Student Led Conference March 2018

L21 Skills

L21 Standard Wheel. Showing 5 skills of L21

This is the L21 wheel showing the learning objectives of 21st-century learning. I would be talking about how I showed 3 of this learning in my learning throughout the year. Those 3 are Communication and Collaboration, Global Thinking, Leadership & Responsibility.

L21 Global Thinking

Claim: I have expanded my global thinking about Global issues by doing MUN and debating about an issue.

Evidence: In DIMUN I have debated on a resolution about nuclear weapons of North Korea which is a big global issue.

Reasoning: Before I did Model United Nations I never really make a big deal about global issues. However, by starting it I was able to deeply understand more about Global Issues and recognize why the issue is important for us to recognize. This time in MUN I was interested in the situation in the Korean Peninsula. As a Korean, I was able to understand more of my country’s stance on this question. Not only that, I learned different countries and their approach to this problem. By doing MUN, I was able to enhance my language skills.  I learned how to write in the third person, I was able to use more academic vocabulary in this resolution. I learned more about the history of my country which also relates to humanities.

Claim: Discussing the NIH project, I learned more about global issues and gene issues.

Evidence: Presentation of my NIH project

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Reasoning: NIH project, the hugest project of 8th-grade science, had been a really advanced and interesting project. We had to talk about gene mutations and research about it. Gene mutations are problems worldwide that have still not been cured a 100%. Even though, we know the disease is harmful, we tend to don’t care about it as much unless you develop it. However, by doing this project, I used my global thinking skills and researched how I could figure this problem out. Even though I am not actually doing it, it shows that I am trying to contribute to the world. Again this ties into communication because I am able to communicate my ideas to the panelists. Genes are really serious once it gets a bad mutation. Even though there is a little change, it could cause you to die sometimes developing cancer. People should think more about these mutations more than it is now.

L21 Skill: Leadership & Responsibility


I have been taking leadership in projects and gave out outstanding ideas in class.


Humanities-Socratic seminars, TV panel



This is a work show my L21 Skill because I was the panelists and was the one to let the conversation to flow. If I wasn’t there the conversation would be a mess. Thus, it showed my leadership because whenever I there was someone out of the track, I asked questions to keep them on track. By doing this TV Panel, my discussions were way better than before and I became more confident. Same as MUN, my language skills were more enhanced and started to use academic vocabulary. This made the conversation have juicy ideas.

Claim: I took leadership in my classes while helping my peers.

Evidence: Working with Brian to help out his blog post.

Reasoning: Whenever I see a peer that is having a little bit hard time on their work, I try to help them. This falls into the category of leadership. I help my peers so I could improve communicating with my peers and leading my peers to improve their work. Leadership is a very important aspect of this certain picture because, without leadership, I would just let Brian flee into another way and never help him even though he is having a hard time. Since I have leadership, I am able to help my peers that need help.

L21 Skill: Communication & Collaboration

Claim: This year my communication became advanced by collaborating to solve one big hard problem with my team members who I am not really familiar with.

Evidence: Math- Grade 8 Formal Question


Reasoning: Mr. Craig, our math teacher, gave us one big math related problem for each team to solve. I had to communicate with my group so that my I could see if my group will agree or disagree with my idea. Thus, this also keeps on communicating because by using this poster, we could communicate our math skills. One of our standards for math is communication skills and this is a perfect example to show this. I can show my audience that I have a good understanding of linear equations with all the explanation.

Claim: I expanded my collaboration by dividing and conquering to finish the Common Craft Video.

Evidence: My part of the common craft video

Reasoning: Having MUN throughout the process, there was much collaboration required for this project. One person had to draw all the characters, and I had to write the script. The stop-motion was collaborative because all of our team members gathered after school to take the pictures for stop motion. My collaboration was outstanding when I gave up my time to finish the video. I had to extend the time of the due date however it was sure that the time used was worth it. Since this is a collaboration project I had to communicate with my peers to think about what we are supposed to do. Not only that, we also communicate our knowledge of French Revolution which is a big part in L21 Skills.