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My product is manipulated by different energies. However, it mainly uses potential elastic energy and kinetic elastic energy. When the cardboard plate on the side is pushed down, the rubber band is stretched out. This creates potential elastic energy that can be transformed into kinetic elastic energy. When the push on the cardboard plate is removed, the rubber band returns to its own form, releasing kinetic elastic energy. In my project, work was done on the rubber band to restore it back to its given configuration, and since work is the means of transferring energy, the stored energy can be retrieved as kinetic energy.


My project was completed successfully as how I planned.  As the cat food was able to be safely delivered to the cat bowl. Another success I experienced was in my process of creating this product. Since I started building my product later than my classmates, I was worried if I would be able to finish my product on time or not. Despite my worries, I was not only able to finish it on time but also create a successful working product.


Since my product was rushed in creating, I forgot to laser cut a part for the bottom of the cat food dispenser. If I could remake my project, I would re-check every material once again to make sure I got everything. Furthermore, I would manage my time more wisely, so I have enough time to create my project, or else I will rush again under the pressure of having to complete it. If that happens, I will repeat the same mistake again. Therefore, if I have another chance to recreate my product, I will think more wisely about the time constraints and double check if I have all the materials I need.


As mentioned in my first blog post, my product does not cause much harm to the environment. Although it will cause some damage from laser cutting the wood, there is no tremendous harm as it is activated under elastic energy that can be used as long as the rubber band does not snap into two. Furthermore, the impact on the client would be positive as cats will not wake owners in the middle of the night for food but instead push down the wooden plate to self-feed themselves.


Create and Improve


The pictures above are the developing process of the insides of the cat food dispenser. The work time in the class did not go as I planned as there were unexpected situations and constraints. One of the most prominent constraint during the remaining class would be time. The time is short, yet the project is far from being completed.  Throughout the remaining period, my entire focus would be trying to finish the project.


Develop and Plan




  • 4 cardboard
  • Laser cut wood board (cm)

(6.4 by 16)*4

(6.4 by 6.4)*1

(2.4 by  1)*4

(1 by 1)*4

  • Popsicle stick
  • Glass bottle
  • Hot glue
  • 2 rubber band



Thursday Get confirmation of design and start building the base of the cat food dispenser.
Monday Finish building the base of the cat food dispenser and start working on the insides of the food dispenser.
Wednesday Finish building the insides of the cat food dispenser.
Friday Check if it works and design it.

Engineering Project – Define & Inquire

In school, 9th-grade students are currently working on their engineering projects. The engineering projects are divided into four different categories. Students can create a toy that converts energy, take a renewable source and convert it to electrical energy, design and create a device that transfers energy or design and make a device that can be used to learn physics. My project falls under the category of creating a device that transfers energy.

What is the problem? Who is my client?

  • Client: My cat
  • Problem: He constantly wakes people up in the middle of the night for food

What are the existing products for precedents?

  • Existing products are cat food dispensers. Cat food dispensers are an automatic cat feeder that active through various methods. Common methods of an automatic feeder is an electronic food bowl.  Six bowls are filled up with the desired amount of food then programmed with feeding times into the machine. When it’s meal time, the lid rotates, lifts, or slides off, allowing cats to access their food.

What is the environmental impact of your product?

  • My project does not cause many environmental issues as it is powered through elastic energy.

What criteria/constraints must I consider when creating my solution?

  • Some of the criteria/constraint I must consider is time and materials.

Pros & Cons of product:

·      Effective

·      Less sleep disturbed

·      Less stress for cats

·      Less time to spend with cat

·      Is it healthy for the cat?


Impressive Improvements

What I will work on:

One of the aspects I want to work on is finger dexterity.

Music: I chose this music because I can work on my finger dexterity and tempo.

Practice Routine:

I will practice for 30 minutes on at least twice a week, and if I have more time, I will practice on that available date for 40 minutes.


First Three Week Of Band (re-upload)

The first three week of band went pretty well. I came prepared to class by printing every music that was needed and bringing my clarinet. There was a repeated routine that we worked through in band for the first three weeks. We would go through the Chorale Warm Up Book and practice our breathing control through simple exercises.  Although, there wasn’t much change from 7 & 8 grade band to High School band, it still felt pretty knew because there were new people and new musics that I haven’t played before. For band this year, I would like to work on the speed of my hand and articulations. I also think that Mr. Long’s new reading glasses look good on Mr. Long.

The Hidden Invasion- SDG 15

This video is about the sustainable development goal I worked on. During this trimester, we worked on our Capstone Project, a task requiring in depth-primary and secondary research of a current issue in China. My issue was about invasive species and why they are important. The important message throughout my project was that invasive species are a grave issue.

Elevator Pitch- Invasive Species

This video is a short speech about invasive species and why it is important. One thing I did well during the speech was keeping eye contact and rarely using any filler words. However, I could have talked slower instead of rushing my words. I could have also used more gestures to support my points. Tips for my future self is similar to what I can improve. In the future, I should talk slower and be more confident in what I want to talk about. I should also have a clearer conclusion rather than finishing off my speech in a sudden.

Polymer Project Journal 4

The strength of the first prototype was that it had a quantity that was big enough to create a full phone case. However, the limitations were that it wasn’t sticky enough to stick on to phone cases and stay on the cases for a long period of time. The second prototype was sticker than the first but had a small quantity that could barely be shaped into a phone case.

For future improvements for our polymer design, I would make it less slimy and more sticky.

The most effective prototype was prototype number 2 as it succeeded in protecting the phone. To film the advertisement, My partner and I actually dropped our iPhone attached to phone case with polymer on it to see if it was safe.  As a result, the phone stayed secure as the polymer successfully protected the phone.

The design process was tricky as we had a lot of failures on the way. One phone case would shrink after it was completely dried and others would keep on losing its shape. If I were to this project again, I would make it more sticker to remain the phone case in shape.

Polymer Project Journal 3

The physical properties we wanted for our polymer was to make the polymer bouncy enough shielding the phone from when it is dropped.

We started to discuss deeper on how we will create our polymer by comparing the three different polymers we made as an experiment. We searched for the polymer that was the bounciest and figured out that Gloop had the closest property of what we were looking for. We decided to follow the guidelines on how Gloop was created, doubling the ingredients by two and adding in Laundry Detergent and Borax.

Our method of testing the effectiveness of the prototypes was doing the bounce test. We rolled each polymer into a ball and dropped it from a 30cm height. When it was dropped from a 30cm height, we could figure out if the prototype was bouncy enough to be shock resistance even if a phone was dropped.

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