SLC (Student Lead Conference) Presentation

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Revolutionary Voices Journal: Syrian Revolution

Our project, hard and tough, was to write about a character that was linked to our revolution. The project was to write a 3-day diary about events and current times in that certain revolution. I had the Syrian revolution, so I knew exactly who to choose and who to write about. I wrote about the catalyst’s mother and her challenges trough the Syrian revolution. In the journal, there will be three turning points and types of conflict. Those turning points were chosen because of how the changed the revolution in a whole.

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Non-Fiction Blog Post for The Great and Only Barnum

In the book, The Great and Only Barnum there was a lot of connections to other texts and movies. One of the biggest movies that have a big connection to this book is The Greatest Showman. Both types of media were talking about Barnum, a gentleman that made the carnival big and popular. They both also talk about his challenges and the risks he had to take through his life. The book, The Great and Only Barnum talks more about his life specifically instead of all the people around him. The money and the thought behind his idea of a carnival. The movie, The Greatest Showman was more about the characters and how he changed lives of different looking people. But both stories include elements like theme and characters of Barnum’s life and everyone around him.

“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” (P.T Barnum)This quote from P.T Barnum has a big impact on both stories because it was used in both of them. While being more evident in the movie, the quote helps develop key points in both stories. How he used “monsters” in the carnival was a key point. The quote helps us in understanding why he used “monsters” as a way he made money. While less in the movie, people thought Barnum was a criminal that used people just to make a few dollars and was not a showman nor an actor.

The connections (while being evident) were shown greatly through both stories and I recommend reading and watching both of stories about P.T Barnum’s life and issues.

Check out the trailer:

Look more about P.T Barnum:

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Found Poem for The Killer Angels (The Battle of Gettysburg)

I made a found poem to help explain the resolution and the types of characters in the story, I used a text of the story (The Killer Angels) to get all my words and pictures.

The found poem depicts a scene or feeling of horror and racism in 1900s America. The feeling I show is equality (the feeling of having it) and the feeling of death when fighting for your country or being forced the fight against your country. The racism (after the war) was diminished and when president Lincoln made The Gettysburg Address he claimed to end all slavery and to keep things equal. The Killer Angels is about the specific dates and what happens on the dates (July 1-3) AKA The Battle of Gettysburg. The Battle of Gettysburg is a 3-day battle which was fought in Gettysburg. The battle raged with two sides, The Confederate and The Union. In the battle, The Confederate was known as The Army of Southern Virginia  and The Union as The Union. The strategic battle laid out in the made the book more enjoyable and fun when reading because you can see in the mind of the generals when pursuing  their attack. The biggest part of the resolution was the surprise that The Union won, this was the first time General Lee lost a battle. But when reading the book, without any former knowledge this book can be a bit to hard or complicated for you.


Interesting facts about The Battle of Gettysburg:

Why the Civil War started:


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Substance Abuse (Blogpost)

What is the danger of using substances that alter body shape? Give some specific examples. What is a healthier alternative?

Many effects of using substances to alter your body shape can be deadly, some of the effects can be chest pain, stroke, suicidal thoughts, and even sudden death. The effects are endless and the dangers of taking substances are so high. Ways to avoid these substances are Exercising, eating healthy, and good friendships.

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Boxer Rebellion

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Movie Poster for The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey

This Movie Poster, based off the book The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey. I created it using Canva. It is meant to represent the conflict in the rising action of the book.

The biggest conflict in this book is the battle between Mr. Benedict and Mr. Curtain. Mr. Benedict is a mysterious and adventurous type of man, he adopts 3 children to help his search. While in the other books, the 3 children help Mr. Benedict more this book Mr. Benedict fights his own battles and fights Mr. Curtain (his brother) 1 on 1. Once the 3 children saved Mr. Benedict (who was kidnapped by Mr. Curtain) the story slows to a good ending with escaping and beating Mr. Curtain. I used the quote “rules and school are tools for fools! I don’t give two mules for rules” because it expresses Mr. Benedict’s feelings on schools and rules but gives a sense of adventure, he loves breaking rules and is already super smart. The date of the movie was also a big part, Mr. Benedict and Mr. Curtain are oldish men and love old fashion things. That’s why the poster was almost full black and white and the date is 1944.


For improving next time I need to get more accurate photos that describe the characterization and conflict. I wish I could have enough space for two quotes but I didn’t want it to be too cluttered, that’s why I took out the whole book title and put the series title.

Interesting things to look at:

10 places you should go to give a sense of adventure:

More about Treasure Maps:

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Sonnet to Hearts (Sonnet 18 Parody)

Sonnet 18: Epic Sonnet Battle – ‘Hearts’


Shall I compare thee to a Hearts Games?

Thou art more Simple and more pantomime

Loud Shouts do shake the Fog Feel of Shame

And card games hath all too Short a Time

Sometimes too fun the shapes of cards shines

And often is his hand gorgeously dimmed

And every fight for fight sometimes declines

By chance or nature’s shuffled cards untrimmed

But thy eternal genius shall not fade

Nor loss of trump or hand thou knows

Nor shall they brag thou hearts in his shade

When eternal mix to time thou grow’s


So long as men can Cheat or eyes be Free,

So long as this, and this gives Win to thee


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Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand (letter to Louie Zamperini)

Dear Louie,

I’m writing this letter asking you about your family, career, and childhood. How was your childhood? Growing up as an Italian-American. Learning how to fight for yourself and protect yourself made it easy for you? I have so many inspirations from you, I want to be a track and fielder when I grow up. My family can be hard on me too; I have an older brother (by 5 years). My brother and I are very close and almost do everything together (especially fighting) and love a lot of the same things. Pushing me to be a better person (like you do) and to try new things and activates. The concept of going to the Olympics is so crazy in my mind, how you kept on pushing yourself to be better and faster made my dreams almost a reality. How was it in Germany too? Did the new food, air, and weather feel weird or crazy? When I go on trips I try to learn the native language and cultures. Going back to your childhood, did you think you would ever be a runner? My family and siblings helped me with most of my life and were there for me. Where they there for you? Was your brother mean or was your family harsh? Living in America can be hard for newcomers to the area. For training, did you run every day? My brother had to wake me up every day to start the training, but I also had to do homework (exams, test, study). Having a coach as a family member can be hard as well, anyway loved the book and the story Unbroken. Hope you can answer all the questions and send a note back!





The letter is about the exposition of Unbroken a story about an Olympic runner that gets captured by the Japanese military. I put the perspective as a fan trying to talk and ask questions and learn about Louie Zamperini and his lifestyle. I wrote about characterization, setting, and rising action. Writing my most important question while also connecting to the theme and storyline of the book. “Germany is a different and new place for Louie”, “My family is mean, helpful, and push me to be better through my running career”.



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Who am I

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