The Capstone Project: Women’s Rights – Right or Wrong?

What is the issue you would like to focus on? What are some of your perceptions or beliefs that you have about the social issue you will be working with?

The issue I would like to focus on is gender equality, specifically women’s rights. I believe that women deserve the same amount of respect and recognition as men are awarded. Some might think that women have enough rights, but it is not entirely true. The effort to make the imbalance more stable has been improving, but it does not necessarily mean that it has made an effect.

What is your working research question?

I’m currently working on the question: “How does Chinese society affect the statuses and livelihood of women in China?”.

What fear, if any, do you have about starting out on this journey?

One of my fears is actually whether or not I will be able to defend myself in a position where someone might be arguing with me about my beliefs. With the proper preparation and information, I will, of course, get closer to informing someone about women’s rights, but having the proper details and techniques would really push me a few steps ahead.

What do you hope to gain from this research?

I hope to gain more knowledge about the big gap in women’s and men’s rights, but also hope to change, or at least, tilt, the different viewpoints of my peers and/or other people.

What message do you hope to send about your social issue?

I hope to send the message that women are very much needed in our world today, and just because we might seem weaker then men, it definitely does not mean we are beneath them in any way.

What feedback would you like from your peers?

I would like to know in what way my working research question could be improved to widen/specify the topic I want to discuss. I would also like to know my peers’ opinions about women’s rights to see how our current eighth graders react and respond to a major issue more prominently portrayed in today’s media and technological advances.

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