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Here is A URL related to gathering & synthesizing information for natural vs. synthetic materials.

Plastic Waste is A Huge Problem

Out of the four key factors of the UN sustainability goals, I want to do number 13, 14 off the SDG goals. I don’t really have an idea of what I want to do in the section of the “planet”, but I know it would be something related to pollution or waste. The reason why I choose this problem is that pollution and waste is something the would keep on growing and if we don’t start now reducing it, waste and pollution could be a big problem.

My current research question that I have in my mind is either “How can we solve the current plastic waste problem? or “What is the best solution to reduce pollution not only in China but everywhere else?”

My fear about choosing this topic is because by reducing waste or pollution, it would heavily affect people daily living resulting in many mad people. Also, my fact could be wrong and I would be responsible for all the chaos.

Image Cited: Slavin, Chandler. “How to Change Plastic’s ‘Waste’ Reputation.” Packaging Digest, Packaging Digest, 31 Aug. 2017,

The Syrian Revolution

Introduction to character: My name is Mowayia and my last name is Syneseh. Now I am 21 but 7 years ago was a moment that started everything. I am a boy who goes to school and supposed to be at work right now. But because of all this conflict, stepping away from that would be better. I am one of the rebels because Assad isn’t taking his role seriously. Acting very foolish and killing people that disagree with him, that is not a leader that anyone wants. I am the person who started this war.

Continuity & Change: During my revolution a lot of things happened, especially the amount of things that changed and stayed the same. Some of the thing that stayed the same is firstly, Assad is still holding the throne; Assad still has control of the soldiers and had power over the government. Secondly, Assad still has full power over Syria. Thirdly, citizens still hated Assad. Some changes are that firstly, people started rebelling. Secondly, the Free Syrian Army was formed. Thirdly, the government type from dictatorship changed to an civil war. Fourthly, Citizens had to adopt to new lifestyles.

The Syrian Fight that Never End

Here is a video of the Syrian revolution, starting from 2010 till now days/present. This all takes place in during the Arab spring, protestors first start to rise in Tunisia. This caused other countries to also be brave causing most if not all the countries in the Arab spring to start protests. In the beginning, many peaceful protestors started to protest on the streets, but because of the numbers grew quickly, the government lost control of the people started to bomb them. Resulting this conflict to escalate extremely quickly. Citizens started to use guns and the government still continues bombing, sometimes even taking it to the extreme using chemical bombing. But because of that other countries also started to join this. The complication doesn’t help though, making the war even more “never ending”. Syrian citizens could only wish that someday the war would end and Syria would change forever.

Flight Away For Slavery

During the slavery period, slaves were traded for money and worked 24/7 resulting in many deaths, the total amount of slaves died during the slavery transactions was 6-150 million. But even the ones that survived were not treated well, they were often bullied, tortured… This is extremely brutal and this fact brings to the point of this blog post today. The book, 5,000 Miles to Freedom by Judith Bloom Fradin and Dennis Brindell Fradin is a bibliography of a couple running away from slavery. For this month’s blog post the goal is what is the theme/motif of this book? In every book, there should be a motif in it and I think in this one it is that no matter how smaller the chances are if you think you could make it and you put in the effort; you would always succeed. The reason is that as you know, escaping as a slave at that time was impossible, but because Ellen and William put in that effort, they eventually made it out and stood on the land of freedom.

“Their chances of reaching soil were slim they knew. The risks were enormous. If captured, they could expect to be sold apart, never to see one another again. But despite the risks, Ellen and William Craft were determined to gain their liberty- or die trying” (Fradin 9). In the beginning, the author clearly states his theme at the beginning of the book. From this sentence clearly is saying that the risks are huge, but if you try hard enough, success is just around the corner. This matches my point and does prove that my inference of the central idea is correct.

Because of this, as the book continues the two couples, Ellen and William, went through hard times. But finally, after 5,000 miles of hard days, travels, insults, they made it to the land of freedom, UK, England. For the first time ever, they didn’t need to be transparent anymore.

“[London News] Fugitives From Slavery. –Remarkable William and Ellen Craft were reared in Georgia under different masters; but, living near to each other they became eventually man and wife. William is a black man, but his wife Ellen is nearly white. Whenever they met, after their marriage, they contrived and discussed a plan of escape, and in 1848 this was accomplished; the wife, with her hair, cut off, and wearing green spectacles disguised herself as a young man, and her husband as her slave or servant… [Hard times]” (Fradin 67).From the evidence above you could see William and Ellen’s escape from slavery. William after meeting Ellen married her and they started an escape plan. Eventually, after going through hard times, they made it on a boat to England. This does once again prove that my point is correct because it does show that because even though the chances as a slave becoming free is extremely low; but they as a couple put in the effort and eventually they did succeed.

This why the central idea is that no matter how smaller the chances are if you think you could make it and you put in the effort; you would always succeed. There is enough evidence in the book to prove it and could be easily explained. What do you think about the period when there was slavery in America? Do you think it was ok?

