During the capstone project, I learned a few new things. I learned that you need to always look at the big picture and many times no matter how right you think you are you need to step back and rethink it. Many times you might find some small errors in your claims, evidence, or cause unnecessary hassle that would annoy you in the future. Also that sometimes just informing the reader can better influence them rather than being biest about it.

This is the video James(my partner) and I took for our catapult shot.

After inserting out catapult shot into the program Logger Pro we were able to get a graph that is very similar to the real time course of the ping pong ball. For this image we measured Distance vs Time which mean we wanted to find how far our catapult could shoot and who long it was airborne. With the assistance of Logger Pro we found out that the average distance out catapult could shoot is 2.26m. This was crucial to our project because this is the deciding factor of whether or not out catapult would hit the target in the catapult challenge.

The graph to the left is the graph for our catapults distance vs time, whereas, the graph on the right is the graph for height vs time. We needed these two graphs because during the catapult challenge there are challenges that didn’t just require how far our catapult could shoot and set it up so that we could hit the targets with ping pong balls. An example would be during one challenge we had to hit the top of a bucket in which we had to incorporate these two graph so that we could hit the target. Because if we just used the distance vs time graph we would be able to hit the bucket but not the top of it which would result in failure.  So we had to add the height vs time graph into the mix and calculate where we should place our catapult at so that we could hit the target.



Just to clarify things, we made our catapult for the sake of the catapult challenge. The catapult challenge is a traditional project for all the Algebra 1 classes in ISB where student with their catapult they made themselves launch m&m (Which has been replaced by ping pong balls this year) into or onto specific targets. During the catapult challenge we had a total of 5 challenges. The first challenge was to hit a circular mat with a width of around half a meter. The 2nd one was to hit a mat similarly to the first one however this one is only around 20 cm in width, the third being only around 7cm in width. The forth challenge was to hit the top of a buck which was around 7 cm high and 7 cm wide. Whereas, the last challenge was to get the ping pong ball into a trophy which is around 30 cm in height and 10 cm wide. The most important learning of this project is really just taking mathematics but applying to real life situations. The thing I found most challenging was when I was designing the catapult it wasn’t consistent so our shooting distance was always a little bit off of the average amount. If I had a chance to remake the catapult I would make it so that the shoots are consistent unlike what I have currently. This project helped me in my understanding of quadratic function because we actually got to use it and see how it works, whereas, we usually just learn how to solve it and that’s all.




The target audience of this “Super Sillow” would be people who wake up with a sore neck and people who have back problems/back surgeries. What the Super Sillow would is when the buyer’s head moves around when they sleep the pillow would automatically adjust to their head’s position so that they have less stress on their neck and back. We would stuff super slime to stuff the pillow in. We chose super slime because when you apply pressure to super slime it would curve in/compress. However, it won’t compress too much which is good. We also chose super slime because its not sticky.



Is Gender Equality even logical?

Do we even follow through when it comes to Gender Equality?

For my capstone project I would like to inform you that Gender Equality is fictional. Your essentially treating tow different things the same. An perfect example would be a cat and a lion. They’re both cats, but you can’t treat them the same. Same logic applies to humans. I think both females and males should be treated fairly but not exactly the same.

I fear that the liberals will jump to conclusions without listening what I have to say and call me all the bad words they can in their vocabulary. Also, I would appreciate it if those who want to argue against me use facts instead of what they feel.

I hope to find the real reason behind the project of Gender Equality. I would also like to get more people to understand that somethings just can’t work out and that there is a reason behind everything. There is always an ulterior goal behind a lot of things.

The message I want to spread is that Gender Discrimination is wrong but Gender Equality is fictional, a fantasy to be precise.

The feedback I would like to receive back from my peers are arguments with facts behind them, not feelings. I would happily explain my view points if someone argues against me with proven facts.

The Eyes of Me

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Hunter Angus, specialized in hunting bears. He is single and lives alone in a house near the mountains.

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Somewhere next to the shores of Britain. In a place which the higher ups do not muddle in. There was a hunter who specialized in hunting bears. He had a mid-ranged musket laying on his shelf, some warm clothes to keep himself warm. and cleaning supplies for his gun.

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