About Me


Sees the world differently,
Raining cats and dogs
Adds colour carelessly.
Honest, and 0% “judgy”
She’s a totally humorous, talkative, and abnormal Gemini
She lives for the truth,

Mmala Motlhabani

1.     Differently (adverb): The reason I chose the word “differently” is to show that I don’t see the world like everyone else. I see it in a different perspective/ I view the world weird in an ‘exquisite.’

2. “judgy” (adjective): Now, this is not a word but I believe that when you use it (“judgy”) it gives you the same sense as ‘non-judgemental’, and I’d like to be perceived as non-judgemental
3.  Abnormal (adjective): abnormal is just a way to say not normal and I believe that I’m not normal; in fact, I believe that no one is normal, but abnormal is abnormal for a reason… It EMPHASIZES not normal.


That’s half of my face and yes…. I have a beard