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Substance abuse

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Dangers of using drugs to alter body shape:

Heart/blood issues


Weight loss


Muscle ache


Heathier alternative:

Healthy diets


Eat a little less



My “Ok-ish” summer break

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“Stay in cover, VIP3R! Paul is going to snipe you down! Let me go charge up and kill’em with my hand cannon.”

One shot let him fly seven meters high. “Ok VIP3R. Snipe that newbie down!”

I realized that I was playing “Call of Mini Infinity” with him before he got on the plane, and that person was finally coming to visit me at Beijing in person!


Eric decided to come to Beijing two weeks early. After 3 days of school I found him sitting on our couch. We grew into huge excitement. We ran to the other couch… and logged onto “Call of mini infinity”. My mom was really mad when I came back and turned on our Ipads. She said we needed to greet each other physically and that I needed to first go to the park. I taught Eric how to use my new Segway I bought a month ago. After he got the hang of it, I rode the electric scooter while he rode the Segway to the park.


The park is basically a play place in our compound, and it is probably bigger than you’d think there’s a skateboard stunt place, soccer field and a Playground and tennis court. We went to the skate park and did some stunts (Not too good ones due to the fact that We were on Segways and electric scooters.) Then after 30 minutes of playing we went back. On the way back we saw Davin. Davin was an awesome friend of mine but after we got into a huge fight, we went on different ways. Davin was spilling his guts to Matthew about my “bad things” while Eric was spying on him. After that was cleared, Eric and I went back to play “Com Infinity”. We immediately broke into our imaginations. “Ok Vip3R, Get behind me” I said.

“Already done”.

“Now snipe him,” I said. “No! Don’t use the target rifle! Use the black mamba. I warned. Or else he will probably kill you before you hit him enough times.”

“Ok” He said. After he took down “killer”, I already got seven kills.

“Not fair!” Eric whined. You’ve let your friend hack your account for you! Eric blabbered again.

“Too bad for you so suck it up” I Said back. Then the round ended and we had won (Because I got 13 kills) and I had earned 800 coins while Eric earned 300.


After 2 weeks of playing with him, I had to go to LA. Eric couldn’t come because his parents wanted to stay in Beijing so we had to go alone. When we got on the plane, I was relived since my dad had bought the first class on the top deck. I actually enjoyed it on the plane without Eric for once.


I woke up dozily. I was 3 o’clock in the morning. Even if Beijing was the in the afternoon, I still felt like I banged my head enough to make me forget my birth date. After we got home. We dragged ourselves to bed and slept as long as a sloth would sleep.


I woke up in 12 A.M. I felt groggy for sleeping so long. My head was hurting really bad. I walked down the stairs seeing normal stuff: my lava lamp, my luck tester, magic eight ball, a Ferrari crashing into the garden, a horse riding a chicken, ok, maybe the last two weren’t real but on the other hand, it seemed that I has hallucinating everything. I tried to go down the stairs but I tripped on the stairs and slid down the stairs. My dad ran to see what was happening. I told him I was fine. My magic-8-ball just fell down the stairs. He said ok and walked away. And then I walked to the door too get some fresh air. When I opened the door I realized something I probably shouldn’t be telling you, I was only wearing underwear.


Well, bad news, my mom signed me up for summer school that’s starting in a month. I’d better enjoy myself before it starts. After the news, we went to Eric’s house. Since his family isn’t there, Joyce will be there. Joyce is Eric’s big sister. She’s incredibly bossy, and also violent but the worst of all, She doesn’t admit it. After being bossed around, we went to Jason’s house. Jason is a friend of mine but is the girliest boy I’ve ever known. One reason he’s my friend is because he play’s “Call of Mini”, and that’s exactly what we did.

“Ok, have you got on yet” I asked.

“Yep, what should we do” he replied. “How about fight for cash?”

“Sure” I replied. Then the round started,

“shoot! There’s a level 25 guy,” I shouted.

“Oh no, what should we do? You take the pro and I get the easier ones? Maybe?” he answered.

There was a silent pause from us. Then I finally agreed. It took a really long time too see who won. Then, we jumped up screaming with excitement. We had won! I won 1000 coins and Jason won 700! We were dancing around. Then we had to stop. Then we talked about each other’s summer camp. If there’s one good thing, he’s going to the same camp as me


After a few weeks of excitement, the time has finally came, summer camp. When I arrived, Jason and me went to class. Once the teacher came in, she forgot what she was supposed to do even that’s the only class. She started looking notes that indicated what she’s supposed to do. The next thing I knew was Jason was shaking me to wake me up. He said the least I could do is to keep your face on her. The class wasn’t just boring; it smelled boring, felt boring, heard boring stuff and could probably even taste boringness. After 40 minutes, I knew I had to fall asleep. Luckily, recess started. A rampage started through the door. I’m pretty sure every one felt the same way I did. The rest of the day was pretty much the same. The only thing that was fun was science. We got to build parachutes. Our team did win, but the fun was only so little compared to what I had to suffer today. The class was only 5 hours, but it seemed like decades and centuries. When the class ended, there was the biggest apocalypse of people I’ve ever seen. People were shouting down the stairs shouting, “we want home” all over and over again. I decided to tag along too for fun. And if you ask me why it was fun, well, everything is fun compared to the summer school.


