My nightmare piece,

My piece represents a dark world where there’s blood flowing from the buildings since blood makes everything more intense. Also, the handprints on the bottom represent that you always feel something touching you when nothings there, and you also that you see objects randomly moving. The eye-ish mouth looking thing represents both eye and mouth. the eye represents that something is watching you but you never know where it is and the mouth represents that you always hear something talk to you, and constantly hear screams out of nowhere. If I could do something different, I would make actual building models and an empty road through the middle to make the scene seem more intense and scary.

Journal 1

Polymer Project Journal 1 Notes

2017-2018 SLC

Communication and collaboration:

Claim: This year, I’ve shown great improvement in communication and collaboration
In Trimester one, our grade went on a field trip and we were asked to make a boat out of bamboo and barrels. I showed a lot of communication and collaboration. We had to talk to each other and help each other to use the rope to tie up the bamboo together.

Innovation and creativity:

Claim: I have shown innovation and creativity this year.

For my one day project, I was asked to make a small race car that would be able to go over a ramp. i have shown my creativity by designing how it looks like and how much weight it needs to go over the ramp.

Problem solving

This year, I have shown my ways to problem solving.

I have shown problem solving everyday at school and home.

Revolutionary Voices Journal

The Revolutionary Voices Journal is the same idea as the Russian revolution journal. I had to research about the Syrian revolution and write three journals. My character in the journal is a boy who spray-painted anti-government slogans on a wall. He later got arrested by the Special Syrian forces and got tortured for weeks. He later then joins the free Syrian army which is an army that fights against the government. There were some challenges in writing the conclusion of the story because the actual revolution hasn’t ended yet.

The Syrian Revolution in Simple English

After studying the Syrian revolution for two weeks, our project was to make a common craft video to describe the revolution. Our goal was to explain the Syrian revolution to the people who don’t know much about it. In this project, our team has shown a lot of communication and collaboration because when we were making the video, we had to communicate about what picture goes in next. There was a lot of challenges throughout the project but overall, I think we did a good job.

2nd Goal 2017-2018

Academic Goals

increase my study time for each subject by 20 mins.

get at least 5 5s this trimester in my free time, instead of watching youtube or playing games, I can study on the subject, for example, math, science, humanities.

improve my academic word choice in writing. I can do this by reading more and search up the words I don’t know

Wellness goals

improve my American football quarterback throws. I can do this by practicing twice a week and by watching videos on how to improve this.

improve my basketball handles and post moves. Practice and watch videos on how to improve my technique.

Personal goal 

I want to improve my basketball shooting form and accuracy. I can do this by practicing 5 times a week and watch some videos on how to improve it.



For my blog project, I read the book Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. I did a fake book cover. I chose this fake book cover because I wanted to show what plane he was on and how it impacted his whole life. Later on in the book when he escaped the Japanese prison that he was held in. War completely changed the way he thought about war. Because he disobeyed the Japanese order, he was punished and had to be punched in the face from each prisoner in the camp. When he got back to America, he wanted to continue his passion for running but he knew that it would take a long time because he barely got fed in the camp. After a long time of recovery, he was able to run again


Boxer Rebellion Map

Star Wars Sonnet

Star Wars Sonnet

Should Order 66 be the decree,
I think on thee, and soon have no regret.
Our passion turns the “thou” and “I” to “we,”
I could not gamble on a surer bet.
Love is a bounty we both hunt and pay,
Love, by the Force, doth work upon one’s heart,
Love is a bounty we both hunt and pay,
Love is the canvas, passion is the art.
On Tatooine we two shall soon be seen,
There meet the call of passion at our best.
Our ardor is uncommon—ne’er routine—
Me from thy side e’en Wookiees could not wrest.
Let rivals come, who chase me at the rear,
With thee, e’en space shall not too bleak appear.


-Matthew Chen



The book I chose is called Digital Fortress by Dan Brown. The conflict is man to man because from the text evidence page 54, “Ensei Tankado, it has to be him!” said the vice director. I used a fake newspaper report because the published date of the book is 1998. I assume that people would read newspaper rather than go online. We used the NSA as our suspect in our fake newspaper report because quoting from the text “Tankado, a talented cryptologist wanted the human rights act to be enforced so he threatened the NSA to expose the existence of the super computer. But the NSA didn’t like the idea so they framed him and he was disgraced and deported out of the country. The main character from the story is Susan Fletcher, David Becker, Ensei Tankado, and Commander Trevor Strathmore. Its hard to determine the protagonist of the story because Dan Brown used a second person perspective to tell the story and the setting changes every 2-3 paragraphs.