The American Revolution’s journal

Intensive, adventurous and amazing, this is how I describe my character’s journal in the American Revolution. A journal full of action and emotional moments. The story is split into three different events in the Revolution, the French Indian War, the Battle of Saratoga and the Treaty of Paris. My character will face many difficult situations and will have to survive. Nathan grows as a character during the years of the Revolution, starting as a scared kid, becoming one of the bravest soldiers in America.

The French-Indian War (November 12th 1763)

I was in my little house with my parents, I was living that day like a normal day. I lived in North America, that at the time was controlled by the British Colonies. I had a dream, and it was to become a politician, but because of the taxes, I couldn’t. Before going to sleep, I was washing my face, when I heard my parents talking about a war starting, but at the moment, I didn’t really care about it. After saying goodnight to my parents, I went to sleep in my tiny but comfortable bed, and I immediately fell asleep. I was in the middle of a dream when I heard my dad screaming at me. I woke up scared and I looked at him. He was scared, his eyes were about to cry and his expression was terrified. “Listen to me Nathan, everything is going to be all right, you just need to hide under your bed, mom and I will tell you when to get out”.

I agreed, and I went under my bed, but I knew something was wrong. I could hear people screaming and guns shooting outside my window. My dad ran downstairs, and when I looked at the clock I saw that it was 3:30 o’clock.

I heard someone getting into my house. It was more than one person, I could hear multiple steps, and heard them talking about a war that was starting between British and French, and we had to be executed because we were from France. My dad raised his voice’s volume, and he opened a drawer. I remembered that a couple days before I had seen him put a gun in it and then closing it with keys that only he knew where to hide.

I then heard a first shot, and a body falling on the ground, after that shot I heard a second and a third one, but right before the last one, I could hear my mom begging them to not kill her.

Everything was quiet, they left the house after a couple of minutes. I got out my bed really slowly and started to walk down the stairs. I looked, and I saw something that would remain in my mind for my whole life. I saw 3 dead bodies. I first saw the lifeless body of a British soldier, my father should have killed him with that first shot, and then, I saw my dad’s body, which had tears of blood on his eyes. And then I saw my mom, she still had a worried expression on her face, and I couldn’t live with the idea of leaving them. My father was still holding his gun in his right hand, and the British soldier had blood all over his head. It was shocking, I wouldn’t see my parents ever again.

Even though I was petrified, I knew I had to move, and go somewhere else. The soldiers would come back to pick their friend’s dead body up. I quickly ran to the exit on the back of my house and escaped as fast as I could.

“There he is! open fire!” They started shooting at me, and I began to run in different directions to dodge the bullets. I successfully reached the end of the road and jumped into the river. I could hear them still screaming above me, so I got to the other side of the river, and then in the forest. I ran for about half an hour, my body was exhausted, and I couldn’t stay on my legs anymore. My body dropped to the ground and I fell unconscious.

I woke up and it was daytime, I went to Concord, which was the closest town to me. I went there and I found many of my friends with some of their parents as well. I joined them, and they told me about their idea of surviving.  They said that the only way to stay alive in this war, was to gather as many people as they could, and form a group of people that acted for their own rights, and were against British, and make Americans allies. We basically formed a group of rebels against the British, that at the time were busy fighting against the French and the Indians that were Americans allies. We were supported by the Wabanaki Confederacy, which were soldiers combined with French that were supposed to fight on our side during the war. The final battle was brutal. It was between French and British. I was there, I was one of the soldiers in it. The generals opened fire, and the fight began. I was in the third of 9 lines of soldiers, I saw the people in front of me falling on the ground, a massive number of dead people and friend. It was my turn, I was now in the first line, I had to shoot and kill, that was the goal. I killed about 10 people in the front row, and I had to charge my gun. I ran over a rock to take cover, but even before I heard the sound, I felt a tremendous amount of pain. I got shot on my left shoulder. Thankfully the suit slightly protected my skin from the impact of the bullet. I was hiding behind a rock trying to let the pain go away, but I had to charge my gun as well. After about three minutes I resumed my battle.

It was an atrocious hour, and at the end, our army went down to 20 people, against a new British army coming to help the previous one. We had no chance, we had to run for our lives. I dropped my gun and started to run towards a safe zone in the ally’s base. I got there, and other 5 people did. Unfortunately, we never saw the other 14 again. We were known as the only survivors of the French Indian War that day. The next years were dark years for me, but my adventure had just begun.


