Analyzing the Turtle Art-Computer Science Blog Post #1

February 22, 2019

Assignment: Analyse (explain how it’s made) a turtle art drawing from (

For this assignment, I made a project using 2 turtle art drawings used together. One was the eclipse and the other was peaks. From this blog post, I would be analyzing how turtle art has made each of these drawings.

To start off, I would analyze the eclipse. In the eclipse turtle art drawing, the parameter pattern is used to make the project “eclipse.” There are 3 major hat blocks that go into the eclipse hat block. Those three are moon, sun, and stars. By using this hat block, it is easier and organized for the project to be analyzed. Another technique this eclipse pattern has used repeat for each block of code. In the moon block, below the repetition, there is some increment for the setXY. XY is XCor +5 and repeated. We can see this is incremented. By incrementing this, each time the turtle shades in the moon, it will move along the X coordinate by five steps. From the turtle art code, we can see that a lot of randomnesses was used in this “Star” code. In fact, it has filled in the whole screen as random so the stars are really spread out. These codes also contained different types of color for each part. The interesting part of this eclipse project is how turtle art has used shade and increment together. The shade really makes the moon look like it is in solar eclipse giving it more credits for being artistic. In result, the “eclipse” has used increments, parameter patterns, and randomness to make a project.


The second turtle art I used is “Peaks.” In peaks, there are a lot more advanced coding skills involved to make this project. There is definitely a parameter pattern because there are numbers stored in each box, 3 hat blocks named peak, sun, Pcolor, and peaks; peak block is the most in use in this block of code. In this project, there is also setH which sets the angle of the turtle to go. There are many iterations used in this project, which are shown from the repeat blocks used. The decrementing pattern was another essential piece of code that was really important. This way mountains were formed and it actually looked like someone was in a mountain. The sequence is very organized so we can see which parts are which objects. The only thing I want to add to this project is a stickman/person so that it looks like a person is actually falling off a mountain. Personally, I think that would add a much more dramatic scene for the audience to approach.

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