Day 7

Because of a few mistakes and problems, I decided to stay up at school to finish the project. I’m finally done with attaching the motor and connecting to the wheels. This solar-powered car, however, has a few problems. First, there was no much sunlight today, which lessened the car’s power, I mean, it never even turned on. Second, I’m pretty sure that one motor won’t hold up the whole car because of its weight. Next time, I will have to put more motors for this and test it in a sunny day to maximize its efficiency as well.


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Day 6

This is why we need to concentrate. I accidentally touched the hot part while soldering, which burnt my finger a little. I also could have burnt the whole class because I put the soldering stick on a wire of itself by accident, and I wouldn’t have noticed if my friend didn’t tell me. I’ll try to finish it, but it’ll might take more time for me to finish this project because of some accidents.

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Day 5

I accidentally break the wire. I’ll now have solder the solar panel, (I used a soldered one, which made me skip this process) and this will take forever.

I thought I could just put a motor in this; however, the car was already hot-glued, which I couldn’t put my hand in it.

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Day 4

Basically, I finished with designing. I just need to put a motor on it, which will make my car move.


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Day 3

It almost looks like a car, or maybe a box, now. It has a solar panel on the top and is covered with 5 styrofoam walls. The reason why there’s one missing side is because the solar panel needs to be connected with the motors, which requires two walls to have tiny holes that help the wire to go through (including the roof). I’m pretty sure it’ll be done very soon.

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Day 2

I finished with designing, which I will find the paper and take a photo soon, and started creating my solar-powered car. This black thing in the photo is a solar panel, and the white thing is a roof that will make the panel stable.

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Science and Engineering Day 1 (Define + Inquire)

I always wanted to invent something creative, meaning I always had an idea of what to make. So, for this project, I decided to make a solar car right away. This would not only be helpful for contributing to the technological development of our society, but it would also support the environmental organizations because the materials that I’m going to use are not recyclable, which means they will rather to be used for my piece of work.

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Robotics Kinetic-Sculptures (Observing Sunrise from the Plane)

Observing Sunrise from the plane


General Information:

My project is basically observing the sunrise from the plane, describing with four-bar linkages. Everything is going to be happened in the universal box, and can be seen through from the outside because it has no roof. It will contain the sun, plane, and the linkages including the motor.


This is the prototype for my product, which has a button behind. When the button is pulled, the sun moves towards the upper right corner, the purpose of this prototype, and when the button is pushed, the sun moves towards the upper left corner.


I had difficulties with finding a plane model that fits to my box and simply making a plane, which is created by the 3D printer and made up of plastic.

This is the Sun

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Capstone Project

I learned how, and why water pollution & water scarcity happen. I did a pretty nice job on my capstone essay, survey, and the video. I also learned that severe water pollution is taking place in China, and China is not putting that much effort on it. If I have a chance to do this project again, I’ll make it more longer with some fancy Powtoon skills.

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Even though our group didn’t do well on challenges because of teammate’s absence and file loss (graph), we did our best to draw our graph on Logger Pro and on Desmos. To explain, we measured the distance of how far the ball goes and how high it travels.

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