The Battle of Saratoga (October 7th 1777)


14 years later, something even more important happened. I was now 29 years old, and I had been part of the army for 10 years. It was September 19th 1777 when a new British general named John Burgoyne, decided to invade the Americans’ lands and since I was now an American citizen, he was going to attack me as well. His plans weren’t really clear to us, but he wanted to attack our territory with 3 different armies, each led by a general. We had 17 days to prepare ourselves for the hardest battle we had ever faced. Those were days of very hard training, we had very less hour to sleep, and most of the times we even skipped lunch and dinner to find new formations to use against the British. In those 14 years, I’d changed a lot. At the time of the French and Indian War, I was just a kid, who didn’t care about the consequences of war, and I was just busy thinking about my future and my dreams. I matured and I’d been able to increase my self-confidence over those years, since, the only person I could count on, now that my parents weren’t with me anymore, was myself.

It was October 7th, 1777, the day had come, and it was time to show the result of an incredibly intense training. Everything and everyone was ready, the only thing that was missing was the enemy.

After one uneasy hour, the first army led by John Burgoyne showed up. Their army was unexpectedly minor than ours.  Burgoyne had been betrayed by his own men and was left alone against the best American soldiers. The battle began, we were superior, and we fought them easily. Few of our men lost their lives, but we couldn’t say the same about the British army. More and more red-suited people were falling on the ground, making their last breath, and the rest of them were backing up very quickly. It was only a matter of time before we killed them all, and the only person wounded but alive was their general, John Burgoyne.

He had no chance of surviving, he was surrounded by our army, and there was no way to escape. He gave up and decided to surrender. It was an absolute victory by the Americans, the British didn’t stand a chance against us.

It was an easier battle than we thought, but I’m sure that if the other British soldiers had shown up, things would have gone differently. Fortunately for us, that never happened. 


The Treaty of Paris (September 3rd 1783)


Here we are, at the end of my journey, 6 years later the Battle of Saratoga. I was one of the greatest soldier in America at that time, I became popular because of my story, and because of why I survived at. Only few soldiers were called into the meeting in Hotel York in Paris, that ended the American Revolution, and I was one of them. People were very agitated, and they didn’t know how to act, both Americans and British people in the room. We had the enemy that murdered our families and friends for many years in the same room, but for once, not for war but for peace.

The crowd suddenly stopped talking when King George III entered the room, followed by the best soldiers and some of the British representatives. It was the first time I saw the British king, and I have to admit, I was not happy about it.

After a couple of minutes, our representatives came in, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay and Henry Laurens. Britain’s representatives were David Hartley and Richard Oswald. They started their talking about the Treaty, and they went on for 1 hour. They only stopped a few times just to ask us what we thought about it, even though our thinking wasn’t going to change anything, we mostly agreed on much of what they were saying, We were being very generous, and we gave them a large amount of lands, but they gave us some good parts as well. The Treaty finally came to an end after three hours of discussion and thinking. The Treaty was called the Treaty of Paris, because it was signed in Paris, and I can feel lucky to had been part of it, alongside with my friends. The American Revolution changed my life in an unbelievable way. It killed my parents first, it brought friends away from me and left me completely alone. My story had also some very incredible moments as well, such us my scape from the British right after my parents’ death, when I joined the rebel group, I then became a soldier, survived to an impossible battle to win, won an important battle for my country, and saw the end of the revolution with my own eyes.  I had been able to find myself a new house, and a new job as politician. This was the end of my journey, that saw me throw the whole revolution, and have been proud to fight for my new country.












The American Revolution In Simple English

After studying The American Revolution for about two weeks, our project was to make a Common Craft Video using Stop Motion Pro app on iPad and film clips according to our revolution’s notes. We printed pictures, and we took videos with them. Our final step was to record our voice following a script that we wrote before doing the movie, we edited the movie and put the recording as well, and the final result is the following video.


We uploaded the video on Dragons Tube


Theme Explanation for Galileo’s daughter

The book that I read is called “Galileo’s daughter.”

The book talks about one of his natural children’s point of view and role in the years that made Galileo famous, talking about the ideas that he had, and his thinking process. His daughter explains in every single detail what Galileo did even in the darkest years of his life. Since Galileo spent more time on his inventions rather than with her daughter, she talks about how she had a bad relationship with him.

