Computer Science Project- Blog Post #3

February 25, 2019

Task: Post an inspiration (art, architecture, patterns, nature) and make a plan for creating it in turtle art.

My Inspirational Picture:

This is a picture taken from South Korea, which is a photo of a person sitting on top of the rock to watch the first sunrise of 2019. It represents nature and sometimes makes me calm down, which is the reason why I chose this image for the inspiration task. As this is an inspiration task, I would like to change the rock into more of a mountain. I want the sunrise as a view of a person where they see a mountain with several people climbing it and the lake on one side. I would like the sunrise look as if the sun has just risen up from the lake  So, the main components that I would need are the Sun, Mountain, and Lakes. One additional sub-procedure that I want to add is the year. I would like to express that this is the first sunrise of the year 2019. I would use iterations for the mountains so that each time I repeat, the mountain not only gets bigger but also moves its position to add the realistic components of the mountain. I will also use the parameter pattern for the stickmen that I will have. Instead of having one person, I think it would look better if it is crowded because in South Korea, usually, people gather around to the best place to spot the first sunrise of the year. I would also try to make lakes so that the color gets darker as the drawing goes down, again to show the realistic features of my turtle art design.

My Sun: (Just Over the Lake)

  1. Use an arc to make the sun.
  2. To use iterations, I would use repeat block so that I can show a little bit of the change of colors
  3. Set the sun so that it is just over the horizon.

Mountain: (Mountains are going to be on the left side)

  1. Same as the sun, repeat blocks and make some increments for the colors by using Color + 1 and so on.
  2. Make a round mountain by using arcs and forward (200); so I can make the mountains look like they are on the ground.
  3. Use start fill and end fill so that  It actually looks like a mountain.
  4. During the iterations setXY (xcor – 20, ycor +20);

Ocean/Lake (Mainly on the top and right side)

  1. set my pen color to blue,
  2. add my shade so that it makes light blue.
  3. Use the repeat blocks and decrementing patterns so I can make the color go darker each time the elevation of water goes down.


  1. Use parameter pattern (reducing work)
  2. Set Color as black so that, from where I see them, it looks like they became the shade because of the sun.
  3. Use iterations, so that they are beside each other, looks like they are climbing and just have stopped to see the sun.
  4.  setXY the same as the mountain so that we know they are climbing the mountain.


  1. Make each number by using arcs and variables.
  2. Set Color as random so that it looks colorful.
  3. SetXY as (-250, 150);

Birds (Optional)

  1. Make one bird
  2. Repeat 4 times so that 4 birds are made at different places of the stage.
  3. Make the xcor and ycor use increment/decrement patterns, effect which will make them look like they are flying.

Summarized Plan in Picture for positioning:

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