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Baconian Cipher-Another Version of Substitution Cipher

The Plan What is a Baconian Cipher? Baconian Cipher is a version of a substitution cipher. Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a pattern where we can use binary digits. For example, the message “a” would be “aaaaa.” In a normal Baconian Cipher, the digits would be represented as “a” or “b” which […]

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2 Art Piece Project (Last Piece)- Computer Science Blog Post #4

Task: Post your final product and how well you followed your plan, including any challenges you faced. How I followed my plan: My plan from Blog Post #3 was really well developed. In fact, I included every step of my method and added some few steps. I used all the iterations, increments, parameters, state (variables), […]

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Computer Science Project- Blog Post #3

Task:¬†Post an inspiration (art, architecture, patterns, nature) and make a plan for creating it in turtle art. My Inspirational Picture: This is a picture taken from South Korea, which is a photo of a person sitting on top of the rock to watch the first sunrise of 2019. It represents nature and sometimes makes me […]

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Recreation Project- Falling Down Looking the Eclipse-Computer Science Blog Post #2

From the previous blog post, I have decided to make a recreation project that uses the “Eclipse” and “Peaks” project from turtle art. The main reason I have decided to use these two was that with these two, I was able to make a story out of it.¬† In my recreation project, there is a […]

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Analyzing the Turtle Art-Computer Science Blog Post #1

Assignment: Analyse (explain how it’s made) a turtle art drawing from ( For this assignment, I made a project using 2 turtle art drawings used together. One was the eclipse and the other was peaks. From this blog post, I would be analyzing how turtle art has made each of these drawings. To start off, […]

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Robotics-Kinetic Sculptures (The Tennis Ball)

Introduction: My kinetic sculpture is my first experience of hitting the tennis ball. This is a very memorable moment because, until that time, I didn’t know how to play any sport. Making the kinetic sculpture, I have explored different tools and was able to think about the time I hit the tennis ball again. Scratch […]

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