During this project we learned about how much the world is producing especially plastic. We researched about plastic and how unsustainable it is towards the world. We also picked a product that contained some kind of plastic packaging and made a video about its life story. This story contained passed research and creativity. This is my video which talks about the life of a toothpaste. I have made it emotional, and to make people recognize that the world is being impacted by plastic and just in general trash.  We talk about what alternatives we can use for the packaging of our packaging. I really enjoyed this project because I became a lot of more aware of what and how much trash we are producing. Not only am I more aware but I can help the world get better. 

Grade 8 Mentoring Trip

This year our trip was very memorable! I got to experience my last trip and I feel like the whole had many strengths, for example: the whole rafting experience and the climbing experience gave me a lot of new memories! a weakness during this trip would definitely be the hotel rooms, the rooms were not in the best conditions. Even though it was one night it was still in quite bad conditions to even shower or sleep well. My personal strength would be, working together and positivity, and supportive! I feel like we helped each other go through the Via Ferrata course! I stayed positive and tried to encourage and cheer on everyone going through the ropes course! I feel like I could improve upon the fact that I got stressed easily and started letting some of it out at other people. During the building of the raft I got stressed easily and started getting a bit out of hand. In conclusion, I would also like to thank the teachers for and Jump for helping us make the trip amazing, and also making this trip the best last trip ever!

Marie Kurzrock 8-9


The two branches

our class added a judicial branch of Govement and a legislative branch. the judge is Harry. And our legislative people are Nathan Bernard Smirti and Christina. Harry is going to be the one who solves problems. And the legislatives are going to be making the laws.

Common Good

For the common good I am planting seeds for our community and getting food so that we do not starve. My class is making a town hall. I am really happy that our class is making a town hall. I am happy because we get to share a lot of stuff.

April 18 planet x459

Today I built a house and the someone broke my house. But I am already building my house. Next time I am going to plant and get animals so that I can make a farm. I think I am doing good in making houses and planting. I feel ok because someone broke my house but on the other hand side I had alot of fun and I am building a new house.