Horrific Ancient Traditions Using Animals

In this capstone unit, I studied about endangered animals, I learned that we use the animals for multiple reasons causing them to be extinct. By making this video, I was trying to spread the awareness of what the animals can do to our society. And what happens when animals a species die out. From now on I believe that all anything that uses endangered animals is negative. So I will never ever use any products that contain parts. I learned how much impact a picture can do, so I included lots of things that have an impact. I would change how I researched cause in my final essay, I used lots more research then what I had. The last video project wasn’t that hard but I recommend to research much more then what you have.

Math Behind Catapults

In this project, we build our catapults so we can see the math behind it. All the catapults will have a parabola, after building the catapults we filmed the launch and use the video to graph our catapult. We graphed the height vs time and the height vs distance, we wrote made three different equations to graph the parabola, a standard, a factored and a vertex.

During the project, I learned how we can apply parabola into real-life situations. So we now know how parabola is used in real life. The challenging thing of our aspect is that we can’t make our catapult be consistent of launching. So next time we want to make our design a little bit simpler so it can be more consistent. Now I can know better how to graph the function in three different ways.


Biodiversity is an important social issue going around the world. With desertification, deforestation, poaching for animal’s parts. Many species are going in danger, like elephants for ivory, rhino horns and tiger bones for medicine. And there is also the endangerment of sharks. This is a large problem around the world but China takes fins of living sharks for a Chinese delicacy, shark fin soup. What can we do to slow down shark finning? How can we slow down or stop the slaughtering of endangered animals? I have a fear of not knowing where to start my research, and I’m scared of not knowing what to do throughout the project, also I am very scared of public speakings. I want to know if people continue hunting for these endangered animals what will happen soon, with our food chain and all these things. I want to spread awareness of the species we are losing throughout poaching and the two other environmental issues. I want my peers to tell me if I’m doing my working right or if I’m researching off my topic.

The Ongoing War

I am Amal, meaning of hope, I was born in the city of Darra, Syria. When I was born by parents were in great poverty, giving the me name hoping that it would give them more luck. I am living a normal life, nothing more special than anyone else. Being lucky to have education, I am probably the happiest kid alive, until…

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The revolution is still happening to this very day, but things changed and lots still stayed the same. Therefore, the country is no longer stable, it’s a war-torn country. Still ruled by a dictator, with peoples need not being met, people are being more and angrier every day, which will absolutely not end this conflict at all. But so many things had changed. The government is becoming more and more corrupted, without the international backers maybe this harsh and everlasting is already finished. With the two different groups trying to gain control of the country, it’s hard to say who will win the fight. Old beautiful historical sights are all destroyed now, all the other city becoming unstable. The government committing war crimes on its own citizens.


The 21 Century War

The cause of the Syrian revoution was that, after a boy watched all the news that the other nearby countries are going through a change in their governemnt. He wrote “your next doctor assad”. He was soon captured and tourture, citizens got angry and start to do peaceful protestes but sooner or later, the government shot the protesers which sparked the entire revoultion. With backers on each side of the two opposing groups, there isnt a end near any of this. This is the Arab spring in plain English.


The crusades were a bunch of military campaigns during the Medieval times, it was a wide range of European that was Christians against Muslims in the middle east. The Muslims just captured the holy city of Jerusalem. Jerusalem to the Christians was a city that Jesus Christ was born near too, and the place Jesus Christ spend most of his days. He was also crucified in Jerusalem. All of this means that Jerusalem is the holy land to the Christians, it was the most important city in the whole world. But Jerusalem is also a very important and holy city to the Muslims. So the two religions fought, there are a series of military campaigns that the Christians from Europe head to Jerusalem to fight for the city while Muslims fight to keep it. The Christians brought whoever they can find to fight for the Holy Land. But in Life During the Crusades by Stuart Kallen is all about the crusades, the central idea of the crusades wasn’t because of religion, they fought for the wealth. If you go to the Holy land and come back, you can become really wealthy. So people killed and destroyed the Holy land for the wealth. And after all the fighting the people that was affected the most was the innocents.

In the first place all this fighting was because of the religion, it was because that people was greedy for wealth. “The crusades continued until 1291, but like the sack of Constantinople, the fighting in the final years was driven by the the quest for wealth and power than religious belief. As with most wars, those who suffered most were innocent women, children and the elderly, who had little to gain and much to lose. They would never replace the homes, schools, and shops destroyed by war” (Kallen 83). Many has their life because of people being too greedy for wealth. Many displaced, schools and homes all gone. All this comes to innocents being affected the most. The crusaders kill the innocents just to loot their pockets for money. The innocent had nowhere to go just because people wanted to become rich. “When not pillaging, the crusaders engaged in widespread murder and torture, killing priests, bishops, and monks. Womenwere forced to remove their clothing in case they might be hiding jewelry or other valuables.”(Kallen 83). People were killed and looted for money, women had to take of their clothing to check if they had valuables. Crusaders was this desperate for wealth, so much killed and tortured. Because of crusaders wanting wealth, they killed and looted bodies, with all the killing. Innocents are the ones affected the most.

After all, the central idea of the crusades wasn’t because of religion, they fought for the wealth. If you go to the Holy land and come back, you can become really wealthy. So people killed and destroyed the Holy land for the wealth. And after all the fighting the people that was affected the most was the innocents. The people that was affected the most are the innocents, just because that crusaders looted them to the point of nothing. Homes, schools were all destroyed innocents suffered. Crusaders invaded mainly for the wealth. It was never about the Christians and Muslims fighting for a Holy Land. Crusaders went just because of the wealth. DEUS VULT. (its latin)

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