Photo analysis

Title: The Ancient Charm

Name of the photographer: Jessica Shan

I saw this piece of picture in the hallway which is front of the HS/MS cafeteria. I chose this picture because I saw a landscape as this when I visited the Great Wall. As I was this photo, this made me to recall my memory. The technical skill used in this photo is the point of view of the camera. As the photographer took this photo leaning the camera, it seems like the photographer seeing down from a high location. I think the artistic skill is choosing the color. As there is only red and black color, this makes the photo to be seen as a black-white-photography.

Street/Urban Photographer

  • Vivian Maier is the photographer who I chose to investigate.
  • She takes photos that shows black&white obviously.
  • When she took her photos, she sometimes took photos of herself by reflecting herself through mirror.
  • She created incredible black and white and color work through the 1950’s all the way through the late 1990′s. Most of Vivian’s work was shot in New York and Chicago, but she also did take some photos while traveling in India and Egypt.

Street Photography Day #1

April 12th, our digital photography class went to the park in front of ISB to take street photos. We went out for 45 minutes, separated and spending time to take good photos. We were free to walk around and take pictures.

This photo is a photo of a building. I took this photo because I though the shape of this building is unique. As I was walking around to observe places to take pictures, I saw this building, and went across the road to take this building as my street photo. This photo highlights the everyday life of the street. I learned that in front of buildings are almost every day similar.
This photo is a photo of people in the park in front of ISB. The reason why I chose to take this picture is because to keep people’s daily lives which I can’t see as I’m in school. I was walking around to take pictures and I found people dancing to music, so I took this picture. This photo highlights people’s daily lives, which students can’t see because they’re in school. I noticed that people’s daily lives when we’re in school is different as I thought. 
This picture is a photo of an unique shape architecture. This photo was taken for my first street photo. When I was finding for places to take pictures, I saw here, which had a bit different shape with other buildings. As I never saw a architecture as this shape, I was interested in this architecture and took as my photo. This photo highlights that the shapes of architectures are various and different. I learned that shapes of architectures can also be an attraction to attract people. 

Reflect and Share

*Explain how it works/doesn’t work using scientific terminology

*The areas I was successful in the product/process

  • The hole of the paper attached to the can is the same as the height of the motor

*Explain the areas you need to improve in the product/process

  • The pedestal was unstable and the candle didn’t last for long time.

*Explain the impact of this project on the environment and potential client/consumer.

  • It can make electronic products that works by hot steams using this principle.

*Explain how it works/doesn’t work using scientific terminology

  • This project works by boiling the bottle with candle. When the bottle is boiled, the water (Maybe sprite) evaporates and comes out through the hole. By making the diameter of the bottle smaller, the pressure inside and the velocity of the escaping steam increases. As the pressure becomes stronger and the velocity increases, the vapor comes out more faster, and the heat energy of the vapor transfers to electric energy by friction (It can’t work sometimes).

Create and Improve

Day 3

I prepared materials that I need to make my project. However, I didn’t take a picture of materials I prepared.

Day 4

I made a can and wooden stick that includes motor and propeller I sticked the motor and propeller to the plate.

Day 5

I made one more can and a pedestal to put the can. I finished to make the project.

Day 6, Improvement

I made a column to put the candle near to the can. I did experiments two times, and the first time, I failed because there was too many water and the hight of candle was too low. Therefore, I reduced the amount of water and made a column.

Test  Video

In this video, I failed my experiment because the candle was to small that it couldn’t heat the can. So to success the experiment, I need more bigger candle that can last longer than this one.

Develop and Plan


Works that I have to do

Day 3: Organize and prepare the materials needed to make the project.

Day 4: Start to make the project. Make the wooden stick that includes motor and propeller. Also the cola can with the rolled paper and the cola cap and attach the four sticks to the plate with glue gun.

Day 5:  Make one more cola can for the experiment. Stick the cola can, wooden stick, and plate made in Day 3 with glue gun. Do a experiment to check that this project works.

Day 6: Change the burned cola can to a new one.

Define and Inquire

What is this engineering task?

Free Energy Steam Power Generator #1

What are you thinking about doing?

#1: In this project, I will make a plate that can hold cola can. I will stick a cola cap with a rolled paper to prevent soda inside the can to flow out. Then, I will build a wooden stick with a motor and a propeller. For last, with a candlelight, I will heat the can and make the motor to spin so that the propeller can make wind.


#1: One piece of paper, one wood stick and two half wood stick, rolled paper, cap with a hole in middle, cola can, four sticks that will hold the cola can, a candlelight.