Capstone Video

During the Capstone Project I learned there are more than one side of China’s poverty. Everyone might mean well at the start, but people have different goals. After interviewing beggars Emily and I gave them money as supporting the community. The interviews have let me realize not all impoverished people are unsatisfied, and most of them are satisfied with their economic status. The interviews have also improved my communication skills with local Chinese citizens. If I could redo the Capstone Project I would try to create a story on poverty to make the video more interesting. Future eight graders should spend quality time planning and use high quality cameras to film original clips.

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cata 2

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Inner Beauty

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld is a well-known dystopian fiction book that includes ideas of both outer and inner beauty from the current world. Different from most other dystopian fiction, Uglies is all about how appearance can influence a society. Being pretty is the only thing everyone wants until the perception of beauty is changed. “Make me pretty” (406, Westerfeld) the three words are what can change a life forever. It is a choice for Tally Youngblood, the main character if she wants her outer or inner beauty more, because the government is prepared to destroy the other.


“For someone who wants to be a pretty, you’re always such a sight.” (291). From a typical ugly, to a smoky spy, and finally into a pretty, Tally had been exposed to the different sides of things. A pretty face along with a controlled mind is what Tally’s society wants and has enough of. The old buildings in the background represent our world, where the most important thing is not a pretty face but a working mind. The smoke, a community similar to our society, appreciates not only a pretty appearance but also inner beauty. There is more than one kind of beauty.

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Polymer Project Journal #4

Prototype Observations Strengths for this Prototype Limitations for this Prototype
Super slime Was clear and stretchy Easily shaped Not strong or dense enough
Prototype 2 White, blue after food coloring Strong and dense Not stretchy enough
snowphish White, green after food coloring Strong, dense, stretchy Hard when dried

Prototype # 3, called snowphish, was most effective for meeting our goal because it is stretchy, dense and strong.

  1. Start with the snowphish recipe.
  2. 40ml white glue
  3. 30ml PVA glue
  4. 20g corn starch
  5. 10ml borax
  6. sprinkle guar gum


I learned a lot during the process, but there are always ways to improve the product. Something challenging is finding out how to improve. It is still interesting to me how a few materials added together could make a useful polymer product. I now know how to come up with ideas for a useful product, different ways to improve on the same thing, comparing strengths and weaknesses and finally deciding on the best product.

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Polymer Project Journal #3

My goal is to make polymer pencil grabbers that are moldable and can be adjusted according to an individual’s hand.

Physical Properties we will include:

  • stringy
  • non-stick
  • hard
  • dense

First add any ingredient that can result in the physical properties we want to include. This way we will have an idea of how much of each ingredient we should add for our second prototype.

Second, we will record the effectiveness and determine what amount of each ingredient to add for prototype two.

Third, make prototype two and determine if the trials are enough to make the product we are looking for. If not there will be more trials repeating the steps above.

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Polymer Project Journal #1

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Polymer Project Journal #2

Sources I Used:


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The Karakoram Highway

In the middle of nowhere stands a lonely highway, where no car or person is in sight. While dusty, yellow sand around it blows, the highway maintains still and holds. Headed towards the mountains is the unwinding highway, not even the mountains can stop it. In the distance is a different landscape. Ice-capped mountains freeze and melt away, years pass by and the highway stays. Overhead clouds, clean and white, cover the mountains and sand making the scene an even better view. Through the white clouds I see from up above, the highway is still where it was. In the Karakoram range stands a abiding highway, where no car or person is in sight.

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The Fault in Our Stars

John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars tells the fascinating story of cancer victims. Cancer has made them appreciative, and fearless. Everyone is fearless without someone or something they love. Love is strong but it also results in fear. “You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I’m grateful.” (Green, 260). Not many teenagers have loved until each other’s death, Augustus and Hazel managed it. I think this is what they appreciate, the ability to love as strongly as they want without consequences. People fear death, but people who know they are not likely to live long wouldn’t. Since they are to die young why bother to be attached to someone with the risk of fear. “…you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices. I hope she likes hers.” (313). I think Augustus and Hazel’s love is what makes them different from others, love makes them brave.

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French Revolution

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