Define and Inquire for Science and Engineering

Blog post #1: Define and Inquire

What is this engineering task?

The engineering task that the teachers have faced us with has four different ideas. First of all, we can make a toy that can generate electricity. The second option is taking a renewable energy source and convert it to electrical energy. The third option is designing and creating a device that transfers energy. The last and final option is designing and making a device that can be used to learn physics. The criteria that we must follow is your product should function and should be aesthetically appealing, your product needs to have a purpose and a client, your product should be original, your product should consider environmental impact, and your product should be durable and safe for the user.

What are you thinking about doing? (this can be multiple ideas)

  • Hydro turbine to charge a phone
  • Solar panel to charge a phone
  • Wind turbine to charge a phone
  • Solar and wind turbine combined to charge a phone
  • Solar and hydro turbine to charge a phone. 

ANALYZE those ideas: What are the pros/cons about those ideas?

The pros and cons of almost all of them are creating enough watts to charge a phone. It takes 5-10 watts to charge an iPhone, and from a previous project that I did, I didn’t create enough electricity to charge a device. This time I am going to combine two of the ideas to make more energy. The pros of this project are that I am using renewable energy to charge a phone. This will decrease the amount of electricity I use at home.

One Day 2018

For this year’s one day I was with a group of people that made a video for out of the blocks. This day was really fun but we also had problems. For example my hard drive broke and everything on it disappeared. If I was going to do it again I would put everything on a back up hard drive. I hope we have the same opportunity next year to interview and finalize a video.

Project Consume Final Video

For this unit, I created many different pieces. I created 3 Narrative and a video. This project was fun but hard too. Make sure if you are in FA next year then you should spend your time wisely. This was a reflection that I wrote on the driving question: Sustainable choices are important because if we don’t make sustainable decisions, then we will all die. We need to make sustainable choices now before it’s too late. Let our kids enjoy this world as we did. Don’t use plastic packaging use packaging that will decompose fast and that can be recycled. This is why sustainable choices are important, and we should start making sustainable choices now.

The Dangers of Using Dieting Substances

What are the dangers of using substances to alter body shape? Give specific examples and consequences. What are the healthy alternatives?

Most of the dangers are around the same. For example they all help you loose weight. This will cause people to be stronger. There are also side effects. For example you could have suicidal thoughts, sudden death and heart failure. Some of the alternatives are that you can excise. This will cause you to become stronger without drugs. Don't do drugs and excise instead.


Pain is important because if people didn’t have pain they cannot enjoy the good things. I was in pain when I was 2. I fell off the first stair and my chin cracked and it started bleeding a lot. That day was also my sisters birthday. I had 6 stitches and after I got the stitches done then I went to see my newborn sister. This is an example of physical experience because I actually hurt myself. I learned that I should not jump off the stairs and instead walk slowly. I would not want to take this memory away because one it thought me something and two it was my sister’s birthday.

Ur Mesopotamia


Ur was one of the main places in Mesopotamia. There is a lot to learn about Ur’s religion. The People in Ur thought that they would go to the “Great Below”. The God that controlled the Great below was Ishtar. The people of Ur also believed the great below is no different then the upper world. Another fact is that only the priests and the king can go up to the top of the Ziggurat. But there were places to work below. The people of Ur were polytheism in other words they believed in many Gods. The city of Ur is now located in southern Iraq. Ur is also near the Tigris and Euphrates.


Describing ancient civilizations and geographic boundaries. Ur is one of the first city’s to be civilize. The city of Ur is now located in southern Iraq. Ur is also near the Tigris and Euphrates river. The people in Ur grow corn and rice. Some of the food they grew went to pay for taxes. It was a hard life back than. The natural resources are water and grain. They used the water to drink and feed the crops. The grain was for people. Ur was a really big place to farm.