Image: “Ellen and William Craft.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 27 Feb. 2018,

Setting Changes Our Minds



For this times blog post I decided to read the book Goodbye Stranger by Rebecca Stead, this book is about how the protagonist, Bridge, goes through her teenage years. Throughout the book, Bridge has to conquer many problems, especially her friends. At the beginning, by looking at the first text evidence, we could see that by changing the mood of the story of Bridge alone, bored, looking out the window, makes the reader feel that its sad, lonely, and depressing. But eventually, by conquering many problems, she found a way to get out of her shell and actually shine. At the end, you could tell that setting once again affects mood due of off how the author described the scenery. By using roses symbolizing valentines and using lovely and kind-hearting words; it causes the reader to feel calm, warm-hearted. All in all, setting and mood does affect the story and especially how the readers think, by using lame and “dead” words to describe scenery makes us feel so bored and depressed, but once the author wrote in “juicy” words, we could immediately tell that is a happy scene.

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As I Reach For My Swimming Goals

  Before                                                                                                                               After

This is a unit in 8th grade called Aquatics, in this unit we mainly focus in swimming and technique. We also did some water polo which was great fun. One thing that was very tiring is when we did the HIIT, I went full max, and after we did that I was panting so hard. In this unit I decided to focus on one of my good strokes that I was good at freestyle(FS), not in speed, but in technique, how specific moves could help you go further with less energy.

In the beginning we set a SMART goal for us, at first I wanted to work on tumble turning, but then a lot of my friends said that I should improve in my FS, so I changed it to stroke practice. My goal was to be able to see improvement in the arms, legs, and breathing way, and on everyone I would spent at least 2 classes on it. I claim that I successfully achieved my SMART goal because as you could see from my first to my second picture, you could see that for my arms I reached farther and my leg wasn’t smacking the water. Instead it was bouncing, so that I could travel further. I learned that by closing the hands, as you pull the water, it would bring you more forward, which is great for speed. By reaching more forward it could help me in a faster recovery, cause before i had a high elbow which would have been slower than reaching forward. I also adjusted my streamlining, before my body had a 45•, after coach Nick told me that laying your body flat on the water would help floating, I decided to try it out and it helped. Also I practiced Bilateral breathing (breathe both sides/ head position), but unfortunately I didn’t quite improve at all, my head is still that high.

If I had more time I would have practiced more on my arms because currently I feel like my arms aren’t straight enough, but because the lack of time, I couldn’t perfect my arm shape and movement. If I had more time and I focused on my head, what will happen?

I Stand Up for Trees


We Need Trees

By: Kenzie Citra

That day, the bright shinny sun glowed above my eyes,

Birds were chirping,

The grass was green, roses were blooming, the environment was more lovely than ever.

“Catch! Don’t let that drop!”

Jack and I were throwing and catching Frisbees.

When the ice cream music came around,

We pulled out two small coins out of our pockets,

“Let’s see who is faster, 3, 2, 1, Go!”

We ran towards the truck, full speed.

We came home and scent of chicken wings burst in front of my face,

Mum and dad were in the kitchen making a huge lunch for us.

I sat down; I drilled on the table.


Days were great, until men came in with huge machines.

The people went to the forest, and settled for the night.

Zing! The sounds of saws and machines woke me up.

It was only 7 in the morning and they already started cutting.

The sun was up and was beaming on my face. I looked out, 1/5 were gone.

Mum told get down,

And told us words that I was too young to understand, but I could tell from my mums expressions, it was something bad.

My tears filled my eyes.


A year later all the trees were gone,

The only thing left was some sticks and stones, broken saws on the ground.

We had to move out.


After I graduated, The cities were worst.

The sky had a scary look and the air filled with danger,

Sand covered the earth like a blanket,

Dust filled the air, the sand stung my nose.

But please don’t let this be our future,

Cause then we can live happily without ease,

Plant these trees before the breeze just leaves.

Reflection: I think that I liked my poem becuase it was my first time writing this type of free verse poem, it was much fun. Maybe next time I could add more descrpitive words and sceenary. Overall, I say this was the most fun-est assignment ever, you had to think but you got to choose where your poem would go, there wasn’t a right a wrong, but there was a try or not. FUN!!!

Image: “Reconsider the Impact of Trees on Water Cycles and Climate, Scientists Say.” ScienceDaily, ScienceDaily, 20 Mar. 2017,


ThingLink Post, Around Inner Beijing, Boxer Rebellion

Deeper Inside of Hermia

This magazine cover is from a short story from Shakespreare called The Midsummer Night’s Dream. I chose Hermia, one of the characters as my focus. This cover breifly tells the audience about how she looks, whats she up to, and the most important, her characterzation. She wants to be with Lysander(Boyfriend, I guess), but her father(Egues) tries his best to prevent them two being together. Instead, Egues wants Hermia to be with Demetrius(another character). In the picture at the back, you could see that Lysander and Hermia and very close to each other in a deep deep forest.

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