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Chinese Tiger Moms – The Truth Underneath

Throughout the Capstone Project, I learnt more about China’s education system and its impacts on the parents and children.

If I were to do this project again, I would have interviewed more people and especially find people who went through it. I would want Grade 8s next year to know that ideas come because I think my biggest hardship was when I was selecting my topic and none of my topics seemed interesting to me. So I think they should know that the idea just come.

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Polymer Project 4

James and I used one single prototype but transformed it in different ways to get to our final product: “The Ultimate Sticker”.


Prototype 1:

In my opinion, this prototype was a great start to our trial and error. Because we followed a recipe to create the perfect polymer, we should have completely followed. One thing we didn’t think about, at that time, is that the Borax that was given to us was powder premixed in water, and we added even more water to the recipe. So instead of creating the seemingly perfect polymer, we have created a polymer that is not a booger, but much similar to it.


Prototype 2:

As I said before, I did not start out as a brand new polymer for any of my prototypes. I simply added 5 scoopula full of corn starch to my prototype 1. Although the stickiness is only slightly sticky and a little too bouncy, the sample was too small, so I discarded it.


Prototype 3:

This prototype was richer than the first two to make less stringy and bouncy. I repeated the same recipe, but I experimented with different amounts of corn starch, borax, and white glue to find the perfect balance. This was the successful prototype and is big enough in size.I could easily clean this polymer using water and it will maintain its stickiness as long as it is not exposed to air for too long.

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Polymer Journal #3

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Polymer Journal #2

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Hey, How’s School?

“gender equality in school”的图片搜索结果

The issue I wanted to focus on during my Capstone Project is mainly based on the fourth and fifth goal from the Sustainable Development Goals, quality education & gender equality. Although many other countries have problems with girls unable to get a proper education, to me, one of the biggest problems in the Chinese education system is the fact that girls are considered to be “better”, and many of the times they are favored by the teachers. I believe that simply by noticing the fact that most girls listen in class and behave better does not mean that boys are less smart.

I will focus my research on the question: what harm does gender inequalities in classrooms cause the behavior and learning of children.

Before coming to ISB, I was in a school made like a local school, and looking back, I realized just how much other classmates have been whining to me. I really feel deeply about this problem because all of them are talented, and you can’t just label someone “bad” and move them to the back of the room. So, I want to raise awareness on this issue and I hope to dig deeper into the core of this.

I just want people to realize the fact that genders should be considered equal, especially in school, where grownups shape kids.

I want YOU to tell me if this is a good topic to focus on.


Belaud, Victor. “Gender Equality.” Gender Equality – European Trade Union Committee for Education, www.csee-etuce.org/en/policy-issues/equal-opportunities/gender-equality/66-gender-equality.

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From a Leader to a God

Before Chairman Mao started the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, he was much loved by the people. The people are very glad that he was able to disband the Kuomingtang, the government that became a dictatorship and is corrupt, and was able to drive Japanese armies away. Chairman Mao wanted to create a new China that is a country that is concentrated, democratic, unified, but also lively. Chairman Mao started to plan to replace Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members since 1955, and this idea was further sparked four years later. In the year 1959, Liu Shaoqi was elected the new Chairman, and he decided it was time to start the idea of a revolution.

In the people hearts, he never a leader, but a living GOD!


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Negotiation, is it that hard?

Life is filled with arguments and negotiations: when you’re small you argue with parents and friends, and when you’re older you argue with peers. The thing is, whether you will succeed or could be easily determined could be easily determined the posture and way someone states something. In the book How to Read a Person Like a Book by Gerard I. Nierenberg, the central idea of the book is how to view postures as signs of a positive or negative negotiation.

