About the Blogger

 Never visited cousins for 10 years.
Independent, curious, competitive but nervous in cave.
Maker of the school’s leader.
Tennis-playing beast.

Appreciate reading Ender’s Game, building magical Lego while eating popcorn.

1. Beast (n): I chose this word because when I go on the tennis court I really like to be competitive and play in competitions.

2. Magical (adj.): I used this word because when I whenever I play around with Lego I am never bored. When I have popcorn beside me, I sometimes don’t even know if I’m eating it.

3. Appreciate (v): I decided to use this word because before I read Ender’s Game I wasn’t interested in any book. Thanks to this book, from that time I started reading books continuously.

 This image represents me because I am the only child and not only that I haven’t seen my cousins for ten years. In other words loneliness.