Science Engineering Project: Develop and Plan

January 13, 2019

My Plan for the Future:

Tuesday- Work on Blog Post #1 and finish the modeled sketch. If I don’t finish this by Tuesday, I will end by Thursday.

Thursday- Final revisions of the sketched model (if needed) around 10 minutes. After that, I would start doing my project. I expect by the end of the class on Thursday, I would be done getting my materials and setting up my Rube Goldberg machine. If I have time, I will start hot gluing my parts such as the PVC pipes.

Monday-  I would finish gluing my PVC pipes and would aim to finish setting up the dominoes getting ready for my final project. This would take about the whole class. I would take photos of my prototype and work on my Blog post #3.

Wednesday- I would test the trials of my Rube Goldberg machine. If some parts need to be fixed, I will try to fix it so later it would work. After I am done the fixing, I will work on my final blog post for this project.

Friday- I will try again and see any more places to fix and then I will be done with it.


How I will put all my parts:

I will first glue my PVC pipes on to the cardboard. The cups and weights (blocks) would be connected together with the strings. The dominoes are placed with a 0.5cm distance.

The materials:

1 Cardboard box, 7 PVC pipes, 12 dominoes, 2 strings, 2 blocks, 2 paper cups, 2 toy cars.


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