How Britain Lost Against Their Own Colony

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The American Revolution in Plain English

In this video, Fennel, Emily, Celena, Jason and I explained a few of the important turning points during the American Revolution. The American Revolution was very important because this was the start of the United States of America, and this meant freedom to the colonists, and this is why now the Americans think freedom is so important to them. After the revolution, America turned into a country, not a colony, and they were not ruled by 1 king anymore, they were ruled by a group of people. Even though some things changed, some did not as well. Slavery and women rights were two major issues that weren’t solved until the 1850s. If you want to learn about the turning points in the revolution, relax and enjoy our video!

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Lusitania and the Piggies


This blog post I made was about the book “Speaker for the Dead” written by Orson Scott Card. In the post, there are several pictures that present the setting of the book. For the two people on the top left and bottom right corner, are two main characters – Ouanda and Novinha. Ouanda is a scientist studies about the Piggies – a secret species that live on their new colony Lusitania, and when Piggies die, they turn into trees.  In the other hard, Novinha is one of the colonists here that lost her parents because of the virus called “Descolada”, and was raised by scientists like Ouanda. Ender is the main character in this book, and he is a speaker for the dead. A speaker is someone who listens to a dead person and writes a biography. Also, people speak Portuguese in Lusitania, which was not Spanish where he spoke before at Trondheim. “The ship’s computers were bright enough to help him get the hang of the switch from his fluent Spanish to Portuguese.” (Card, 71)

Image cites

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The Conflicts Inside A Speaker

the Conflicts of a Speaker

The speaker, is a person who goes and writes a biography for dead people in the book “Speaker for the Dead” by Orson Scott Card. It is sometimes a misunderstood job, but somehow respectful. As a speaker for the dead, the message is very important, but indeed, it is a hard job for them, because while preparing to write a biography, they sometimes may not be wanted anymore after they arrive.


In the new human colony – Lusitania, Ender receives a quest to speak by Novinha, whose parents died because of a virus: Descolada. After 20 years of travelling, Ender arrives at Lusitania, but Novinha has already canceled the request. But Libo has died due to a similar reason to Pipo, Marcos recently died as well, and two of Novinha’s children requested a speaker for Libo and Marcos. After figuring that out, Ender decided to go to Novinha’s house and respond to the request, but he didn’t seem as welcomed when he arrived. “She felt herself go cold inside.” (Card, 104) This showed that Novinha wasn’t expecting Ender to come, because she had already canceled the quest, and she doesn’t want to have those sad memories again, so she is afraid and confused about Ender’s appearance, then the children start speaking about their quest, and that forced Novinha to accept Ender’s visit.


At the other hand when Ender arrives at Lusitania, the Hive Queen in his mind tells him that Lusitania is a perfect place to start their race another time, and their race could lead the piggies. “It knows the piggies. A little time; it’s afraid of us.” (Card, 74) This now puts Ender in a bad situation, because now, he has to find a place to plant the hive queen, and he has to respond to a quest where some people want him, and some don’t.


Ender, a speaker – a job that tells a story of a dead man, and has a mission of planting the hive queen and bringing peace to other species, but people don’t understand, that he is being responsible for what he caused: the end of a species.

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Mao Zedong and the Chinese Revolution

In this multimedia work, I’ve used a red background to show China’s favorite color, red – it shows how the Chinese people celebrate the new year and their country and party flag color – red. I used a picture that was taken during the Anti-Japanese War, it showed how Mao Zedong talked to his soldiers, and that was the hardest time for China, and China went through, and won the war. I used the first quote on page 62 because this quote showed that Mao Zedong is vey confident of his leading, because he said he would not let others insult China again. I used the socend quote because his communist idealism was very influential in the whole world, and this quote represented the influence in the Whole wide world. “The Chinese people have stood up … nobody will insult China again.”

Image source:

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The Boxer Rebellion Video

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Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong is a controversial leader. He was the founder of the People’s Republic of China, and one of the greatest leaders in the communist world, but he was also responsible for the “Three Years Natural Disaster” which caused nationwide starvation and death of millions of people.

