Catapult Cast Away

Amanda and I’s catapult:

Graph: Height vs. Distance

Graph: Height vs. Time
Our catapult project was focused on designing, building and firing a ping-pong ball with a self-made catapult to hit a specific target. The most important learning I took from this project was to use our time wisely and quickly, my partner and I were late in terms of finalising our catapult, which resulted in a lot of out of class work. The most challenging aspect was getting the video onto Logger Pro and then getting the equation out of it, since it is a very detailed and specific process, which kept going wrong for me. As I mentioned before, I would have used my time more wisely and made a smaller catapult since I don’t think the size affected it too much. My understanding of quadratic functions deepened when doing this project because it helped me re-think topics I might not have learned thoroughly before and by doing the Summative Performance Task, it helped with understanding the different components of graphs and equations.



3 thoughts on “Catapult Cast Away

  1. Star: You are very specific
    Star: You followed the guidelines Mr. Craig gave us.
    Wish: You had some pictures of the process of creating the catapult.

  2. Star: You included your graphs, which provided helpful graphics.
    Star: Your analysis was very detailed.
    Wish: I think you needed at least 2 paragraphs.

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