Is Gender Equality even logical?

Do we even follow through when it comes to Gender Equality?

For my capstone project I would like to inform you that Gender Equality is fictional. Your essentially treating tow different things the same. An perfect example would be a cat and a lion. They’re both cats, but you can’t treat them the same. Same logic applies to humans. I think both females and males should be treated fairly but not exactly the same.

I fear that the liberals will jump to conclusions without listening what I have to say and call me all the bad words they can in their vocabulary. Also, I would appreciate it if those who want to argue against me use facts instead of what they feel.

I hope to find the real reason behind the project of Gender Equality. I would also like to get more people to understand that somethings just can’t work out and that there is a reason behind everything. There is always an ulterior goal behind a lot of things.

The message I want to spread is that Gender Discrimination is wrong but Gender Equality is fictional, a fantasy to be precise.

The feedback I would like to receive back from my peers are arguments with facts behind them, not feelings. I would happily explain my view points if someone argues against me with proven facts.

The Eyes of Me

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Hunter Angus, specialized in hunting bears. He is single and lives alone in a house near the mountains.

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Somewhere next to the shores of Britain. In a place which the higher ups do not muddle in. There was a hunter who specialized in hunting bears. He had a mid-ranged musket laying on his shelf, some warm clothes to keep himself warm. and cleaning supplies for his gun.

Your birth does not represent your destiny? However, have this ever been proven to be correct? Who will prove that the American dream is real? Adam Shepard a graduate, took this into his own hands. Adam Shepard went as far as to disguise himself as someone in poverty, and with his sheer willpower, crawled out of it. Therefore, he has proven, The American Dream is real, and as long as you put in all your effort you can get out of any type of financial situation.

If you don’t give up and work hard, success will eventually come to you, “So, there it was. It had taken me ten days, but I had a job, I was finally to the point where I could rest easy” (Shepard 103). What this means was that even though Adam Shepard was in poverty and no one wanted him,  but he didn’t give up. Unlike some other people in poverty who slacked off most of the time. Adam Shepard did not take a single rest in his quest for a job and eventually after multiple days of let downs, he had finally found a job. This goes back to the claim because as mentioned, through Adam Shepard’s sheer handwork he was able to go from someone in poverty with no job to someone in poverty that had a full-time job (there is a huge line between those in poverty who have a job and those who don’t). There are three types of people on this plant, Adam Shepard believes, “1.Those who make things happen; 2.Those who watch things happen; 3.Those who sit back, scratch their heads, and wonder, “What in the hell just happened?” There it is. Three choices. Reread that and think about it for a second. One, two, and three. Three choices. That’s it” (221). this means that there are three types of people the first type being the people who will get work done, not give up, and put in their all. The second type being those who complain about life and are too lazy to change their fates. Lastly, the third type of person who is completely ignorant of what’s going on around them. What Adam Shepard means here is that if you want to get out of anything including poverty, you need to get things going. Because hard work will always beer its fruits.

Reading all of this I have acknowledged the dedication of Adam Shepard to prove to everyone that the American Dream was real; that anyone in poverty, through sheer handwork can rise up from the ashes. Adam Shepard has proven it. He hopes that people who know his achievements can acknowledge that when life gives you a setback, that’s not the end of your destiny. Through hard work will you break the shackles of life and soar higher.


In OneDay, for the entirety of the day, I have been programming and designing my video game. The video game I am making right now is supposed to be a 2D-RPG game. However, I feel mentally suppressed because making the video game is very time consuming and I am constantly bumping into technical issues. I have been able to fix all the technical issue so far, but now I am at an official roadblock and I would have to abandon 20% of my game to continue. I chose to do this project because I personally really want to make video games for a living in the future. Also that I need the experience and the knowledge to make more advanced games in the future.

The Magic of Clay Dragons

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Dragons made of clay which can foresee the future, what will happen? In this post, I will showcase how the mood impacts the string of the story in the book The Fire Within.

“The fresh smell of lavender wafted through the room, mingled with the peaceful tinkle of wind chimes. Everything was perfect, exactly as described. Except…” (D’Lacey 3) From this, we can see how the mood of the setting impacts the setting. In this example we can tell that the mood is very calm, therefore, when we picture the setting we can see a very calm place, not an active one.

“He peered into the glistening, leaf-covered water. Coins of varying size and value were lying against the blue tales bottom. David found a penny and flipped it in the air. As it spun, he found himself wishing he knew what he could do to best help Conker. With a sploop, the penny hit the surface of the water. It sank with a gentle shaking motion. As it settled on the bottom, David heard a faint noise, He looked to the opposite side of the fountain. A keen-eyed squirrel was sitting on the wall.” (55-56) reading this we can see that just like the sample above the mood is very calm and therefore the setting must also be very calm.

These are the examples of how the mood effects the setting in the book The Fire Within.

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Pollution Poem

That day of January the 1st
I saw the pollution levels
From my room, I looked out the cloudy window,
My black pupils shrank because:
All I saw were the
Compressed layers of gray pollution.
I heard birds screech and fall off the sky
Landing with a loud PLOP!
The pollution seemed to get stronger
Showing absolutely no sign of ever decreasing.
For pollution kills without even the slightest emotion.
For pollution crawls into our pores and deteriorates out skin.
For pollution corrupt our lungs gifting cancer to the elderly.
For, no one should live in this type of environment,
And that 21.5 million people live in this type of environment.

The Government seems to turn a blind eye to this situation
And is instead so focused on keeping Korea a split country,
Never wanting to see the two sides become one.
Suddenly there was a small breeze;
However, the breeze only got stronger and stronger until it was a strong wind.
But this process didn’t stop.
Minutes had passed and the turbulent wind has shown absolutely no sign of weakening
Only strengthening, the wind was like the wrath of god challenging the evil pollution.
The trees outside seemed as if it would snatch in half at any second.
Suddenly, the wind stopped,
The battle has ended.

And for the first time in centuries; there was sunlight.
The pollution was gone.
The once fallen birds slowly got up and continued their journey.
The once gone animals slowly returned from the outskirts of the country.
We all know nothing can last forever.
From the distance, a huge tide of pollution can be seen hurling in like never before.
The animals panicked and screamed like it was the day of 2012.
Within seconds the once blown away pollution has reclaimed its evil crown;
The bustling sounds of the pollution were as if it were laughing at the word.

And as the pollution cleared a little;
All you can see were the corpses of the once beautiful animals. with their lifeless eyes,
For no one, or anything should live in this environment.


I am proud of how in this poem, I was able to express my thoughts through poetry which others may consider taboo. Especially in these days where people can call you names by what you believe in. This is what I was most proud of.

My initial opinion of the Boxers is that they are simply looking for trouble. First, just because the foreigners brought new technology to the Chinese society and took away some jobs of some of the natives doesn’t mean they can just blame the foreigners for all of their misfortunes. In fact, the technologies that the foreigners brought actually helped improved China and went through government inspection and was permitted in the country. Also, you don’t see people killing the Chinese when they go to other countries.

I am curious about how the country ambassadors that were in China did not know about all of the boxers going through the gate because they had to have people surveying the surroundings, right?

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