Throughout the book, the author is trying to illustrate the difference between postures to understand what the other person actually means. Nierenberg took an example of children and explained clearly how someone would act when they are willing to open up: “Watch children when they are proud of what they have accomplished. They show their hands openly. But when they feel guilty or suspicious about a situation, they hide their hands either in their pockets or behind their back” (Nierenberg 44), and right after, the author makes examples of what people are like when they are defensive: “the very young will cross their arms when defying their parents’ instructions, and the older when they are defending their right to be heard” (48). By doing using contrast, the readers could easily get what Nierenberg meant when he said the two postures are very different and are separable from each other. His description of the different scenarios allows readers, such as myself, to be able to imagine what is happening, and it is very helpful for when we actually have to negotiate, we could remember to look for the signs. Another example is from the cooperation section of the book. At the beginning of the chapter, the author used a quote by Marcus Aurelius“We are born for cooperation, as are the feet, the hands, the eyelids, and the upper and lower jaws” (). The quotes appear at the very beginning of each chapter before the explanations. The quote is able to tell the readers what the chapter is mainly about, and even without reading, the readers are able to notice the signs. The author is mainly trying to teach students these signs

As humans, we want more out of what we can get, but it doesn’t always turn out as we like it. Throughout the book, I, as a reader, understood how people behave when I cannot argue further, and I think it will provide me help as I enter the world. Gerard I. Nierenberg tries to teach readers to become more successful when negotiating.


Photo from: www.goodreads.com/book/show/567782.How_to_Read_a_Person_Like_a_Book?ac=1&from_search=true.

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Still Want That Fur Jacket?

Fur Coats

That day, the strong winds whipped between the trees,

Urging me to leave my beloved home. But I was too foolish to listen.

That same day, I was snatched by the neck and dragged

from my natural habitat to a tiny iron cage. I strained

And twisted my body, but the man had a firm grip, like a hawk grasping its prey.

That held on my neck tightly. I knew once I get taken inside,

I won’t be able to escape.

Even before we entered the

Room with the cages the smell of sweet, coppery animal blood filled my nose.

That was when I saw the bodies, cold and rotting. Before I could realize,

I was thrown inside the dirty cage, and the cage was immediately locked.

That was when I realized, I have no hope to survive.

I didn’t want to admit defeat, and I started banging my head the bars.

Through the cracks between the bars of the cage,

I saw another man walk towards my cage with a snake-like sneer.

The man took out a syringe and pushed on the plunger.

He opened the cage, ready to inject the substance into my

body. The man grabbed me by the neck and yanked me up.

I tried to escape his grip, but I couldn’t. Nothing could save me now.

He injected the substance, and I felt my muscles relax

And I quickly stopped moving, but I was still alive,

I watched as the man slit my soft skin from the tail, and

Started peeling.

While I still resigned

From admitting my defeat to eternal darkness,

I knew clearly this was my limit, and my life has come to an end.

I slowly drifted off to nothingness.


I am most proud of the figurative language that I added. I rarely add any figurative language in the poems that I write, but this time, with more understanding of the different types of figurative language, I added more figurative language than I ever did.

Image Cite: Song, Phoebe. “10 Adorable Winter Animals That Will Warm up Your Soul.” Spa Monkeys, 15 July 2016, www.spa-monkeys.com/blog/10-adorable-winter-animals-will-warm-soul/.

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Tale of Two (and more) Countries

My initial thought on the Boxer Rebellion is that the Boxers are right to fight back because they do not want foreigners to take over where they and their ancestors lived for centuries. I understand how the Boxers felt when foreigners are bringing in ideas and inventions that disrupt their lives, but I also understood that without these 8 countries, China would’ve been less of a modern country, and we will still be in a dynasty.

I’m still curious about what did the newly converted Christians thought when they were torn between their countries and their religion. On the side of the people in China, foreigners are causing a lot of problems such as the loss of jobs, but as a Christian, they think that foreigners are bringing good things such as Jesus Christ to China. I wonder how did the newly converted Christians make a decision between their faith and their culture.

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Hidden Secrets

created by GarageBand.


The music above is showing the change of the character Lina throughout The Secret of the Solace by Jaleigh Johnson. I chose a song because it will better transfer the feelings from the character. Before the first chorus, I embedded a quote from the start (I wasn’t about to trust my secret to those). This quote shows how Miranda was untrusting. Right after the first chorus, I embedded another quote (I wanted him to see the ship flying) to show her change in attitude towards sharing her secret with another person


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