Science and Engineering #3: Create and Improve

January 20, 2019


The processes between the classes: By the 3rd class, I finished sticking all my pipes together and held them on to the big wooden board. This might sound like an easy task. However, it was not an easy one because there were some sawing and measuring involved while using the glue gun to stick them. While in the plan I wanted to use PVC pipes, however, there weren’t enough of them which I decided to use the cardboard pipes. During the 3rd class, there were some problems I had to encounter. The first part was the part utilizing the yoyo as a pulley. As we can see from theĀ 2nd picture, in the cup at the bottom, there are some marbles in there. I did that because I had to make sure the weight of the block which is hung on the other side is the same as the marble+cups on the other side. To solve this problem, I used marbles to see when the block will lift off if I only used the small marbles. After that, I needed to find a way for the marble to stay still inside the cup, not falling outside whenever the cups are more massive than the block. Therefore, I wrapped around some tape so that the marbles wouldn’t fall out.

The fourth class, there was another problem with the pulley. The marble would not land inside the cup. Therefore, I started to use two cups so one would get the marble that rolls. Another problem was the last pipe at the bottom. Because the previous pipe and the 2nd previous pipe will not stick together, I had to forcefully use a lot of glue to attach them together. However, because of that, the glue inside blocked the marbles from going through the last pipe. After that, I found out that there is a problem for me when hitting the dominoes as shown in the video below the post.

For these reasons, I think the progress until the middle of my 4th class is moderate. I have investigated the problems I need and attempted to fix it which has succeeded. After my improvements, I showed to my peers and got some positive feedbacks which I am looking forward to setting it and show my gains in the last blog post of this project. My peers gave me feedback especially on the pulley system because it needs to be 100% accurate to make a marble go in. However, they complimented me on the idea of having two popsicle sticks to prevent the marble from falling down which was one of the problems I encountered. Therefore, I think the process until now is really positive.


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