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Everything Will Fall

A soft mist covers the mountains.

A monument stands tall.

A wall with no-more purpose.

With age, it will fall.

A wall built to protect kings.

Time was there to cut the strings.

So the question still remains unanswered.

When will the great wall fall.

Time is our best friend and enemy.

It reaps and kills yet it gives life.

But the time for the wall is ticking down.

And with it, China loses a crown.

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An Alien Soundtrack

‘The Martian’ written by Andy Weir is about an astronaut left alone on the desolate planet Mars where he survives with only his knowlage and the supplies and technology around him until somebody can save him. I chose to use this kind multi-media is a soundtrack compiled of 8 songs that i believe sum up the story from the rising action to the resolution. I used soundtrack because it relates the story of how in the story, one of the only forms of entertainment on the planet is the music left behind from his crew mates most being from the 1960 – 1980.

Mark Watney: “Did anybody ever tell you that you have the worst taste in music?”

Mark Watney: “If the oxygenator breaks down, I’ll suffocate. If the water reclaimer breaks down, I’ll die of thirst. If the Hab beaches, I’ll just kind of implode. If none of those things happen. I’ll eventually run out of food and starve to death.”

This shows how many things could go wrong with being stranded on mars and how he needs to stay sane in order to survive. The songs go from his journey across the vast barren desert to rocketing up to space. Music was one of the only things keeping astronaut Mark Watney sane and that is why i chose to use soundtrack as my multi-media.

Are You Lonesome Tonight – Elvis Presley

A song by perhaps one of the greatest musicians in pop rock history, Elvis Presley made a song about someone being alone. This reflects on how astronaut Mark Watney was left completely alone on a desolate planet. This is song represents the start of the rising action where Mark Watney is traveling through day and night.

Rocketman – Elton John

Rocketman is a classic. Elton John uses the song as a sign of hope. About a man leaving his family to find work, it reflects on the book of when Mark Watney left everyone to do something he himself knew was extremely dangerous. This song also shows the ending of the rising action with him leaving a planet he was on for a couple of years.

My Way – Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra singing with his golden voice a song about doing things how you want to do them and not how others want you to do is truly glorious. The song talks about the story of his life and how the important thing is that he did it, ‘my way’. This relates to the story when Mark has survived all this time by choosing his own choices and doing what he believes is right. This is song is when he risks his life when he is preparing for his launch to space.

Space Oddity – David Bowie


Space Oddity is the perfect song for a launch to outer space. The song includes the preparation, lift off and the flight of the rocket. The beginning is slow and has a sad feeling but the song reaches its climax, it is more exiting. The Martian’s beginning of the climax’s general atmosphere paired with the song gives us a sense of uncertainty. There are so many things that could go wrong with the launch, but if all goes well, he gets to go home.

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

The fast tempo, the guitar melody paired with Freddie Mercury’s magnificent range of vocals is one of the best excitement buildup songs. The intensity of being in a rocket without a roof could not have been better suited than with Don’t Stop Me Now. The song is matched with the main climax of the film because of the pure intensity of the song.

Spirit In The Sky

The uplifting song of ecstasy. Spirit In The Sky represents the part in the novel when astronaut Mark Watney makes it out of the atmosphere of mars and is closer than ever to his friends that came to rescue him. The song represents happiness and peace of how the skies are the true place to be. This song is placed in the ending of the climax.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye / Tammi Terrell

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough is a song about if whatever happens, i would come save you. It does not matter how difficult the journey would be, i would find you. The upbeat melody with the vocals match perfectly with Mark Watney’s crew sacrificing everything to save him. Facing certain court marshaling when coming back to earth for disobeying a direct order and risking their own lives and billions of dollars to save one life shows the viewer how dedicated their crew really is and is shown in this song. This song represents the beginning of the resolution.

Count On Me – Bruno Mars

With the crew successfully rescuing Mark Watney, the pure happiness of not dying is shown by the astronaut and his crew. The song Count On Me depicts with whatever happens, true friends shouldn’t be doubted for their commitment and should be counted on to help their friends in need. This song represents the ending of the resolution.

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The American Revolution Journal Entries

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The American Revolution in Plain English

Colonial Flag: History.com, A&E Television Networks, www.history.com/topics/american-revolution.

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Why the American Revolution was important / What changed and what stayed the same.

The American Revolution is perhaps one of the most important revolutions that ever occurred. This revolution has left a large effect on history and has greatly changed the world since. The American revolution is when the colonists who settled in “America” decided they had enough with the British controlling them and rebelled. The rebellion was successful and led to America becoming an independent country with its own government. Because of this revolution, it caused one of the modern-day superpowers with the United States of America having one of the most important economies and the best military. Without the revolution, wars like the first and second world war would have gone very differently and our current technology might not be the same. With the American Revolution, many things changed. From a new country being born to Britain being humiliated. Some things stayed the same, for example, Britain was still quite powerful and the rights of women, slaves, and the lower class stayed the same. However, a big change was how France became extremely bankrupt because they helped America and that caused the French Revolution resulting with the French aristocrats being executed and, causing a new governmental system to rule France.

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Mein Leben

In my multi-media post for ‘The Book Theif’ by Markus Zusak, I used the media of a journal entry. I chose this media because, in the book, the main character has a special relationship with books. Also, because Mr. Fidler banned book covers. In the 5 different journal entries, I made it so that the first few journal entries is riddled with spelling errors because, in the book, Liesel had terrible reading and writing skills until she met Hans. This means that throughout the journal entries, you could see the spelling improving. I got inspiration for this from the great book ‘Flowers for Algernon.’

