Science Engineering Project: Reflect & Share

Here is an image of my final product after days and days of classes to build during science class. As you could see, it is a toy that is made out of reusable materials and the step to create this vehicle isn’t very complicated. In order to make this equipment user friend, I have installed a switch on top of the car. This way if my customers need to stop their vehicle, they could simply switch a button and they would be good. During the process of the design cycle in making this product, I found a lot of times when I had great success in creating however I also had moments when my planes failed. Starting out positive, I found success during this project when I was building the body of the car and connecting the wires with the battery. Cutting cardboard and sawing wood is skills that I am familiar with; as a result, I got past that part pretty fast. Even though I had great success building the frame of the vehicle, I struggled with making the car to move. This was mainly due to issues with creating the spinners of the vehicle. The spinners would either not fit on the motor or that it didn’t create enough power to move the vehicle. In the end, I still couldn’t make the vehicle to move; however, if I had 1-2 more classes, I have the possibility to get this done. When I planned to create this vehicle, I was already very sure of my targeted clients/audience. My targeted clients are adult’s that want to buy toys for their children. That’s why I made this car as “soft to touch” as possible. There is no sharp object at all in this toy; this prevents little kids from getting injured. The switch also makes it really easy to navigate in order to activate or shut down the car. At the end of the day from this project, I learned a lot. Not only skills that I could use in the future when I am in a workshop like this, but also it stimulated my brain’s creativity. This was a cool experience and something really different from what we usually do in science class!

Why I Took Tutor Training

My name is Kenzie and this is my first semester taking Tutor Training. During my free time, I like to spend my time either reading some news/politics, or some history. I also really like watching media, because watching certain videos can also help me know more about the world. I also really enjoy playing sports. This is why I usually always play a sport for every season. In season 1, I played volleyball. Currently, I am doing Table Tennis. Even though I play a sport every season, however, I still manage to finish my homework pretty well.

Since I was small I always have admired teachers, since they had so much power in a class. Whatever they say, the students must follow like in a dictatorship. As a result, whenever my first-grade teacher asked me “Kenzie, what do you want to be when you grow up?” I would always reply “A teacher!” But as I grew up, I started to realize the pain behind being a teacher. One day in 6th grade, when I was told to become a teacher for a class I was lost. The pain wasn’t physical but more mental. Not only was I nervous but I had no idea of where to start and what my students already knew. After 15min of my boring and stale teaching, my students eventually turned their back on me. All in all, that period was a disaster. My students didn’t listen to me, and I had no way back to grab their attention. However, from that experience, I learned a lot. Anyone can become a teacher, but only a few can be considered good. Since that day on, I always wanted a period that could teach me to become a better tutor and finally in 8th grade when I heard that there was something called tutor training I immediately signed up. Skipping to now, I just realized that there is so much work to become even a basic tutor. Nonetheless, I still really enjoyed teaching others about information that they never knew or helping them untie a learning knot. I believe that I’ll have a great time in Tutor training and I hope to continue this course next year!

Science Engineering Project: Create & Improve #3

Today during science class was my first building day. After days and days of planning and getting the equipment I needed, finally today I got my sketch approved. Today I successfully made the body of my car and started working on the spinners. However, since I needed to drill holes in between the spinners, I couldn’t use glue sticks to attach the two cardboard pieces. As a result, I had to redo them and use thick construction paper instead. However, I found that this was better since construction paper compared to glue sticks were much thinner and were lighter helping to reduce friction on the wheels. This would most likely help my vehicle to move faster and stretch the lifetime of my vehicle longer since there is less pressure on the wheels. Today during the workshop I followed my plan pretty well. Next class, I’m going to finish the two spinners and start adding the wheels.

As you could see from the Image’s, on day 2 I successfully finished the body of the car and attaching the wheels; I got done with the two spinners also. However, when I was building this I realized that my body of my car was too weak. This was because my cardboard was too thin, so even the slightest pressure causes the whole body to bend. With this in mind, next class my goal is to attach some kind of hard surface on top of the car so that it doesn’t bend so easily. By the next class, I also would want to try fully completing this vehicle. I am now, way ahead of my schedule which is alright. Since then if I have any spare time during class, I could work on my blog posts. In conclusion, on day 2 of building day, I got a lot done and I am looking forward towards the next class!

