S1 Robotics Reflection



During the Design and Inquire phase, we planned out our project with 2 main stages; the first one being an ideating stage consisting of spitballing multiple ideas and then getting feedback from friends and other people in the class of which design would be most feasible, and which designs would be least difficult to accomplish. The second stage was then to create a Scratch Prototype on how our project would work and what linkage we would use for our design. I found the define and inquire section quite challenging as I was often confused with what we were doing as I misinterpreted some instructions that mislead me on what to do.

My Scratch Project.

For Develop and Plan, we were instructed to make an Adobe Illustrator file to laser cut out our box design to house our project in, and use that file to l










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Project Enable

Project Enable was about instead of curing a disability, we would try to help the person with the disease. We learned about genetics and the transferring of dominant and non-dominant traits as well as expanding our knowledge about.

<iframe src=”http://isbtube.isb.bj.edu.cn/media/embed?key=df7289c171a9b092f6bf958739a345aa&width=720&height=405&autoplay=false&autolightsoff=false&loop=false&chapters=false&related=false&responsive=false” width=”720″ height=”405″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen” allowtransparency=”true” scrolling=”no”></iframe>

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Ignite Week

Why would I do this Project?

I picked my Ignite Project because I really like playing video games, but I wondered if I could change people with a game, so I attempted to try to produce a game that educates people, without being too complex or difficult.

How would I change this?

if I would do this project again, I would try to include a more complex game, that has random facts, and has a more educational view and better movement controls. This project was difficult to make, but now I think that I know what to do now so I could make a much better game.

In this project, I did not learn alot, but now I can use Scratch much more efficiently. I learned some minor things, such as how bad pollution is, and how polluted most waters are.Digital Exhibition Template


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FA Mythbusters Blog Post


Ignite Theme Week: Express it! Feb. 23 2017 Facilitator: Brendan Riley, Kristen Damburger
Student Name: Mateo Munro Grade: 7
Project Guiding Question: How can we use the Scientific Process to bust or confirm myths?
Project Description
Students will use the scientific process to bust or confirm myths.
L21 Target Area:
L21 Reflection:

For FA Mythbusters, my goal was to create an original scientific experiment that could help me in real life. I have succeeded by being able to create a test about sleep, but I did not have enough research done. What I found out was that 7 hours of sleep had the best results, but I find that hard to believe because the earlier hours did extremely good, and I only interviewed 8 people.  I feel as if this is inconclusive due to lack of supporting evidence, because of a lack of information. So, if I came to a wild conclusion that 4 hours of sleep is the best for memory because 1 person that took each hour did not score as high as the person that slept 4 hours means that he is best, people will find it hard to believe because usually, the less sleep you get (Normally), the harder it is to memorize facts because when you sleep, the memories from the previous day are developed with your neurons, and then your memory is stored, which only important parts through the day are remembered.


For the subject of Create, I felt as if I did an extremely original project, because no one else did anything similar to mine. I also feel as if this experiment slightly helped me by giving me a small amount of insight into this project. This is also resourceful for other people that watched my video because now they know more about this. I think that these results could come in handy for something like a test that you want to get a high score for. Other things that could come in handy with knowing the relation with sleeping and memory are knowing if you are going to get good sleep the next night, because if you have to stay up late the next night, you could sleep longer so that you would not forget important events that happen that day.


Some things that I learned through this project are that sleep is consistent to reflexes, you need lots of data to be able to come to logical conclusions, and that the human body is hardwired to go to sleep at around the same time if repeated enough. I learned that reflexes are consistent to sleep, the least being the lowest, and the most sleep has the highest reflexes. You need lots of data to come to conclusions because no one will believe you if you have so few experiments conducted. This is because of logic, because if you see a stupid claim with no backup, you would doubt it. If you saw a logical point with plenty of evidence backing it up, you would be quite sure it is a logical conclusion that shows good reasoning and intelligently written.


Project Artifacts:



My Video













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Jonas and pain

Jonas comes to the realization of how useful pain is because if you are really happy, you must also be sad or else then that happy will die down. This is because you feel happy because of the lack of sadness, and if you don’t know what it feels like to feel sad, you cannot feel happy. One time that I felt sad was that when I dropped a rock on my toe and cut it open, I had to get 7 stitches when I was 7. But, I was allowed to play non-stop on my Nintendo 2DS on Pokémon Diamond.

