The Chinese Proletarian Cultural Revolution

For Humanities, we were required to create an enduring and complex Common Craft video explaining a gruesome Revolution of our choice. We have been learning and analyzing these horrid Revolutions-extensively- for about two tiring weeks, so we’re experts in the field of our specific Revolution. In my case, I chose the Chinese Proletarian Cultural Revolution to analyze and learn, but I wasn’t the only person in my class who wanted this as their first choice I was joined with a handful of other kids in my class. But the Common Craft Video (in Simple English) only required a minimum of two people, so I was joined by William and Jacey as my teammates. And we created the “Chinese Proletarian Cultural Revolution in Simple English” video.

Here is the Chinese Proletarian Cultural Revolution in Simple English Video, that we spent frustrating hours making and spontaneous days editing/ creating:

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