Elevator Pitch Reflection

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2017-2018 Capstone Project, the project that I’ve conducted a survey, interview and done extensive research about but what is my Capstone Project and why is it important? My Capstone Project is based on SDG 13 which is Climate Action. And the problem that I detected in my society Beijing, China is that International Schools aren’t doing enough about Climate Change, most if not all of the international schools in Beijing all are traditional-powered schools (fossil fuels). But they have to break away from the tradition because China as a country doesn’t need additional pollution, coal usage and etc. because even though China is the number one leader in Renewable Energy (internationally) it still heavily is suffering from all the pollution that’s already there. There are over 15 international schools in Beijing and all of them accommodate considerably large campuses, making a huge ecological impact on the environment.

This is my video explaining the importance of my Capstone Project in the form of an Elevator Pitch. I think to improve I should be more fluent next time, decrease the number of questions I ask, and emphasize my points with the use of gestures. My voice was pretty constant throughout the video in terms of my vocal range and clarity. The biggest thing that I need to improve ion is my preparation before-hand.

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