Today during day 3 of our building stage, I constructed a stronger body for my toy car due to previous issues with the rubber bands. I decided to cut some thin wood out and stack it on top of the cardboard so that even when we tie up the rubber bands, the tension wouldn’t squish the vehicle up. However, by adding wood, it brings a lot more weight on each wheel, resulting in needing a strong force to move the entire car. Knowing this I made sure that the back cardboard spinner would be locked tight with the wheels so that if the spinner spins, the wheels also follow. I hot glued the spinner to the metal axis/connector in order to guarantee that this would work. Next class, I am planning to finish this whole vehicle by adding the wires necessary and properly attaching the switch. This way, it’s so much easier and safer for people to turn the motor on and off. Currently I am on schedule; however, since one of my spinners broke I am afraid that I might not get this project done in time.

Science Engineering Project: Develop & Plan #2

As you could see from the image above, in today’s class we have started to create and model our first prototype. From the previous blog post, you may know that for this project I am creating a toy car that is more enjoyable than standard toy cars but still maintaining sustainability. From above, you could see that all these materials used to create my prototype is recyclable. Making toy cars like this is more sustainable than what we have currently like plastic cars because we can re-use products that have lost their point of use. Adding on, these materials used can all be brought really cheap off of online shopping website and that these type of toy cars are really easy to make. This car will successfully show energy transfer by transferring chemical energy (the battery) to mechanical energy (the movement of the vehicle). The battery will power a motor which will then spin the spinners (self-made) and then cause the wheels to accelerate, eventually resulting in the whole part to move. The reason why I decided not to attach the wheels directly to the motor is that this way we can save resources by reducing one motor which also reduces the chances of failure. In conclusion, I feel like this is a very solid blueprint and I have strong hopes that this toy would actually move like the way I wanted it to!

Tutor Training I -Early Post

As 2019 starts, I am also starting my new elective Tutor Training I. I joined this class because I enjoy teaching others over subjects that I understand well. I hope that I’ll enjoy this course and maybe continue taking it till next year when I start Tutor Training II.

Science Engineering Project: Brainstorming #1

In this project, we are meant to be engineers to produce something that we could prove to clients about energy transfer. We have to create a device that could transfer one type of energy into another type of energy. Because this is the first day of this project, I still don’t have a hard rock idea yet, but I am planning to create a toy car that could show this. I remember when I was small when I loved “slingshotting” them, the act of pulling the car back and then by releasing it moves forward. This toy will show energy transfer because by transferring the potential mechanical energy of the hand, to kinetic energy by releasing the car proving energy transfer.



Gray Skies – A Documentary Video

In this project, we had to choose a problem in China and create awareness to it. I decided to focus on air pollution. Throughout this project, I got a deeper understanding of how pollution affects people and how other citizens think about this issue. Because of this project, I got the community aware of pollution and how their response has been taken by the government. I got to know also how few people actually wear masks during those days. If I could do this project again, I would take more information in and improve my video quality. Next time I would like to try a different style of video, a more documentary-like video.

Simple but Good Catapult

In this unit, we had to embed the knowledge that we have on quadratics into designing a catapult, this way we could consistently hit a target. So to get some kind of quadratic line, we had to build a catapult first. By doing so, we had to come up with a blueprint. As you could see in that image, it shows the blueprint, the materials required. In order to get a pass on our design, we had to give an explanation of why we think that this is a good design.

After planning the next class we started building. But when we just got in, other classmates immediately ran to get huge and sharp materials. Thinking about it, our design little to nothing to them. This made me freak out for a moment and thought that our design was way to simple; but turns out, it never needed to be complicated. We planned to use zip ties, but then we realized that they were tricky to zip up and difficult to tighten. Eventually, we gave up and we used rubber bands. Wrapping it over and over again to make sure that the tie was strong. Because we realized that it was painful to repetitively open and shoot the clipper, we decided to use a wooden block to be our other hand. That way, we just had to push. Our design was the second one done and because we had so much extra time, we got a bunch of time to get used to our prototype. Really, our prototype was actually our final product with some minor adjustments. Finally, glue the clipper with the block (wood) and bottle cap on the stick.As I said before, our target is to hit something consistently, not distance. This became a huge problem on the final day, but we still came up with a solution by measuring using a ping pong ball. This way, the amount of energy put on the catapult will be fairly equal. It was time to get the quadratics of this catapult firing way to measure (Logger Pro (App)) how we are going to put the catapult. I’m sorry that the ball is kind of hard to see.


After this we convert this to height vs.time to height vs. distance. Cause only this way can we know what distance away we should put our catapult. Here is some pages of my final math part after this project.

Science Polymer Project Journal #4

Here is an infographic of the last journal of this project.

Science Polymer Project #3

Hi Guys! Here is a infographic on what were are going to do in these next few lab classes on our project.

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