One Day 2017-Paul

I created a accompaniment of a famous piano piece called ‘Lake Louise’ with 2 different sound (which I also played with piano but I just changed setup, the sound of the instrument. Some of my successes were that I completed my goal,and some of my challenges were that it was complicated to use garage band and connecting wires that goes along with the piano and the computer. Also, I recording multiple time to not make a single mistake. I wish the this will encourage more people to like/listen more to classical music. I am going to continue doing these in next year’s one day too. Click to download the powerpoint. onedayjournal2017


The giver-importance of remembering pain

Physically painful thing that I have experienced was when I got ear infection. Something that I learned was after swimming, I should get rid of water in my right ear. Also, instead of going to the Chinese hospital, I should go to Korea hospital, because after I got treatment in China and when I went to Korea, the doctors said you shouldn’t have been treated like that, and said you should have got differently treated. I can’t take away the experience, but if I can take it away, I would very likely to take away. It is because it was the worst thing I have ever experienced and I wasted money and wasted time going to the hospital in China instead of going to school and also almost missed a presentation that I have been working very hard.


Last Day of Ignite Week!

Today I’m working in period 1 and 2, then do exhibition in period 5. This is how my design came out. Some shape didn’t come out and the the circle wasn’t cutted, but it was okay.screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-9-34-55-am


Fourth Day of Ignite Week!


My final change

Today I heard that when teacher printed mine one with the cool fonts and it didn’t work and one with normal fonts worked, but there was a bit of a problem so I fixed it and I changed a little bit. It looks like this. After that I had nothing to do so I used my time to complete powerpoint and choosing where to put the welcome sign. I chose print the design with wood. I am going to put it in the one of the windows in the 1st floor entrance of the FA space. But unfortunately, the file type that I saved didn’t work. So tomorrow morning, me and my teacher will work together to solve this. Tomorrow I am going to do exhibition.


My first change


Third Day of Ignite Week!

I made my design more detailed and use feedbacks to improved it. It looks like this.


I am going to finalize the design and print it and start to fill in the powerpoint for the exhibition.


Second day of Ignite Week!

Today I started to make something with adobe illustrator for FA space. My teacher let me and classmates to go through FA space and get some ideas what to make for FA space. I decided to make a welcome sign. I looks like this.


Tomorrow I am going to make more detailed and add if necessary.

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Ignite Week!

Today is the first day of ignite week. There are a lot of choices for ignite week. I chose Hack FA. It is because it is something new and I wanted to learn about it. Today I downloaded the adobe illustrator and put my design inside there. It looks like this.



Today was the first of using this so I was very confused. Tomorrow I am going print out this and starting the project Hack FA.


Ms. Ragdale

Today, Ms. Ragdale told a lot of things. Everything that she said impacted me, but there was particular part. The part when she told her story and told us why this is important. Also, her teachings of peace. It is because she has experienced a lot of horrible situation, so she told us how war is terrifying. She even said that she saw something that she will never mention what it is. That emphasizes how much war is deadly. The main reason why she is going around the world and teach about peace is that she doesn’t want to see the war happing in the future again. Although there are people that wants peace so they try to tell all over the world but, on the other side, there are several people that plays game that contains weapons. This is related to the war. What if someone thinks killing people is cool and do it in the real life? That happened. I think from now, nobody should play those games. In the classroom, bullying one people and arguing is same as the war in the outside. So, I think nobody should bully or argue in the classroom. From now and on, I think everyone in the school should be nice to each other. If not there will be on war in the school.

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President Election

On April, 12, 2015, Sunday, Hillary Clinton had an announcement in front of a lot of people. She thinks that she will win the election because she trusts that the supporter of Barack Obama will vote for her which is young, college-educated white voters. She is trying to persuade the citizens to vote for her to be in the best position. Also, she emphasized her own experiences to the voters. Her economic message highlighted the issues that resonate with women in particular, including a higher minimum wage, paid family and medical leave, early childhood education, and affordable child care, etc.

She is 100 percent sure that she will win the election. If I can vote for a several time, I would like to vote for different people, but I would like to vote for Hillary Clinton because she persuaded me to vote for her. Also, she clearly stated why she should be the president and she said she do something that a people can possibly do. I think her message has spread well throughout the speech.

“Our goal is not to deter or contain ISIS, but to defeat and destroy ISIS.” I chose this quote that she said because this terrorist group affects the world a lot so I also think the world should not contain any terrorist group. I’m sure that she will succeed at defeated the group so the people all over the world gets hurt be it.


There may not be enough doctors for new patients under Obamacare

On 2014/1/14, the article presented that in Washington, there is a problem for sick people because number of doctors are decreasing. It is a problem because over millions of people are trying to get a health care than the past. The reason why people are crowded because it is new and better. This is called ‘Affordable Care Act,’ also known as ‘Obamacare’. To figure out the reason why people are not willing to be a medical doctor, so the health care association surveyed the medical students. According to the survey, there were ideas such as: the doctor’s work contains a long time to finish, the work doctors do is scary, doctors have to buy expensive material and lastly, they are worried what if they do something do wrong while doing surgery, etc.

I chose this article because my dream is being a doctor. I disagree with the medical students because there is a proverb called “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” It means strong person overcomes the hard challenge and keeping trying hard, but I don’t know why they don’t want to do this fantastic job. They need patient to do to long work and make more money buying expensive materials and do the operation well and this is not scary, it is just saving life. Every doctor needs to have these kind of element to do the work well.

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