Science Engineering Project: Define & Inquire

January 8, 2019

What is this Engineering task?

The purpose of this engineering task is to build an object that would show the transfer of energy to a particular audience. It has to look good and catches the audience’s attention.

What are you thinking of?

For my Science and Engineering project, I would like to do a project that will entertain little kids with dominoes and the Rube Goldberg machine. In other words, my main clients are office people. The plan, for now, is using the Rube Goldberg Machine to roll the ball and I will connect this to the table. When the ball hits the dominoes, after 2that, it will hit an object, which will drop into a scale letting the other car crash into a heavy object, making it drop down on top of the stapler.

What are the pros/cons?

The pros of this project are that it would do an exciting project with the purpose of showing the change of potential energy getting converted to kinetic energy.  Not only that, because there are dominoes, we can see how the energy from the ball would transfer into the dominoes which would be related to the purpose of the project. I am thinking of using a similar design as the last one but putting dominoes instead of the paper cup. Also, for workers in a company, this might be a nice tool because they don’t need to get up and staple the thing they need to. This will be a nice explanation of energy transfer as well. The potential energy in the object would convert into kinetic energy, making the ball roll and pass through the Rube Goldberg Machine, stapling the object they need to staple.

The problem of this Rube Goldberg machine is that it may be too complicated to make in the time given. Because of this, I need to find a way to simplify the device but also make it look nice. Also, I am not sure if the ball is going to hit the dominoes or not. I also have to think about whether I have enough space to make such a massive project. If I don’t have enough time and space, I would have to really reduce the size of the project, but also explaining the transfer of energy. Therefore, I think making a little bit simple project would make it more accurate. Another challenging part of this project is that I need to try putting in as many materials so the transfer isn’t too obvious. I will also need to make sure that the objects getting pushed by the dominoes are heavy enough.

What are the materials that are needed?

Materials I would need, String, Hot Glue Gun, Dominoes, paper cups, PVC pipes, 3-4 marbles, tape.

Some ideas about my project:

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