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Science, Grade 9, Engineering, Design

well, the video I have is not getting uploaded for security reasons so I have decided to put a picture.

my water flow hasn’t worked because the engine I had did not fit well into the stick that holds the wheel which leads into the wheel not spinning smoothly which doesn’t keep the engine moving consistency which didn’t make the circuit didn’t work.

everything was successful when it came to putting things together all the pieces fit in and the water flow kept flowing. the so-called spoons have kept moving as it fitted perfectly and I got all the materials I wanted.

I needed to improve on the stick that held the wheel. it needed to fit in well and smoothly so my project would’ve flowed.

my project would have been used as a light for my garden as I have a dam the is filled with water. i would’ve placed the project under it and then it would of produced light in my garden

blog post #3

The process Is going well I have tested my engine without the wheel and it has worked well and I have put 90% of the pieces together although I still need to get the last 10% percent ready so I can test out the project.


Anonymous: the project is good but you should’ve put more time in the peice of wood that supports the wheel.

Anonymous: should’ve cut more straight when it comes to the stand

I should’ve cut a ccuratley and used more metal so my stand would be ,uch more stable 


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Grade 9,





  1. Get all materials needed which are: plywood spoons engine and base and the generator.
  2. Start working on the materials: cutting sawing screwing etc
  3. Start putting things together so I can start testing it out
  4. Put up the last pieces together


Science, Grade 9, Engineering, Design


The engineering task we are doing is transferring energy from one place to another.

I am thinking about doing a water flow that lights a bulb, the energy that is being transferred is potential kinetic energy to electricalenergy, hydropower. 

the image of the candle I didn’t really like because it is very simple and it only have to plug the stick into the candle, which isn’t building.

and the video of the water flow is a good example as it requires building and it is very useful, and it does require effort