As mentioned above, he was the first leader of the People’s Republic of China, and he was a key member in the Chinese communist party. He led the communist party to a victory against the Nationalist party led by Chiang Kai-Shek. He was also a very wise man at that time, because the communist ideology was a good solution for the poor peasants and other low-income classes. “He spoke himself as an enemy on imperialism, landowners, and businessmen, a friend to the farmers, workers, and above all, the peasants” (Naden, 59), that was very important for China, because the majority of the population were poor peasants and farmers. He became the first President of P.R.China and the person who was respected by all the Chinese.

However, Mao Zedong also did some things that seems ridiculous now. He was one of the main reasons that led to the “Three Years Natural Disaster”. Because of the poor planning of “the Great Leap Forward”, millions of people starved for three years, and 10 million people died because of that. “Mao did not take any responsibility for the failure: in fact, to avoid any reference to failure or poor planning, the years between 1959 and 1962 were officially referred to as Three Years of Natural Disasters” (Naden, 85). Mao never realized that his poor policy made 10 million people die, and the economics of China went backwards so much.

Though Mao did such ridiculous things and made so many people sacrifice for not taking responsibility, but Chinese people still respect him as the god. Because after all, Mao was one of the most successful leaders at the 20th century, and more importantly, he treated all Chinese equally.

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Dune – the Desert Planet

Dune – the desert planet. Here is the only space that produces spice. For this time, spice is everything. By using spice, you can travel without moving. The House Atreides are ready to go to Arrakis – Dune. This was an evil plan made by the emperor and the Harkonnens, they want to kill Paul – the son of the duke. After they get to Dune, nothing good happens. Duke Leto was killed, and Paul was left in the south pole with his mother (the south pole is a forbidden area). Paul was saved by the Fremans, and became Paul Muad’dib. “If there’s a relationship between spice and worms, killing the worms would destroy the spice.” (Herbert, 76) After being a member of the Fremans, he decided to take the “water of life” to save dune from the emperor’s evil plan. I used this image as my cover because this is what happened to the worms after Paul took the water of life, and it shows how Dune looks like.

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Dune – Arrakis

Arrakis, Dune, this is the planet that produces spice. Spice makes everything work. and can make you travel without moving. Arrakis has never had 1 drop of rain, so it is known as “Dune”. Fremans, the people who live on the planet, has fully blue eyes. They say, that there will be a day, a person named Kwizatz Haderach will bring Dune peace and rain.

Dune has been controlled by the Harkonnens before the emperor let the Atreides take control of Dune for spice mining. Spice mining is very dangerous. Before Paul has left his home, he had known that the sandworms were 125 meters long, and long ones could be longer than 450 meters long. “Worms of more than four hundred meters in length have been recorded by reliable witnesses, and there’s reason to believe even larger ones exist.” (Herbert, 26) Paul had never knew how the worms were scary until he saw a worm swallowing a machine that collects spice. Their guide, Kynes said that they defend their territory, but Paul felt that the relationship between the spice and the worm was not that simple.

Since the Harkonnens took back the planet Dune, Paul’s father was killed and him and his mother were left at the south pole – the forbidden area, and he was saved by the Fremans. He realized that the Fremans kept tons of water and decided to change to surface of Dune with them. He taught the Fremans how to use the new weapons that was made for the army for the House Atreides, and the Fremans taught Paul how to control a worm. After stopping the produce of spice, Paul deicided to take “the water of life”. “Many men have tried the drug . . . so many, but none has succeeded.” (Herbert, 9) He succefully tranfered to poison in the water, and that was the proof that he was the mighty Kwizatz Haderach.

Although Dune and the Emperor gave Paul and his family a hard time, but they still turned Dune into the center of the universe, and Paul had finally given Dune rain. They have changed the surface of Dune.

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Demetrius, the one who has Hermia’s father’s and the duke’s love, which makes him the lucky one. No matter how much Lysander loves Hermia and Hermia loves Lysander, it is still impossible for Hermia to disobey her father. I created this magazine cover because the background showed Demetrius’ arrogant temperament. “yield thy crazed title to my certain right.” (line 91-92) Yes, he legally has more right than Lysander, but Lysander loves Hermia more than he does.

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