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GoKart Racing Goals. Samuel Yap 2k18

My Goal.

My Smart Goal is to get to the top 50 of the scoreboard. This means that I need a lap time of at least 33 seconds per lap.

How I Will Achieve My Goal.

I will review my lap times and some camera evidence to observe my racing techniques.

I will improve my

Apex Approaches

Breaking Times

Turning long and short turns without drifting.

Did I Reach My Goal?

Other Evidence.

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There are two choices in life. The choice that is right, and the choice we are told to make.

Mr. Fidler
Rising Action – Climax

Sometimes in life, there are two choices we need to make. The choice that is right, and the choice we are told to make. This comes up when in the Rising action of The Book Thief when Liesel and her family harbor a Jewish fugitive, Max. The climax of this story is when we see that Max is going to a concentration camp and Liesel’s family and Rudy being killed.

Hiding a Jew was technically an offense and the people who hide the Jews and the Jews themselves would get into very serious trouble. When Max joins the Hubermann’s, many can already assume what is going to happen. A Jewish fugitive hiding in a household with Nazi soldiers sweeping the streets leave the reader just waiting for something bad to happen. This is the rising action because it slowly builds up to Max’s capture. This is especially bad for Liesel when Max becomes one of her closest friends. The rising action rises once again when The Nazi soldiers search the basement of the Hubermann’s and barely miss spotting Max. Then, Max has to make a brutal decision to run away.

The main climax of the story is when Liesel spots Max in the parade of Jewish prisoners. The helplessness, knowing that one of your closest friends will suffer a horrible death is just too much. To make everything even worse, Death interjects that Rudy will die in approximately a month’s time. ” It was one of the girls that answered. The youngest Bettina, she was five. “There are two monsters,” she said,” they’ve come for Rudy.””–Bettina Steiner [pg. 410, Part8]. Now she questions the meaning of words and why they are important. So many lives lost from the infamous speech of Hitler, and the hundreds of books burnt in the fire. Then, death announces that Rudy, Rosa, Hans and many other characters would also die in a bombing but not Liesel. ” Again, I offer you a glimpse of the end. Perhaps it’s to soften the blow for later or to later prepare myself for the telling. Either way, I must inform you that it was raining on Himmel Street when the world ended for Liesel Meminger.”– Death [pg.497., Part 10]. With everyone, she cared about was dead, she writes her own book. This marks the climax of the story.

The rising action of Max hiding to leading up to the Climax of her dead family, Liesel’s life is in ruins. Her biological family, foster family, and her best friend’s death. However, we still are not completely sure that Max is dead. Even with all this, Liesel does not kill herself and instead writes a book composed of her feelings and hatred. This marks the end of the climax.

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1939, August 25th. Journal Entry #3

1939, August 25.

Journal Entry #3

Alexander Hamiltonovich

Life isn’t worth much anymore. Before, I worked because I loved my wife, then I worked because my child depended on me, then, I worked because I loved this country. But now, I feel like there isn’t a lot to fight for. Stalin, the leader of this country has signed a Nazi-Soviet non-aggression agreement with Germany. This means that the Nazi’s won’t attack Russia. However, almost everyone in the public believes that the agreement is just a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. Germany will attack Russia and everybody knows it except Stalin, but nobody dares to prove him wrong. Another plan Stalin introduced is “The Five Year Plan”. The USSR thought it would have been a good idea to demand an almost tripled output of the factories than before. This means I need to work extra hard with more hours or, I get punished for treason. I, absolutely despise this plan. Forcing us to work extra, we might as well be better off if we lived 10 years ago. Although, there is one good thing that Stalin is doing, and it’s the education. Now, almost all of the children can read and write and even some of the adults. I just wished my Nikolai was still here, he would have had a smart future.

Many do not know this, but I was once in the Gulag. The place where thousands go, and hundreds return. Apparently, whispering to others of how Stalin is not doing a very good job could get you to the Gulag. Apparently, they told me I was an enemy of the state and to be sentenced for 1 year. I was thrown on a truck heading what I can only guess is North because, it colder and colder even when the sun was at its highest. About 4 hours later, I was dropped off into a horrid camp that looked like a prison. I knew that I was in a Gulag, and, I knew I probably wasn’t going to go back. A few hours ago, my shift was done. I was assigned to push the mine carts filled with coal. When after the day of hard work, all I got was thin cabbage soup with stale bread. After what seemed like an eternity of work, I was finally released of the bitter cold and the starvation. However, when I returned to my one room apartment, the situation was almost the same. I needed to work every day for long hours, the food supply was low because of the famine going around in Russia. Even with the terrible living conditions in the main city, there still was hundreds of propaganda flags, posters and paintings around the city. I may start to think that the state has no idea that their people are suffering and that they just keep wasting their resources making propaganda.

The famine, gulags, the five-year plan, the non-aggression agreement with Germany. Pretty much the main things that happened during Stalin’s reign. I am not saying that Stalin is a bad leader, I am merely stating that Stalin is not doing a great job and that he should be replaced with a more competent person. The Nazi-Soviet non-aggression agreement with Germany was a terrible idea in my opinion. I hate my situation. That goes for almost everybody in the lower to middle classes. Almost anything we write, say or do could get us in trouble. The apparent revolution that would get us a better life backfired. I hate Stalin.

My time in the Gulag



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