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Green Machines-The Best Solution

From this Capstone Project Video, one thing I did good is using primary and secondary sources in my video. With my sources, I was able to use graphs and statistics to show my evidence. Another thing I did good is having an organized slide. Because my slides were organized, it seemed chronological making my video make sense. […]

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Elevator Pitches-Reflection

Explanation of Project and Reflection   Talking about why SDGs are important, in Grade 8 Humanities currently we are running our capstone project. The capstone project is studying our Sustainable Development Goals and find solutions for the future. Through many research, it has shown that climate action is the most important SDG for China and below […]

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Revolutionary Voices Journal- The Bloody French Revolution!

Fight, Blood, and death with the Guillotine. In this post, you will be able to find out the first-person view of a French Revolution. In the past few weeks, we were working on our revolutionary voices! We learned, investigated, and felt through our characters. I wrote a journal of a peasant in French Revolution, trying to […]

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NonFiction Blog Task #1 – Courage, Has No Color

Segregation happens all the time. Even though we don’t intend segregation, we always do it. In the past, people segregated others by skin color. Cool jobs were for whites, blacks or negroes were considered as weak. Negros worked in dirty places which my them dirty and were not allowed to be paratroopers until the Triple Nickles […]

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Independent Reading Post #3- 1984 by George Orwell

TO GET ACCESS TO MY MULTIMEDIA PROJECT, PLEASE CLICK ON THE PICTURE The book I chose this time is 1984 by George Orwell. For my project, I chose to do a fake Facebook for Winston Smith focusing on the resolution. In the world of 1984, everybody is looked by the telescreen used by Thought Police. In other […]

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Boxer Rebellion-Thinglink

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Independent Reading Post #2- Ender’s Shadow

    This book is called Ender’s Shadow by Orson Scott Card. I mainly focused on the conflict and the rising action as well as characterization from time to time. The main character for this book is Bean, so that is why my diary was on the point of view of him. The time setting […]

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Writing Our On Sonnet- Sonnet for Shanghai Airport

Sonnet for Shanghai Airport   Shall I compare thee to the Silk Road now? A Airport’s art more advanced and more swiftly: B Less walk makes swiftness for the airport, wow A But, the airplane hath all too short a day; B Sometimes getting delayed, the Silk Road shines, C The airport’s angry attitude restrained; […]

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Exposition Project for Erased

  This book is called Erased by Jennifer Rush. I mainly focused on the conflict and how characterization from setting to another one. The conflict in this story is internal conflict or self vs. self and I mainly focused on the main character and Nick because Anna and Nick are the ones who really experience […]

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Found Poem

My found poem is the multimedia that I made for a symbol from “The Monkey’s Paw” by William W. Jacobs. I used Microsoft Word, Canva, and screenshot. I chose this poem for several reasons. First, to me, it seemed like symbolism was a big element throughout the story. My symbol is the monkey’s paw. As […]

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