GOALS 2017- 2018

My  academic, personal, and health goals for the rest of the school year would be:


  • I will show up to classes on time
  • I will increase my speed and accuracy
  •  I will finish my projects in a timely manner
  •  I will make sure I respond quickly others when they try to contact me,
  •  I will manage my time better
  •  I will keep my  workplace (basically anywhere I work) tidy and clean
  •  I will have a good attitude


  • I will restructure my priorities
  • I will hang out with friends more often (when times are stressful)
  • I will talk to my family more
  • I will volunteer my time
  • I will have a better outlook on life
  • I will identify my values and stick to them
  • I will read more
  • I will learn how to do more things
  • I will enhance the quality of life
  •  I will stay away from negativity
  • I will stay away from stress stressful situations
  • I will work on communication
  • Be more practical


  • I will set up a workout routine that I not only follow but update as I work out more
  • I will set monthly weight loss or cardio goals
  • I will walk or bike to school,
  • I will find a good way to distract/motivate yourself while working out, i.e. a mp3 player, books on tape, etc.
  • Exercise MORE
  • Participate in MORE sport outside of school


  • Participate in more activities??
  • Be a risk taker
  • Encourage people to be themselves.


Bold = completed

Italic = almost completed