferrata in Shimenshan, and in this place, we climb up the mountain. The second day it was the time for swimming. We were doing some raft building and if our raft is not strong enough or unstable, without any choice, we will just have to go inside the water.

If I reflect on my trip, I think one of my major strength is communicating with the team and whenever they feel scared, I would encourage them. Well, I personally also think that this was a strength to all of the students that went on the trip. Actually, I was afraid of heights and I saw Christopher going on which made me feel a little bit comfortable which let me finish the whole course. One of my weakness is thinking before making the raft and creativity. I feel that we had absolutely no creativity because the only thing we were thinking about ways to make this raft float. We didn’t really care about the design. This somehow made other teams to copy other team’s design. However, as a whole, I feel like is a very meaningful trip. The only thing if I could improve this trip is to let us eat a variety of foods. Some people don’t like Chinese food so they couldn’t eat any food. Another core value that I think that really mattered to this trip is Student as a Learner. By our mistakes, even though we didn’t have time to make another raft, we were able to think what will fix the problem.

I think this picture tells us when each other helps us we could accomplish our goals.

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Found Poem

My found poem is the multimedia that I made for a symbol from “The Monkey’s Paw” by William W. Jacobs. I used Microsoft Word, Canva, and screenshot. I chose this poem for several reasons. First, to me, it seemed like symbolism was a big element throughout the story. My symbol is the monkey’s paw. As the story went on Mr. White got greedy and started to wish for 200 pounds at page 3. Also, on the same page, Herbert thought they were going to be rich and happy. Which is shown in the poem. I chose the last part of my poem as the part where they waste their last wish because if they used their wish carefully enough, there shouldn’t have been an ending where they had to waste the wishes on different places. This will also connect to them because the main theme of this short story is that choose your path the right way. In other words, if you don’t at the end you won’t get all the wishes that you wanted.

I chose this picture because as mentioned they were really greedy. As stated above, they thought if only they got the monkey’s paw and wish for money, they would be the richest family in the whole world. If that happens, they could pay for their house. However, this was their greediness. After all, they just ruined the last two wish, which destroyed their big picture of what they want. Especially people could clearly identify the last wish was wasted because of the knock that Mrs. White thought it was Herbert. Mr. White didn’t want the person to come in so grabbed the paw and didn’t let the person in.

Before you make wish you have to know what you really need.

I chose this as the theme of the story because, for that reason, everything was ruined for Mrs. White. They were greedy for 200 pounds which actually didn’t really take a big part of their life. However, because they thought it was a very important object and thought they could be rich, they didn’t think about anything but started to make wishes. In other words, it was really unnecessary. This connects to my symbol because the monkey’s paw was the main reason how it started. It was thrown in the fire and the White’s wanted to keep them which was the start of the disaster.


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ONE DAY 2017- Failed Mission

Our goal was to show a video using a very accurate simulation to go to Mars. When we were orbiting Earth we docker docked with the ARIES Duna Tug which was really a hard part. We learned it was too hard to go to Mars and we had to do an easier task. Something that really went well was launching the ARIES Duna Tug and getting it into the orbit. Another could be making space station. This was a real success. To see the powerpoint see  here. Next time I would try a easier text.screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-1-57-30-pm screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-10-19-27-am screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-12-39-06-pm

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