Edible Dumpsters

Hetrick, Sonya. “Wasted Food Is Wasted Money.” Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, SASB, 23 Mar. 2017, www.sasb.org/blog-wasted-food-wasted-money/.

The issue that I would like to focus is the problem of wasting food. I believe that kids are wasting too much food in restaurants and especially in school cafeterias. I think that a huge problem that China should focus on is that too many people are just throwing away uneaten food.

My research question is “Why are there so much wasted food in China?” However, I fear that I might not be able to reach the evidence I need, but I know the evidence is there. This leads less information for the essay and the documentary at the end.

I hope to gain some knowledge on how to solve this issue or at least not waste any food myself. I hope to send the message of “stop wasting food, it will run out eventually and some people can’t even have it so stop dumping everything down the chute!”

Death By Guillotine

The French Revolution was a chaotic time in the history of Europe since the Revolutions triggered many wars that dominated Europe for many years. The French Revolution happened because France was in a deep debt and it only taxed a certain amount of its population (which happened to be mostly poor) and the majority of the population had zero political power. A lot of people thinks that the French Revolution is only people cutting off other people’s heads but in reality, the French Revolution was much more than just the guillotine and its victims. Not only did the French Revolution affect its citizens, it also affected the entire continent of Europe, throwing all the countries mostly for political reasons. Enjoy the video!

3582 More kilometers… to Beating Cancer!

Being a hero and achieving great tasks isn’t just have a heroic mindset and always think of others and be selfless. In order to just be thought of as a hero, a person needs to be competitive and hardworking and can show people that he or she is capable of doing great things. Terry Fox is a great example of all the qualities of a hero. In the book Terry Fox: His Story by Leslie Scrivener, the main point the author is trying to tell the reader is Terry Fox is a competitive and hard-working person and can achieve great tasks if he had not died of cancer.

Terry wasn’t talented at everything from the very start.  He had to train hard for most of his achievements and this can be proved from the quote: “The two boys played hard all summer… By grade nine, there were pounding the floor of the Mary Hill gym every morning before school. Doug wasn’t one of them, but Terry was” (Scrivener 18). When Terry was young, he was terrible at basketball, even his coach recommended him to play another sport. He forged on, practicing every morning and became one of the top twelve. This proves that Terry is competitive and hard-working because when Terry knows he is the worst player on the team, he doesn’t give up and stop playing, he practices every morning and competes against other players to play in matches. All of this are traits of a hard-working and competitive person. Not only was Terry Fox being a competitive and hardworking character, he would also be able to achieve many great things and this is proved the quote: “…when he returned to British Columbia he would be… admired by nearly everyone in Canada” (Scrivener 18). It is clear that Terry would be able to complete other great tasks. Terry was about to go on a flight to Newfoundland where he will start his run. However, he doesn’t know that when he comes back to British Columbia, he will be a national hero instead of just a hometown hero. When Terry came back because of cancer, he was viewed as a national hero which means that if he completed the run and then came back, he could easily do even more amazing tasks since he already completed a hard task and there aren’t many other jobs that are as hard as running across Canada with one leg.

In the book Terry Fox: His Story, all lot of the book talks about how Terry had a personality which never allowed him to be the worst in any activity and how Terry always went head-on at any roadblock that stands in his way of any achievement. These two traits both support how he is very competitive and that he can achieve many things if he had not died of cancer because he tries to solve every problem instead of avoiding them when he meets them. Terry Fox wasn’t a selfless person and didn’t always think of others. However, he was always competitive and shown others that he could achieve many great tasks (if he hadn’t died) which is the two most crucial criteria for a hero.

GIF Citation

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The Anxious Arena

The book Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins gives the reader a very anxious feeling due to the setting. The main part of the story is about Katniss, the main character, being thrown into an arena to fight to the death with 23 other kids. The arena is a perfect circle with a beach in the center and the jungle at the side. The jungle is split into 12 sections and each section contains a horrible trap. This sets a very anxious mood to the story because, at any given time, something horrible could happen and result in life threating situations.

Witless Future

Witless Future


A man walked into his office.

Wow, he thought, I actually have a good and steady job now.

He thought about 10 years ago where he just started studying.

He was 20 back then.

But he still felt like a little puppy surrounded by tigers and hulking mountains.

And one particular mountain was his biggest challenge.


When he went to the crowed square for job applications

The reply was always “Sorry, but your academic scores are too low.”

He did get a job at McDonald’s,

But even there,

They gave him a mindless job.

The man decided that he cannot scrub the floor for his entire life

He cannot be a puppy anymore.

He must turn that whine of weakness, to a growl of power.

He decided to climb over all mountains, to clear all obstacles.

And the first mountain he was going to climb over was the most titanic mountain of all.

A mountain called Academic Weakness.

And as the man grew and wedded,

He concluded with an answer––

The answer to his life’s question.

Why did he start weak and whiny and continue strong and powerful?

The answer was academic success.

And when his first-born child started school,

His advice to his child was:

“Don’t make my mistake.”



I proud of how I described the plot in my poem and how it links to my topic (education).  It first shows a man walking his office then, in a plaza that is filled with people applying for a job, then at McDonald’s and finally back in his office. This links to the current problem with education (not enough people are being educated correctly) because it shows the result of not studying well enough and how you can change it. However, I think that I should work on establishing a setting instead of just describing and introducing it.

Punching the Foreigns

My initial thoughts on the Boxers are that they deserve a bad reputation because they led China to be controlled by foreign powers. The Boxers wanted to drive the westerns out of China which resulted in China being beaten by the foreigners. This made China be controlled by multiple foreign powers and get lots of unfair trades.

I wonder why the Boxers didn’t just accept the new and better technology of the western world.

One Deadly Trailer

In the book Seven Deadly Wonders by Matthew Reilly, the two quotes to propelled the story forward were “Colossus. Two entrances, one plain, one not, carved by the fifth great architect, out of Great Soter’s tenth mine. The easier route lies below the old mouth. Yet in the Nubian swamp to the south of Soter’s mine, among Sobek’s minions, find the four symbols of the Lower Kingdom. Therein lies the portal to the harder route.” (Reilly 107) and “The rivers,” Zaeed said, “used to meet here, at the town of Haritha.” (Reilly 273).

The first quote propels the story forward because at the time of the quote, a team of elite soldiers, a professor was waiting for a 10-year-old girl to tell them a riddle that only the girl and his twin brother can read because the riddle was written in a secret language. Once the girl read the riddle, the team solved the riddle and started their adventure of their quest. However, if the girl never understood the text, then the team would never have a quest, resulting in the story not moving forward.

The second quote propels the story forward because at the time, the same team of elite soldiers had to get to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and they didn’t know how to find the Gardens until somebody (the person who said the quote) made a theory and led them to the Gardens (the theory is the quote). If the person (theory maker) hadn’t made the theory the team would have never been able to find the Garden and move on, thus never propelling the story forward.

Those are the reasons why the two quotes listed above propel the story forward.