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Science and Engineering Blog Post #4: Reflect and Share

          Explain how it works/doesn’t work using scientific terminology: Regarding the science of this project, my project was a successful one. My goal was to show the potential energy of the marble changing into kinetic energy. By using the cardboard pipes, I have clearly shown this part of my project. When […]

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Science and Engineering #3: Create and Improve

NOTICE: CLIENT HAS BEEN CHANGED TO PEOPLE WHO NEED ALARM TO WAKE UP The processes between the classes: By the 3rd class, I finished sticking all my pipes together and held them on to the big wooden board. This might sound like an easy task. However, it was not an easy one because there were […]

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Science Engineering Project: Develop and Plan

My Plan for the Future: Tuesday- Work on Blog Post #1 and finish the modeled sketch. If I don’t finish this by Tuesday, I will end by Thursday. Thursday- Final revisions of the sketched model (if needed) around 10 minutes. After that, I would start doing my project. I expect by the end of the […]

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Science Engineering Project: Define & Inquire

What is this Engineering task? The purpose of this engineering task is to build an object that would show the transfer of energy to a particular audience. It has to look good and catches the audience’s attention. What are you thinking of? For my Science and Engineering project, I would like to do a project […]

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