Goals 2017-2018

Academic: I will read more than 10 books this year.

I will actively work towards this goal by finding different books that interest me and putting down my phone and reading.

Wellness: I will make the cut for the badminton team.

I will actively work towards my goal by practicing badminton a few times a week out of practice.

Personal: I will sleep earlier and procrastinate less.

I will actively work towards my goal by keeping reminders in my room and forcing myself to stop watching YouTube/movies.


Mid-Year Goals Reflection – January 16, 2018:

So far, I have only kinda achieved my wellness goal, even though I did not really make the team. My sleeping and procrastinating habits have fluctuated, some days getting better, some days getting worse. In terms of my Academic goal, I am sure I cannot read 10 books in a week, nor do I have the time, so it is still an ongoing goal, due to the about of activities and homework I have.