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"Every now and then, we have those moments that define us, for better or for worse. And instinct takes over… because in that moment, we don't think and just act. Those moments show who we are and what we're made of. And at that time, we surrender our facades and reveal our true selves to the world. Those moments will test us and shape us into what we will become."

An Attempt at Advancement

There are many issues with this world, but the main issue I’d like to focus on is the immense usage of plastic items, and how they negatively impact the environment. I believe that using plastic is unavoidable, as it is so common in our lifestyles, and the problem isn’t to do with the using the plastic, it’s what we do with plastic afterward.

To start a project, one must always have a driving question, a goal or something that would act as a driving force to keep you motivated and to steer you in a certain direction. In my capstone project, my question is what is the entire life cycle of a plastic item, and how does it negatively impact the world around us throughout the plastic item’s life.

As stated earlier, you must always have a driving question and a goal-something you wish to achieve and gain. I wish to spread awareness and let people understand how plastic can destroy this world, and perhaps try to truly understand the magnitude of this problem.

There are always flaws in plans, so feel free to comment on things that might not work or things you’re not sure about.

One of the Bloodiest Revolutions Through the Eyes of a Peasant

I am considered to be part of the unluckiest ones, born into the worst possibilities as a poor farmer in the 18th century just outside of France. As the eldest son, I must work the hardest to support my aging father and mother, and my weak and far younger brother. This is my outlook on the French Revolution.

After the French Revolution, there were many things that had changed, and some things that stayed the same. After the revolution, there was a less society and power difference. For example, the first and second estate had lost lots of its wealth and power, as there were now no feudal dues, and noble titles were abolished. Now, people were born free and had equal rights. Another thing that had changed was the taxations. Before, the first two estates didn’t have to pay taxes, even though they had far more money. After the revolution, the first two estates (those that survived the revolution) were basically equal to the third estate and had to also pay taxes. A third change was that before, the king had absolute power. He could choose to do whatever he wanted, to make whatever laws he wanted, and to elect whoever he wanted as officials. Now, almost four million people could vote for who they wanted.

Although there were many changes, there were a few things that stayed the same. One thing that stayed the same was that the majority of the population were peasants and farmers. The people were prospering, which lead to the population growing rapidly. Because of this, there was a higher demand for food and goods, so farmers/peasants were still played a major role in France. Another thing that stayed the same was the economy. Before the revolution, the economy was in ruins, as the king would often waste lots of the money on luxuries and going to many wars. After the revolution, the French economy was also in ruins, as the economy was still recovering from wars, food shortages, and uprisings.

Death by French Revolution

The French Revolution started 1789. and caused the ancient regime of a monarchy to be turned into a democratic version of France. There were many causes of the French revolution, and the main causes were the economic status, the injustice of the taxation, and the lack of equal rights. The French economy was in ruins, as the king was greatly in debt due to funding wars and heavy spendings. This led to a meeting called the estates general to discuss the king’s debts. The injustice that the king only taxed the third estates made the third estates mad, and they left. When the third estate tried to return, they were locked out, so the third estate went to a nearby tennis court and swore an oath that would lead to a new government that had some say in how things ran, eventually leading to many different governments and events. Another reason was that the king was a weak leader, and many people didn’t want him to be king. Furthermore, the king often didn’t want to take part in politics and worrying about the country, and many of the people didn’t fear him.

Control is impossible

Throughout history, humans often are greedy and try to seek control over nature by predicting or overcoming it. However, despite many attempts, nature has yet to be outsmarted and out-predicted.The Endurance, narrated by Alfred Lansing,, is a story of crewmates trying to survive a boat crash near Antarctica. Throughout the book, it is clear that the book is trying to tell everyone that it is not possible to have complete control over things in nature regardless of how hard you try.

