capstone project video


I have learned more background knowledge about this social issue and becoming more focus on those global issues.

Maybe myself want to actually know more about this and to see it myself in our community.

I think we all need to work on this issue. This issue is not just affecting animals, it has also affected us in somehow, someway.

More confident of myself when surveying people in ISB community.

put More focus on the solution of this issue.

How does human factors effect animals and their habitats in China

The issue is that human factors effect animals and their habitats. One of the important factor is pollution. A lot of plastic were thrown into the ocean, and many marine organisms were killed by plastic. Man-made rubbishs polluted many areas of the ocean. Irrigation and deforestation can also affect local temperatures which destroy habitats of animals. Overhunting of animals.

The issue that we are facing is how do we protect them and help them to get a better living.

Over 300 animal species that have all gone extinct in the past two centuries because of human factors.

-How to keep the balance of the ecosphere

– Rare animals, existing animals, extinct animals, endangered animals

-Animal protection law

-The habitat of animals is destroyed by human



SLC     Claim  Evidence  Reasoning

Creativity- one day group work

Claim:     „One day group making video games.„This year I have shown improvement in creative aspect. „I worked on learning coding

Evidence:   „He topic of the video. Background music, different kind of figure. „We chose some of the music from the famous animation ‘Naruto’. „We made a different game than other, we didn’t use pixel as the topic. 


„We need good ideas of the game. We need to choose a good topic. „What can make the game interesting and engaging. „Make sure the game is different than others.


Problem solving


One day group working, need to find out how to do the coding. As you can see from the picture, the character touched the ball and nothing happened.


The video game I made with my partner. Learn how to coding how to fixes the bugs.


„When we were coding, sometimes it was just not working, because We didn’t know about coding. We learnt how to coding online by watching videos on youtube.


Communicating collaboration

„Claim:„ „Science group work(chemistry experiments. „And fill in the science report card with all the results



We finished the report for experiment. We collected all the information and Checked them.  In our group, we worked on a design work.



Team work. It’s really important to know how to get works down in group. Do well with communication part And try to help each other. „Make sure you always follow the instruction and if you have any questionsgo ask the teacher  Don’t waste any time

MAO-His True Life

“Mao Zedong was a very important figure in modern Chinese history, and a very great leader.”( Naden 5 ) Like everyone else, he also had strength and weakness. This honest book will show you all the strength and weakness of Mao, important decisions he made whether it’s wrong or correct, and how is his life connected to Chinese Revolution.

The central idea of ‘Mao Zedong and the Chinese Revolution’ is that although Mao was a great leader of China, he was also responsible for negative things he did.

Mao Zedong launched the Autumn Harvest Uprising. He renamed the army as the Red Army of the workers and peasants. By changing the name and system of the army, Mao Zedong became the leader of the CCP of that area. Mao Zedong was a very successful theorist. He knew how to incite the masses and good at seizing power. “The war was aimed at large cities, but had received a setback. Mao Zedong changed the battle plan in time to attack the countryside.” ( Naden 47  )During the war, although the plan to attack the city failed, Mao Zedong quickly adjusted the strategy, retained the strength of the Red Army and reduced the loss to the lowest by changing the plan to attack the countryside.

However, Mao was still responsible for negative things he did.

The People’s republic of China was established in 1949. Mao became the supreme leader. The Communist Party led by him started the cultural revolution. “Mao Zedong used the revolution to eradicate his own dissidents.”( Naden 97 ) Liu Shaoqi and Zhou enlai and others wanted China to become more wealthy, but Mao believed that if the system changed, his power may be weakened, so he launched the Cultural Revolution.

The Cultural Revolution was a civil strife that was launched by Mao Zedong and used by the antirevolutionary groups.  It had brought serious disasters to the party, the country , and the people. The number of deaths and injuries in the Cultural Revolution was more than four hundreds thousands. Many innocent people were framed, and put in jail. Many of the country’s cultural relics were destroyed.


The book tells the truth of Mao Zedong. It has clearly explained all the great things and mistakes that Mao made. Mao was a great leader and brilliant commander. He made a great contribution to China and to the Communist Party. The Chinese communist party unified the whole of China under his lead. But he had made a lot of mistakes , and the Cultural Revolution he launched brought disaster to China.