The book’s theme talks about people’s opinions about Galileo’s Earth theory, since his ideas were going against the Holy Scriptures. The book also tells us how he discovered Jupiter’s Moons

Her daughter talks about the health problems that Galileo had, and how she tried to help him, but the guards of his prison did not let the medicines in.

Galileo started to have eyes problem, he couldn’t see that well anymore, so he made glasses himself.

The Book takes us on every step of her and his life, and the book tells us everything about their relationship and their issues, as father and daughter.

It talks about his ideas with actual drawings that he made, and also how she thought about it.

I would recommend this book to every kind of audience that is interested about his life and his daughter’s and also to people, that interested about astronomy.

The book’s main theme is to walk people through Galileo’s mind, explaining his feelings and ideas from the point of view of a person that is really close to him such as his daughter.

Dangers of using substances for body shape

This are the top 5 efficient and dangerous Drugs for body shape, please don’t use them.

5 Fen Phen

heart disease

4. DNP

used as an explosive, cataract, shortness of breath.

3. Ephedrine weight loss

2. Clenbutrol

abused by athlets

chest pain, high/low BP

1 Meridia contains sibutramine

depression, suicidal thoughts.

The best way to work on your body shape is with natural resources such as vegetable and other healty things, please don’t use drugs, because your body depends on how much you want to improve it, and it doesn’t depend on drugs


Magazine cover skeleton creek

On my magazine cover there is a guy running away, the background color that I chose was grey, that was (in my opinion) representing the mood of the story, since it is an horror one.

The person that is escaping, is Ryan, and as you can see there is also a particular from the story, which is the notebook or journal. In the story, Ryan used to write his journal about the things that were his worst nightmares, and, followed by the monster, it dropped it’s journal, which I thought it might of represented the fact that Ryan, after his horrible experience, stopped writing his journal. On the right side there is a skeleton zombie which would represent one of the strange creatures that Ryan found. Then, I added the titles that were explaining who and what was happening in the picture.

Am i better now?

I had 12 swimming lessons for PE, i had a smart goal which was improving my posture and my stamina, so far i perfectly reached my goal, and i learned new       swimming techniques that were really useful to swim better and be more balanced in the water. In the first lesson, our teacher filmed us swimming, and she did the same at the end of the 12th lesson, to compare them and see what we improved on.

This was my first video, and as you can see, when i was breathing, my body on the left side was sinking, since i was breathing only on one side. I was very fast, but the issue with that, was that i was getting tired too soon, and i wasn’t able to do more than 50 meters at that speed


This was the video in my last lesson of swimming in PE, even though it’s in a different perspective you can see that my body it’s not sinking in one direction like in the first video, that’s because I learned how to breath on both sides, and my body is now balanced in the water, and my stamina improved a lot, now I can do at least 200-250 meters without stopping at that rate, and that’s because i trained hard during this 12 lessons of swimming, and i fully reached my smart goal

Boxer Rebellion

My genius hour project

This is the music that i made with my classmate in genius hour time, we spent about one month to create 3 songs, this is one of 3 and it is one of our best ones.

Letter for Spaz Last Book in the Universe

Dear Spaz,

How are you? I hope you are doing well, I read your book and I think you’ve done a really great job, it was quite an intensive story to read!

I really liked how the story developed, in the beginning you seemed like a normal guy, but then I understood that you were special, because there was something different in you.

You passed from being a thief to a guy risking everything to save his adopted sister.

You made very crucial choice, you lied and escaped from the great Billy Bizmo, survived to Vida Bleek and went to the Urb.

Billy Bizmo asked me to let you know something:

Hey Spaz Boy this is Billy Bizmo, I only want you to know one thing, make sure not to come back because if you will for some reason I will be there for you, I promise.


Thank you and please write a sequel for your book.


Lapo Nencini& Billy Bizmo

Sonnet for Juventus

Juventus Sonnet


Shall I compare thee to a Pizza?
Thou art more tasty and more intensive
Other teams do shake the solid skills of Piaza
And a game hath all too short a date
Sometime too loud the voice of people
And often is his black stripes dimm’d;
And every fan from Naples sometime declines
By chance or natures challenges and trips
But thy eternal victory shall not be given
Nor lose possession of that trophy thou obstacles
Nor shall defeat brag thou forgiven in his shade
When in many articles to time thou grow’st
So long as man can run and eyes can see,
So long we have this, and this gives joy to thee


 By Lapo Nencini 8-5