The Detrimental Effects of China’s Reliance On Fossil Fuels

Through Capstone and learning about Energy Consumption, I have learned that this is a significant issue that people often ignore. The process of Energy Consumption and sustainability is an important one because there is no life without energy. Furthermore, it is important for us to understand its development, as it affects us every day. What I have contributed may not be much, as energy production is a very controlled and complicated topic, however, what I have done is raised awareness about its significance. What I have done is I have attempted to start a conversation. My opinions on energy production have changed from complete ignorance to awareness of its development, and its journey. Skills I have drawn upon when engaging with the community is understanding a variety of perspectives and backgrounds for each person. It really gives a different view of our community when you see it building off of all these different values and opinions. If I could do this project again, I would work harder on my research and writing so I could reconstruct a more solid writing piece. For next year’s students, I want them to know that when you discover something, keep undercover. The deeper you dig, the more you’ll understand about our society and the essentials that are keeping us alive.

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We Love Catapults

Peer Assess

Height Vs Distance

Height Vs Time

The catapult project is a group work designed for collaboration and for developing a deeper understanding of the unit we are currently studying: Quadratic Functions and Graphing them, through building, and testing a catapult.

The most important learning from this project is to be perseverant. No matter how many times your catapult fails to launch or you fail to develop the correct function, you should never give up and keep trying to find the answer. The most challenging aspect of this project was to get the catapult to shoot into the designated spot. This is because our catapult had several problems with the shooting point. If I had the opportunity to do this project again, I would make my catapult stronger and more stable so I can develop a better aim. This project helped me a lot in understanding quadratic functions because we are putting quadratic functions in a real-life situation. By doing so, we understand how you can found out and use quadratic functions in a more realistic setting.

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Polymer Design Journal #4

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Uglies Official Trailer (2018)

Uglies, is a dystopian fiction written by Scott Westerfeld that connects to real life beauty standards, by reflecting a society where everyone is created equal through aesthetics. The main character, Tally Youngblood starts off just as blinded by the perception of beauty, as any other pretty. The society is split into the uglies and the pretties, where at age 16, the uglies turn into superficial plastics, just like everyone else in the society. However, thanks to Tally’s rebel friend Shay, she later understands that by giving in to the operation, you are turning yourself in as well. “Great, I’ll totally look like every other new pretty in the world.” (Westerfeld, 42). That a person’s look does not determine who there are as a person. “The last thing I want to do, is become some empty-headed pretty having one big party all day.” (Westerfeld, 48) I wanted to create a trailer to represent the theme, beauty loses its meaning, when everyone is equal, because I wanted people to physically see the way society is treating others by judging them based off their aesthetics. I wanted to create a visual where people can realize that being like everyone else is just giving up on who you are as a person. That it’s okay to be imperfect because perfection is unachievable. Flaws are inevitable. But they are what makes us who we are.



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Polymer Journal #3

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Polymer Journal #2

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Polymer Journal #1

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Happily, Ever After

Happily, Ever After. How iconic. How clear.

Features an old man sitting in a single left chair.

Unlit Cigars and unfinished poker memories,

Sprinkled across the boarded floor,

Laying down a timeline, a story for the bore.


The man.

Is sad.

In pain.


His facial muscles speak,

At an attempt for happiness,


But within speaks the truth.


The way the background flower coat

Shines with regret.

The middle empty chair kept in fair condition.

A spot where usually a queen would be thought of sitting.

A spot kept for the soul.

A spot kept,

To welcome back.

To apologize.


His smile,

A forced unnatural burden.

Influenced by man’s nature to stay strong.


His smile,

A child’s lunge for the words

“I’m okay”

Even when they’re not.


His entwined hands,

A comforting style,

To derange in order to not feel,

Not show.


The windows,

Hidden away like Rapunzel in a tower,

By red glorious, boxing tape.


As if trying to contain sorrow on the inside,

And inside only.


And Physically.


Oh, but it is a Happily, Ever after.

A dream in exchange for a lover.

Prioritized before the not so clandestine smoker

Now, only a single wisp of smoke

Climbing in with the angels.

Oh, but it is a Happily, Ever after.


Isn’t it?

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Walk Into The Wild

Christopher. McCandless. The great adventurer who saw nobility in poverty and liberty, who believed that wealth was shameful to a degree of corruption and evilness. Who wanted to find personal liberty and discover the truth of mankind, is a character hidden behind layers and layers of traits that we need to peel back. The book, Into The Wild, by John Krakauer, is a non-fiction about the true story of Christopher McCandless. From the book, the main character was one that was portrayed with a complicated mind. To this day, it is still unclear why he did what he did, as only someone with such a unique tick would do such a thing. Furthermore, I wanted to create a multi-media that would give the audience a peak into the fascinating mind of C. McCandless, and show his characteristics. Throughout the collage/poster, I wanted to use the drawings and cutouts to symbolize his scattered thoughts and the way he thought about the world. The drawings showing both his values and wonders, flawing him even through all his experiences. I wanted the quotes on the outside to create a kind of “talking to myself” attitude, as he is always asking questions, and attempting to answer them. The multimedia, overall, showing his strong sense of opinion and his willingness to go out into the wild.


“Create Infographics, Presentations & Flyers | Piktochart.” Piktochart Infographics,



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Bushra’s Journals

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