Even though you try to plan out everything in nature, there will be times where the situation is beyond your control, and you are helpless. Throughout the book, the author often shows quotes from journals that they were unable to do anything about their situation, and can only hope that the situation would change. For example, Macklin, a crewmate on the Endurance, wrote that the pack was “taking us we know not where, and in spite of any efforts we may attempt to make… But we are in the hands of a Higher Power, and puny mortals that we are, can do nothing…” (Lansing, 171). This shows that even though Shackleton spent “almost four years…and countless hours had gone into planning and preparation” (Lansing, 21), the crew were still helpless and couldn’t do anything about it. This example was a real-life situation that actually happened and shows that nature can be unpredictable, and sometimes you won’t be able to do anything about the situation. Even if you try to plan it out, you could still be hopeless. When building the ship, the builders built it planning for the ice. For example, “[The Endurance’s] bow, where she would meet the ice head-on, received special attention… She was designed… so that every joint every fitting ross-braced something else for the maximum strength” (Lansing, 22), but later still was destroyed due to the unaccounted for high pressure of the ice. This means that even though the actual ship was planned and built specifically for the occasion, there were factors that were out of the people’s power, no matter how hard they try to work. This real-life example shows that there will always be something out there that we are unable to do anything about, even if we try to plan for it.

Some people prefer to go with how things are. Others try to seek control. However, those who try to seek control over situations may not necessarily be able to gain it. The Endurance, narrated by Alfred Lansing,  is a book that talks about a real-life situation showing readers that it is not always possible to predict and overcome what nature has in store for us.

Characteristics Timeline

The Thing Link above shows how Fat Charlie, a character from Anansi Boys, written by Neil Gaiman, has grown over the course of the book. I chose to use a timeline at first because I thought it would be fitting, as timelines show things over a course of time, and in this case, it showed his character growth, with Fat Charlie starting off as an insecure character, to growing to a more confident and certain character. I decided to incorporate Thing Link into this as you could click on the dots to show the explanation, otherwise, it might have been too messy and confusing.


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Terrible Terrorism Through Poetry

Torn Away

A serene, late summer day, tranquility in everything- it’s the way it should be.
I take in the cool, crisp, clean air- it’s the way it should be.
I glance around, hundreds of people, all happy and enthusiastic- It’s the way it should be.
Families come and go, strolling around stores and shops in the mall- it’s the way it should be.

I walked with a spring in my step,
As hundreds of families and ordinary people stroll around,
all of them innocent and naive,
unsuspecting of the inevitable danger,
which comes rushing in like poison from a cobra bite.

Like a swift and sure strike, chaos asserts itself,
overpowering rationality and sanity.
Detonations and the loud chatter of guns pierce through the conversations of joy,
Demanding laughter to be replaced with shrieks of terror;
Elated small talk turns into frantic cries of loved ones.
My desperate calls of help get lost in the sea of other calls and shouts,
As smoke, ash, and the stench of terror encompasses the area.

In the spur of the moment, nothing is known.
But only after the catastrophe did I truly understand
That other human willingly took life away from the innocent
As a means of coercion and as a means of forcing others to do something.
Disgust and repulsion filled me, as I now know the truth first hand.
Some call it terrorism; the deliberation of creating terror and pain to get their way.
Others simply call it persuasion.
Each time someone uses violence as their way of communicating to the government
More innocent and unsuspecting people die,
Torn away from their loved ones,
Torn away from all the opportunities,
Torn away from this world.

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I was proud of the fact that I seemed very confident on the outside, despite being very nervous. Also, I was very proud of my intro, as I thought it grabbed the attention of the reader/listener well while still maintaining a sort of rhythm.


Citations: Frohnen, Bruce, David Hein, Dwight Longenecker, Gordon Wood, and Thomas Ascik. “Terrorism: It’s All Your Fault!” The Imaginative Conservative. The Imaginative Conservative, 21 Mar. 2016. Web. 22 Nov. 2017. <>.

A brief insight into the Boxers

My initial thoughts were that the boxers didn’t deserve their bad reputations because the foreigners were so mean and forceful upon the Chinese. Also, they humiliated the Chinese, and all the Chinese wanted to do was get their culture back.

I am curious about how the foreigners reacted afterward, and what they forced the Chinese people to do.

Truth of Theme Texting

The text messages between Matt and Maria above show the theme in The House of the Scorpion, by Nancy Farmer, and how it affected Matt, the protagonist. I chose to use a series of text messages because it seems more personal and is one of the best ways to represent him and his thinking. Also, talking to Maria would make sense as Matt would confide to her, as she is one of the closest people to him.

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