When I got home, I just went up stairs, went to my room, and lay down on my bed. My mom came upstairs to ask how was the camp. I told her it was the worst thing ever, the teachers where mental idiots and the entire camp was the worst thing ever. She found that offensive, but I was just saying the truth. I told her it was a huge mistake to sign me in the camp. That’s when I think mom started to get the message. She said I had to stay in the camp but she’ll buy me an electric motorbike. When I heard that news, I was finally happier. Even if I still had to go the nightmare school, my mom promised me something and even if it was no match at all, I was still happy.


Well, after a week of slavery, I finally heard some good news I’ve been waiting weeks for. Number one, Eric’s coming back, second, Summer school’s ending! The second one must be a wish become true. I was so happy, I jumped down the stairs on both foot. I must have regretted that after spinning down the stairs again. But for, now it doesn’t matter getting a bruise as big as a few quarters because it was a lot better than summer school. Mom also decided that the electric motorbike should be bought earlier because of my hard work and the best of all, it’s all happening on one day! I was so happy I nearly wet my pants. I think I actually did, though, so I went up again and changed my underwear and got ready to be excited again.


After on more week of misery, heaven day started! Eric’s back, summer school’s ended, electric motorbike’s here and a party at Jason’s house. We immediately went there. Me and Eric and Jason played Call of Mini too and this was the best day of my life, in fact, we were listening to that song.


Well, we’ve done it. Were going to New York and Boston. I knew it was bad news from the start. When we got to the hotel, we had to stay in the lobby for six hours! Man, my parents should of just payed the hotel for an extra day because if they did, I wouldn’t have wanted to create a terrorist attack here like the “World Chase Center. When we finally got our room, I was just plain furious. I told them I’m only staying in our room and were not going anywhere. My moms seemed sorry that our first day was ruined but trust me; I’m not in the mood. My parents said if you’re staying, then you’re by yourself. She seemed surprised than I agreed so she said, “If you come with us, then I’ll buy you a nerf gun. That’s when I agreed. We chose to first eat. We went to this place called “Villagio” that ended up having the best lasagna I’ve ever had then went on the horse cabin. That’s when I was finally happier. Then we got of. When we got off, we heard the sound of a waterfall. When we looked back, we saw what the sound was. It was the horse taking care of business. After we gagged, we went back on the horse and went on.


After a few weeks of kind-of-fun and chaos, we’re going to the lame old Boston. It might be offensive but the reason I hate it is because it’s all about universities and I don’t think I’m really into those stuff so bye-bye central park and statue of liberty.


When we got on the train to Boston, there were only business and first class so we had to use 7000 dollars for business. When we got on the train, the business was basically economy class on airplane and there were gum stuck onto the bottom of the table. The only thing good was that the train was one of the fastest trains on earth so I though that it would be as fast as a cheetah. But as again, I was wrong, the train moved so slow that my grandma could run faster. We were only going 5 MPH, which was only 8.04672 kilometers per hour. I tried to calculate how long it would take from New York to Boston in that speed but before I couldn’t so I decided to just try and sleep to kill some time. I was really hard with the conditions around, but eventually, I did it.


I woke up when it was really dark outside so I guessed it must have been 8 o’clock. I was really dizzy even if there’s no jetlag so I guess I slept in a bad position. I was right, I some how managed to turn myself upside down and I’m not kidding, my mom said that it just stop going my grandmother’s speed and finally got faster. I guessed it must have been 80 miles per hour, which was 128.748 kilometers per hour. I was only guessing it was 80 miles per hour, though. My mom then said that we’ve been on the train for seven hours. What was really cool was that I stayed calm because usually I’d start ragging.


Well, at least the hotel is good. When we got our room, it was at least the size of my parent’s bedroom. They actually gave us free food. Then after we ate, I talked to Eric on Facetime. He said that he was level 16. Then I told him that I was level 23. He then started whining about the hacking thing again, which I ignored until he said, “Can you ask your friend to hack my account. My reply was “If he allows”. Then he used five minutes praying to god. I told him to stop wasting your time and that I needed to sleep. He said bye and closed the chat but I could literally hear him praying for god again. I went to shower and slept. Man, how I wish I was in LA playing with Eric


I started to run. I can’t run fast since my target rifle was so heavy so I had to fight my enemy. I can fight a level 28 pro with weapons and skills better than mine. What I using was the Mecha Smith and was no match for what I had to fight. I got killed badly. I went to heaven but then got revived and I was now holding a dessert eagle hijacking a plane 7000 kilometers high. Then I went into a Koenisegg Agera R and tried to kill a cockroach. My sister grabbed the cockroach and taped it onto her live roach collection. Then I woke up. I was really relived this was a dream, but why the heck will I be killing a cockroach using a dessert eagle in a millionaire’s car 7000 kilometers high? I don’t think I will forget this dream.


