Internal Conflict is Everything, EVERYTHING.

This blog post is a walking, talking spoiler so be warned.

The book I chose to read was Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon, who is a New York Time Bestselling Author. Since, at the end of the book, our main character, Maddy, goes to New York to meet with Olly. She and her mother had a big falling out since discovering that she never actually had SCID, she decides to leave for New York to reconcile with Olly. In my head, I would picture Olly and Maddy living together for a while and Maddy having little conversation with her mother. The book is very bright and colorful, with many charts and drawings. So to emphasize on the joyful-ness of this story, I made this letter bright and happy-like. This letter was made in Pages.

The movie for this book was just released! You can watch the trailer here.


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One thought on “Internal Conflict is Everything, EVERYTHING.

  1. Hello, Maxine
    It’s quite funny that we were working on the same book!
    I think the format that you used, which was the letter, was very interesting. Also, I think you found out the perfect internal conflict in the story. Even though you used more than one quote to explain your claim, I think it was going well with your claim. Your introduction was quite impressive that instead of starting with a claim, you wrote a real letter entrance to introduce.

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