a. How successful were you?

In terms of the overall execution, I don’t feel as if I was that successful, in fact, I feel as if my performance actually decreased from the time I got feedback from Mr. Redman to the actual final performance of the piece. Despite the decrease of execution in my performance, if I were to give myself a ranking from 1 to 10, with ten being the best, I would give myself a 5 because I was pretty average, and even from the audience’s eye, it  didn’t look as if I was invested in my character so in conclusion, I wasn’t that successful.

b. Did you communicate the character and intention of the monologue to the audience?

Partially, I think I delivered the instability of my character to the audience pretty effectively, however, my intention could have used some work. Not to say that the intention of my character wasn’t shown, just to say that I don’t think my intention was delivered the way I would’ve liked it to be.

c. Do you feel that you did the best you could or were there areas that you could have put in more effort?

I feel that there were areas that I could have more effort in, I say this mainly because I just jumped into my performance and mid-way, I realised that I was almost done and that I should get it over and done with. For the record, I usually don’t act in that way, so it surprised me as well but I could’ve been way more invested in my character. I felt as if I did the actions that my character would’ve exhibited, being jumpy, but I did feel completely one with my character.

d. How did it feel to be this character?

Being my character was one of the best feelings I have ever experienced, I say this because the processions she had in her mind about how to tackle simple problems isn’t something that most people have to experience. its not normal to think that the only reasonable solution to someone standing in front of tuna fish is to bash them on the head. It put me in a very emotionally dwelling position because I personally don’t have the same neurotransmitters that she has, I don’t have the same retrospective view as her, and that made me feel a number of different emotions. Nevertheless, it was an inviting persona and thats one of the reasons I chose this monologue, just because the ride I would have with my character would be one in a lifetime. At first, I really felt as if I was her but overtime that feeling gradually went away and I think it was because I felt rehearsed and it didn’t come to me naturally anymore. and the longer I kept thinking on how I could my character more interesting, the more I felt as if I wasn’t “me” that might actually explain why my execution in the performance decreased.

e. How might you use this process of character development in the future? OR how might this help you? OR what big learning came to you during this activity?

A realisation that I had during the process of character development is not to look at your script and primarily focus on memorising or knowing your lines. Because not only does that make you sound scripted, it also DISTANCES you away from your character because the more I looked at it as a script, the sincerity of the personal connections I had at first wasn’t there anymore. So, a big learning that came to me was that, its better to be more invested with your character and, ultimately, that will make the memorisation of the lines easier so then you won’t need to focus on learning the lines as if you’re reading a textbook.

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