Luckily, I woke up in 8 o’clock. The only thing we did was visited “Harvard” and “MIT” which I said before, wasn’t very fun. My dad told boring stories while my sister tried to convince us that Harvard sucked. She said that Harvard gives better grades than what they actually got on tests and others. I went with my sister even I knew that she wasn’t saying the truth. Then we went to MIT, which we can’t even go in so there’s nothing really good to talk about


Well, my wish finally came true. We’re going back to LA! I pledged to not go to Boston again but New York, maybe. When we got back Jason and Eric were waiting for us. I group hugged them got on COM.


There’s finally the News that’s been waiting for me: Where going back to Beijing because the summer breaks ended. Even that the summer break wasn’t good, the good parts made up for it. So bye bye summer break. I will remember everything that happened and will keep talking to Eric on Wechat.


Persuasive essay

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I strongly agree that a leader should be developed over time, not born. First of all, the country will be a world’s most dangerous place because what happens is a gangster was born? For example, the born leader is evil; the country would be filled with havoc. The place will be filled with different types of attacks since they’ll know that the president isn’t really sharp. There might be car crashes or the country might even be too poor to even have cars. There for, will be terrorists and other country might even want to pillage the place into their own country. Or the country will have civil wars.

Second of all, if a leader is born, and then he won’t give others a chance to have power for example, most people will want to be king or president or whatever so it wont give them a chance to rule, Then there won’t be democracy.

Lastly, the country might be overprotective like North Korea (No offence) for example; there will be no freedom, no vacations, no holidays. Then we can only fell sorry for them. Then civil wars might come to be fighting for freedom. Thousands of people will die and we can’t do anything about it.

In conclusion, a born leader may cause mayhem, hate and all the other bad things you can think of. It’s why we elect leaders, to see whose idea of protecting the country is the best. I hope you understand why an elected leader is the best.


I am From

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I am from Nerf guns,
Playing like a real war,
A real soldier,
Behind the walls,

A couch,
Hiding in the kitchen,
Pretending to sneak up on Davin
Opening the folding doors



I am from a tennis match,

Five years experienced,
Forced to play
Forced to win the match



I am from an electric transport city,
Electric scooters,

Feeling the joy of speed,
Sharp turns.



I am from a Taylor Swift Island,

Praying for an autograph.
Praying for a song.



I’m from curry Valley,

Extra sauce.
Extra taste.



I’m from Cartoon Network Villa,

New shows.
On afternoons.



I’m from Stuart Gibbs land,

Waiting for the line.
Waiting for the signature.



I’m from Troll Lol land

With Lols
And Trolls



I’m from Car design villa

Hoping it will stand
Hoping it will move
Hoping it is easy and legible

Like a knife traveling through the air



Common Goods

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Common goods means helping and sharing with each other which makes a community. Some are big and some are small. It’s not just helping yourself but every one in your community. Common means thing that are alike and goods mean things that are helpful and useful. That’s why governments are useful. A government means a person that is holding leadership and responsibility for people like us. They also have power. He makes laws to keep us safe like speed limits instead of drifting around and losing control of there cars.


desining robots

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Boom! Bam! Crash! fighting sumo robots. this is the funnest time of the year! Well, not so much when you drill a hole in your hand and spend the rest of the time in the nurses office. But it is still pretty fun. our robot is called Abominator. We can’t sit in it but we can see them crash into each other. think about how our robot’s are going to look like. Well, not so good but we can put weapons that can’r move on it. Don’t think it is lame even if the weapons can’t move but you get to see them flip over and snap!!! Let them go to robot heaven( or robot bad lands, damaging each other). Sorry to mention that. the trick is to flip them over or push.


About Train to Somewhere

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By Eve Bunting

This story is migrating from New York to a fake place called Somewhere. This story is a push and a pull because they where pushed from their parents and they also decided for them to migrate. This story is pretty similar to this book called Mieko and the Fifth Treasure because they all left their parents. The difference is in Mieko and the Fifth Treasure is they had a war. But in this one, they just wanted to get adopted


Train to Somewhere

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Train to Somewhere

This is a very good Book called Train to Somewhere. This story is Historical Fiction.It is about a few orphans getting adopted and finding a better life

. This is a very sad story because two sisters get split apart. Also they wouldn’t adopt the main character called Marianne. But The ending is very happy.

The train is real but the place somewhere isn’t real, also the characters.

This story is a pull because they decided it was better to have a better life.


Cool book called My Name is Sangoel

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My Name is Sangoel

Sangoel’s family ran away from the World War II and found a safe place to live called Sudan. There, he went to the refugee camp to live there for a few days. Soon he had to leave to America. He took and Airplane to America but Sangoel thought it was a flying boat. When the Plane got there, there was a person to pick them up. She said his name was san-go-el. My name is Sangoel he said in a whisper. When he got to school the teacher also thought that his name was San-go-el so he wasn’t that happy. soon it was soccer time and they said his name wrong again. The next day he got an idea, he pulled out a T- shirt and drew a sun and a soccer ball inside a goal and everybody know his name.