Science Polymer Investigation Journal 2

Journal #2

Our Goal:

The goal of our polymer project is to protect your hands from hot materials when handling with them.




Target Market Audience

Some Examples:



Parents with small kids





Teachers/Businessmen/Shop Owners

Pet Owners



Target Market Audience How will this help them?
Target Market Audience #1:



1.     Campers/ hikers

2.     Bakers.

3.     Flamethrowers.

4.     Firemen.


1.     When making campfires

2.     When handling with hot baking tools.

3.     When juggling sticks that are on fire

4.     When touching hot stuff (e.g. clothes on fire)

Possible Target Market Audience #2:

*just in case you have more than one target market audience




1.     Parents



2.     To prevent any  unwanted harm from fire or hot/ flammable substances away from their children




Describing Our Polymer


We want the Physical Properties to include:

  • Stretchy
  • Moldable


Polymer Characteristics We Are Looking For

*Gloop, Super Slime, Stretch-tastic Slime, Oobleck


Polymer Characteristics Why this is important




Not that sticky


 When we create the glove, we don’t want it to be very sticky because it would be hard to take off in the end. And the mouldable characteristics allow a straightforward and smooth application.





With the material being thick then it can act more as an insulator to heat because the exterior of the glove would be further away to your bare fingers.



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