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Sameness Arguement


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Linda Ragsdale

I think that Mr. Ragdale can help us understand history because she talks about how when you look about something through a different lens, then you will try and spread the word about how you see it. Then, other people will try and see it in that way. But, when someone doesn’t like how someone else sees it, they will call that person or stupid because they do not think that it is correct. Then, that person will spread the word of how he or she sees it. The cycle just goes on and on. One of the ways to stop it is to just accept it, or ignore it. This will help us understand history because it shows what starts a revolution, or a war.

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New Facts About Sea Slugs Might Melp Us In the Future

We used to think that sea slugs ate algae to feed off of photosynthesis, because photosynthesis produces oxygen. We were correct, but the fact was that these sea slugs actually could go for days without sunlight and still survive, because they stored the oxygen inside of them and could survive for months. This is because the slugs have evolved, and they have learnt how to hibernate and store their “food”. This would probably be extremely useful in case their habitats are blocked somehow and they just die. Because of the recent testing that had been done on these creatures, we now know all of this. The type of slug, sacoglossans, uses the chlorophyll in the algae, which plants use for photosynthesis.




Thanks to recent researching, we have learned more about creatures that we haven’t learned about a lot in the past. Another thing that has had a recent breakthrough in theory is that scientists have been researching how much water there is below the earth’s crust. They have recently discovered that there are 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 gallons of water just below our surface. Over 2 billion people drink this water, because they think that it is either more fresh, because they can’t afford pumped water, or, because this water trickles into lakes and other places around the earth. These two things are deeply connected because both of them have been wondered about for so long, been recently discovered, and they have both been about things that have some and more importance.


See the full article here.

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Recent breakthroughs let us answer questions.

Amen-Nestawy-Nakht, a 3,000 year old Egyptian priest, gets a 3D X-ray, also known as a CAT scan. At Barnes-Jewish Hospital, they are recording the CAT scan to be printed at in a massive 3D printer at Washington University. This autopsy will be incredibly detailed, without having to unwrap the bandages. As the mummy came in, the doctors noticed that Amen-Nestawy-Nakht was very tall. But, as they did the CAT, they noticed that the skull and spine had slipped down, nearly certainly the cause of death. A broken back in ancient Egypt was like getting cancer. Rarely curable, and a high chance of death. Doctors also wanted to be able to see if there were any artifacts or “charms” in his wrappings. As the machine scanned the mummy’s body, they noticed an artifact in the midde of it’s chest, probably an amulet the grave robbers didn’t get to.


This is an incredible improvement in technology because around 20 years ago, this was not possible. Thanks to recent breakthroughs, we can do things we couldn’t have done 5 years ago. Something that also couldn’t have been done is finding out whether the chicken or the egg came first. Recent studies have shown that the modern domestic chicken is actually a hybrid of the red junglefowl and the grey junglefowl. Thanks to the latest genetic research, this could have been done.

See the full article here.

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In schools, Popular Kids are Getting Bullied as Much as Unpopular people

In most schools, Bullies go for the top of the food chain. In Los Angeles, Scientists say that more popular teens are more likely to get bullied. Nearly 20 Percent of teens are bullied. Most people would think that the least popular kids are the targets for bullies, as most climb the social ladder to avoid it. Scientists Robert Faris of the University of California and Davis and Diane Felmlee of Penn State University study this problem. According to these people, gaining popularity “increases the likelihood of victimization” these Scientists they wrote in the magazine of the American Sociological Association. “Teens at the very top of the ladder can “afford” to be nice Yet, those in the next level down have to keep themselves there,” Faris said. They think that the reason of this is because the humiliation of the bullying can be devastating to their popularity. They also think that the fact that if the bully bullies the person a lot, then that will inspire fear, and people would not want to be bullied.


The fact that bullies are targeting more popular kids will mean that the popular kids will try to go to the mid-popular zone, then making the bullies more popular because of fear. This will mean that the bullies will become “role models”, hence making everyone else more bullyish. In my story, Jonathan, the main character is bullied harshly by a kid named Rudy, but his friends help him humiliate the bully. I think that anyone that is getting bullied should ask for help from his or her friends. I think that this would have a big effect on the bully because it will destroy his or her confidence, making them weaker and less confident.


Click here to see the full article

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